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The Closet Candy manufacturer contacted me and asked if they could send me a set of hangars in exchange for a review. I figured it might be fun, as I've never reviewed hangars before, so I said to send them along. When they got here, mindful of the fact that a beta tester is meant to try to break the product, I enlisted my husband to break these "unbreakable" hangars. For SCIENCE!

Now, I'll note that the "unbreakable" claim is followed by the words "under normal daily use" and I believe it now. It took my husband well over five minutes to break this hangar, and we were seriously considering pulling out the power tools except that seemed unfair. (HANGAR VS. POWER DRILL! FIGHT!) He *finally* got it to snap by folding it in half about three dozen times, and then lying on his back, hooking his foot into the hangar bottom where the newly-created weak spot was, and then pulling with all his strength on the handle. I wasn't able to work out the physics of the amount of force applied, because I was too busy laughing at the amount of trouble this hangar was causing and how determined he'd gotten, but I feel reasonably confident estimating it at A LOT.

By contrast, I was able to snap one of our old hangars on the first twist. And I'm nowhere near as strong as he. To add injury to insult, the regular hangar snapped in such a way that a shard splintered off, flew across the closet, and hit the bathroom mirror with considerable force. That seemed kind of hazardous, so we stopped the experiment at that point. But the Closet Candy hangar did NOT shatter, so I'm chalking that up to SAFETY.

Others have pointed out how thin these are, so I won't belabour that point; the hangars are thin, your clothes may not be, your mileage may vary, etc. But something I personally really like is how strong they are and how well they keep their shape when holding heavy clothes -- I have some thick jeans and sweaters that usually bend thin hangars, but these are still straight and strong after several days use. My biggest disappointment, though, is that the dimples in the hangar-shoulders are ridiculously shallow and won't hold my spaghetti-strap clothes with any real conviction; for those I'll have to stick with the hangars that actually have a little sunken "holding area" for straps.

At more than a dollar per hangar, I don't know that these are worth the price -- but then I haven't priced hangars lately. What I *can* say is that these are thin-but-sturdy, and they won't break unless you're *really* trying to damage them. So that's pretty impressive.

NOTE: This review is based on a free review copy of this product.

~ Ana Mardoll


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