Feminism: More Transcript Updates

Holy mackerel, ya'll, I have ninety-nine volunteers for transcript work. I'm pretty sure that if we haven't broken some kind of Volunteer Transcripting Feminist Brigade then we will soon if I keep getting more folks on board. SOMEONE CALL GUINNESS. 

I have sent codenames to everyone who sent me an email offering to help. If you haven't got one, send me another email 'cause yours got lost in the intertubes.

I have also sent out videos 3-10 as of tonight. ABOUT WHICH I AM VERY EXCITED. What is really awesome about having lots of volunteers is that I can break the videos up into 10 minute chunks instead of 15 minutes ones, which means I can churn out more videos faster. Yeeeeah!

Also cool: If you were wondering what happened to Sarah Slamen after state troopers hauled her away, she is fine and well and doing AWESOME television interviews, raising awareness about both TX and NC. Now that's a big teaspoon.


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