I've been writing about themes in literature on this blog since 2011, when I penned my first Twilight deconstruction post. I use the term "deconstruction" liberally without apology, as the accompanying mental image of taking something apart with my bare hands resonates strongly with me. My purpose on my blog is to break literature down into its individual pieces and then minutely examine those tiny parts in order to talk about larger trends in our society and to pinpoint harmful tropes.

This site index page was created to introduce new readers to my older posts. Each index link below takes the reader to a full index post for the relevant deconstruction, which allows navigation through each deconstruction by sequential order.

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Helpful Links:
» "Straight Passing Privilege" is a Myth, by Bi-Privilege tumblr
» Why I call myself Queer, by Earth Moon Lotus tumblr
» The Radical Copyeditor's Style Guide for Writing About Transgender People by Alex Kapitan

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