Feminism: Transcriptioning Help

To anyone interested in helping me with the transcriptioning of the Wendy Davis filibuster:


2. Please email me at anamardoll@gmail.com so I'll be able to contact you with a list of links.

3. Sometime, probably Thursday, I will split the video that I have (I have the first 7 hours of the filibuster; I'll have to manually record the rest) into approximately 15 minute segments based on the content. I'll load the material onto SugarSync for direct download and YouTube for people who can't download. I'll send out an email (with BCC, so that addresses aren't shared with anyone but me) to everyone and we can dole out who transcripts what. This will probably be done in batches of work (i.e., like 10 videos uploaded to YouTube at a time) as opposed to the whole thing at once.

4. Any help is appreciated. I have no training as a transcriptionist and am just listening for 5-8 words, pausing, typing, playing, listening to 5-8 words, pausing, typing, playing, etc., so if you think you aren't qualified you probably are! I'll also re-read everything before posting, so don't worry too terribly much that you'll make a mistake. Reading a transcript is still so much faster than writing one from scratch.

5. I do ask that transcripts which are provided be sent to me with an explicit statement that no rights for your work are reserved. I ask this because I'd like to compile all these into a single document and make it available for download at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. for government students to read. Currently these stores have limitations against "always free" works because they want to make sales to offset bandwidth and delivery costs.

Which means that I would theoretically be making some small profit from 99 cent purchases, and I can't do that unless I own rights to the material (either because I did the work myself or someone else gave it to me without rights reserved). I will credit individual transcriptionists if consent is given for that (otherwise the credit will go to anonymous). I completely understand if this isn't okay with someone, but wanted to let everyone know in advance. 

I think that's everything. I'm live-tweeting the House committee meeting, so I'm booked up for today, but your email will go to a velvet-lined box in my inbox. Thank you.

ALSO! Please be aware of Jessica Luther's post about how to help today: Call Your Texas State Legislators NOW (and other things you can do, even if not a Texan). There's lots of good points in there. And, if you can, call EVEN IF your representative is anti-choice, like Nelson or Laubenberg. It's still important to let them know that voters CARE.


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