Open Thread: Cracked Pavement

Cracks in pavement, darkened by moisture.

After a rain, the cracks retain moisture for longer, thus the highly visible cracks.


Friday Recommendations!  What have you been reading/writing/listening to/playing/watching lately?  Shamelessly self-promote or boost the signal on something you think we should know about - the weekend’s ahead of us, so give us something new to explore!

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April Newsletter (2022)

I am so sorry that this newsletter is so late. I like to get them out on the first of each month and now it's April 10th. I came down sick with something not-covid at the end of March and I just haven't shaken it. I keep thinking I'm getting better, and then wham it'll catch a second wind. This--as well as the various symptoms--makes us think the problem is sinus-and-allergy related, but that hasn't stopped it from kicking my ass; I actually took last week off from my day job and I try never to do that.

Here's the sitch: we've had a couple of Film Corner posts go up already on Patreon and I have a third one scheduled for Saturday. After that, I am out of content to post because I have been sacked out in bed, drifting on the waves of sinus medication--which means I haven't been writing or even live-tweeting anything for a couple weeks now. I feel really bad to have dropped the ball, but we're here now.

Here are the plates I have been juggling and which I hope to bring you soon:

- My review of a new genderpocalypse book. This was supposed to be a quick read and I thought it might be a rare decent exception to the badness of this genre. Instead, it's been a slog and truly awful. Good for discussion, bad for getting done quickly.

- I watched the LuLaRich documentary whilst sick and am thinking that this could stand for a longer live-watch. Would anyone be interested in hearing my thoughts on this and cult tactics in general?

- I'm working on a Snow White retelling as my next Grimms installment. I really like this one, even if it's taking longer than usual. Actually, that's probably why I'm agonizing over every little word--I want it to be perfect.

That's really all the irons I have in the fire right now, I'm sorry. Let me know which is most valuable / important to you first and I'll try to prioritize appropriately as soon as I'm feeling well enough to type more. Thank you so much for bearing with me through my various illnesses.

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