Feminism: SB1 and Transcript Updates (Part Something)

[Content Note: Illness] 

If you were following my tweet stream last night, you know that SB1 has passed. There followed about 5 hours of uncontrollable shaking in my bed followed by some vomiting. Today I am continuing the transcription process, because I can think of nothing else constructive to do.

1. Welcome to all current and future volunteers. If you haven't already, please skim the initial request which may answer some questions. And thank you again, SO MUCH for your help.

2. Because of some storage and cost issues, we will probably be switching over from SugarSync to Dropbox this weekend. I don't think this will impact anyone.

3. Because there is SO MUCH to transcribe and because I'm already a bottle-neck, I'm going to delegate transcript-proofing to volunteers as much as possible. This will keep me nose-down on the videos.

4. I really do not know when the next Twilight or Narnia post will be. I am unbearably sad at having to break my schedule, and I'll try to work something in as best I can, but ... right now, I am in such a depressed headspace over this law that it's a struggle to find clever things to say about Bella Swan. I'm sorry. That's all I can say: I'm sorry.


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