I have passionately pursued gaming as a hobby since I was a child; I have fond memories of begging tearfully for my first Nintendo Entertainment System and playing Super Mario on a tiny trampoline so I could jump along with the character.

Over the December holidays of 2013, I recorded my first Let's Play video on a whim and uploaded it to YouTube. Three years later, that video had over 100,000 views and my channel had grown to almost a dozen playlists. These are linked here for ease of reference, and I hope you will enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Ana Mardoll on Youtube

» [Assorted]
» Braidwood Manor
» Crown and the Flame
» Darkest Dungeon
» King's Quest
» Laura Bow
» Little Lily Princess
» Long Live the Queen
» Not Tonight
» One Way Heroics
» Papers, Please
» Quest for Glory
» Royal Trap
» Starbound
» Stardew Valley
» This War of Mine
» Undertale