Open Thread: Swimming

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Ahh, summer.  The time when a young woman's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of...

...immersing herself in as much water as possible, as often as possible.

No joke, if it were up to me, I wouldn't walk on dry land until October.  The minute someone invents a waterproof Nook, y'all'll never see me again :P

I also have to say - in water, especially in the ocean, I am extremely happy to be a fat girl.  My bony husband and my friend's muscle-bound boyfriend both sink like stones.  I, however, am my own floatation device, and can happily drowse away on the surface of the water, as secure as if I were in my own bed :)  It's also one of the few mediums where I actually feel athletic - swimming laps will wear you out like nothing else, but it doesn't give me that bone-deep achy pain like running does, and I never have to worry about tripping or overbalancing!

Open thread!  Do you like to swim, and do you live in an area where it's feasible to do so regularly?  Have you ever swam competitively or played any swimming-related sports?  Do you prefer pools, rivers/lakes, or oceans?  If you don't like swimming, what don't you like about it?  And do you have any other water-related recreational activities that you prefer to cool off in the summer?  What's the deepest/roughest water you've ever swum in? 

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