Open Thread: Strawberries

Hosted by piles of strawberries
Millions of Strawberries

Marcia and I went over the curve,
Eating our way down
Jewels of strawberries we didn't deserve,
Eating our way down.
Till our hands were sticky, and our lips painted,
And over us the hot day fainted,
And we saw snakes, 
And got scratched,
And a lust came over us for the red unmatched
Small buds of berries,
Till we lay down - 
Eating our way down - 
And rolled in the berries like two little dogs,
In the late gold.
And gnats hummed,
And it was cold,
And home we went, home without a berry,
Painted red and brown,
Eating our way down.

~Genevieve Taggard

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