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This blog began as a hobby so that I could talk about Twilight on a once-a-week basis, and was a part-time lark that I could put as little or as much time into whenever I wanted. It has metamorphosed into a full-time job; something that I sink hours into daily whether I want to or not, because I believe this blog adds value to society. Blogging has become my work and I am paid primarily through fundraising.

Fundraising is not fun for me, because we live in a society where asking for money is considered a moral failing. Yet this site runs on money, both for the creation of content and the maintenance of the community. Supplemental income from affiliate links help to defray site costs, but do not cover the full cost of owning and operating the site.

I cannot afford to run this site full-time for free, but even if I could, I believe that fundraising for my work is a feminist act. I ask to be paid for my work because feminist advocacy has value and should not be undervalued or unpaid. If I do not ask to be paid for my work, then I feel I am feeding into a cultural narrative that people are entitled to a woman's work for free.

I don't want anyone to donate if they cannot afford to, or if their act of donation would create hardship or financial struggle for them. But for those who would like to contribute and who can afford to do so, every donation is appreciated. Thank you.

Credit for the idea of valuing women's work through fundraising belongs to Melissa McEwan.