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I'm Ana Mardoll, jack-of-all-internet-writing-trades. You might know me from my Ramblings blog, my Shakesville pieces, my Twitter rants, my Furiosa review on The Mary Sue, or that one Ross Geller post I wrote which went briefly internet-viral. You might even know me from my books! I write the Earthside series (modern paranormal-romance books set in Texas) and Rewoven Tales. I was reviewed by Liz Bourke on and by James Nicoll on his blog and people seem to like my stuff! Maybe you will too!


I'm fat, physically disabled, mentally ill, nonbinary transgender, and bisexual--and my friends tell me I'm abso-fucking-lutely adorable, so pull up a chair if you like the sound of any of that! I'll light a fire in the hearth, bring you a blanket and a lap-cat, and pour a warm beverage of your choice. If you wait long enough I'll get to rambling at you. My goal is to ramble at you at least once a month in a sufficiently entertaining or thought-provoking manner!

I tell stories. I tell stories about fat, physically disabled, mentally ill, transgender, bisexual people because I didn't have many such stories growing up. So I spin them now. My characters live in worlds that try to harm them, but they find acceptance and community and love of all flavors because they are wonderful beautiful souls who deserve hope and joy. Kinda like us.

I rant sometimes. I get sucked into politics and social stuff, and I like to make my points on the internet in witty snippets punctuated with use of capslock FOR EMPHASIS. I'm very rarely angry and I'm strongly anti-harassment so I try not to call people out by name, but I do post about stuff-n-things when I get heated on a topic. A lot of these tie into the books, movies, or media I'm consuming because I have a strong interest in storytelling as an art.

I like to talk and talk and talk about storytelling as an art. There's gonna be posts about my writing and why I made the choices I did and what they mean to me and metaphors and crafting and culture and... yeah, that'll happen when I get going. Sorry. I'll try to keep it to a minimum, but I'm like a puppy with a very shiny new yellow tennis ball. I just wanna gnaw on the topic.

I love writing. I do it as much as I possibly can, when my back isn't flaring up and my depression isn't sending my brain into a haze. So I'm setting up donation links as a medical care fund for myself to pay for my pain medicines and my depression treatments. The goal is for me to treat the things that keep me from writing so that I can then turn around and keep writing.

You're here with me. I can't tell you what it means, having an audience who wants to read what I have to say. People who choose to support me because they like me and my work and want me to keep going. Knowing you're here gets me up in the morning on the bad days when the brain-haze and pain-fog twins settle in for a long visit. Thank you. Thank you. I cannot thank you enough.

Thank you.