Feminism: Boycott ALEC Corporations

For those who haven't seen me talking about ALEC this morning and what it is, it's a right-wing organization that writes and shops laws like Stand Your Ground and the recent round of anti-abortion legislation sweeping the country. It's hugely well-funded by corporations and is something to be legitimately concerned about if you're not sold on the whole corporate dystopia thing. (More information here and here.)

So remember that cool app that Deeky found a few weeks back that let you organize boycott campaigns? I've used their site (Buycott.com) and this listing of corporate members and sponsors of ALEC to create this handy campaign which lists known members of ALEC to avoid and known ex-members to support. (If you feel like it. Several of them are still pretty evil. Personal needs and teaspoons will vary.)

If you'd like to join my list (oh please oh please oh please do. It will make me so happy as I spent a lot of time on it), you can do so via the following steps:

1. Download Buycott to your smartphone. (Google Play Store & Apple Store have it.)
2. Create a login.
3. Click on the Campaigns tab.
4. Scroll down to All Categories.
5. Pick Civil Rights.
6. Pick Boycott ALEC Corporations. (It should have my name way down in the campaign description.)
7. Join!

Please note: Not everyone has the spoons or ability to boycott any or even all of the things on this list. (And that's okay because that's just how life is.) If you do have the capability and resources to write or call the organizations on this list to ask them to discontinue their ties with ALEC, that would also be hugely powerful. Several of these corporations are big enough that boycotting them might not make an dent, but convincing them that ALEC is too toxic to fund would be just as good in this case.

Update: Thanks, JarredH for the info that Buycott is available in the Apple Store!


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