Feminism: Transcripts, Transcripts Everywhere!

It's time for your irregularly-scheduled transcription update! Woo-hoo! In numbered format, of course, as that is the only way I know how to communicate! Which possibly makes me some kind of robot or possibly an ELIZA engine! QUICK SOMEONE GET A TURING TEST UP IN HERE.


1. I have sent out every piece of the Wendy Davis filibuster. I HAVE SENT OUT EVERY PIECE OF THE WENDY DAVIS FILIBUSTER. I cannot tell you how excited I am about that!

2. Transcripts are flowing in from volunteers through the intertubes! Other volunteers (and you know who you are, and you are the kindest, bestest, most patient people on the face of the planet) are proofreading them! Then I put them in the mega-transcript for public viewing FOREVER AND EVER.

3. This also means the whole filibuster is spliced and uploaded and ready to be saved for posterity! You can view the whole thing in playlist form on YouTube or you can download a nearly 16 hour mp4/mp3 file (your choice!) through Dropbox (no dropbox account needed!) Sadly, YouTube file limits prevented me from uploading the full file there.

4. I am now splicing and sending out videos from the House amendments session! This is very important work because everything said in that session needs to go on a campaign poster, like, NOW. These are being sent out, so check your inboxes! Because I'm pretty sure that Gmail thinks I am now a very excited email virus!

5. I have gotten SO MANY NICE EMAILS from people who couldn't see the filibuster when it went up and/or who have hearing disabilities and are excited to be able to participate in the democratic process after the fact. THIS IS BECAUSE OF YOU. YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN. I AM CRYING AS I WRITE THIS. Because a bunch of institutionalized privilege and ableism has been overcome -- or at least held off a bit -- entirely because of YOUR volunteer work. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

6. Some of you have asked about the technical aspects of this process, and I keep promising an answer and then not delivering because of the Busy. The very short version here is LiteCam HD to record the live-stream as it plays (over RealPlayer). This takes multiple cuts because the live-stream can't play 16 hours straight without timing out, so Freemake Video Converter splices the pieces together into the "full" file. Then I watch the full file and pick out logical start and stop points for each video. Then Bigasoft Video Converter slices out the chunks. Then it's back to Freemake Video Converter again to shave off the rough "edges" because Bigasoft doesn't chunk perfectly cleanly. AND NOW YOU KNOW WHY I DIDN'T ANSWER SOONER, ha.

And this is, by the way, the fastest and most efficient method I have. The method I was working early in month had about 18 more steps. Whut.

7. Some of you have also asked how I'm doing, which is very sweet of you. I'm fine, which is the Polite way of saying that I could be better. I kind of wish I lived in a world where I was doing other things with my time simply because I wasn't living in a corporate dystopia nightmare anti-choice reality. HAHA, DON'T WE ALL! But I'm happy to be doing something productive and I'm so happy to be doing it with 100+ of my new favorite people.

8. I have been answering emails a little slowly because something weird is going on with my hands and arms such that I have to keep Ace bandages wrapped tightly around them to keep something (muscles? tendons? HAHA, I AM AN ENGINEER AND NOT A DOCTOR.) from spasming. So if you get an email from me and it seems a little terse, I swear it is NOT because I hate you. It's just the Ace bandages limiting my word count. :)

I think I had more to say, but it's gone now so I will just say again: THANK YOU. To all you wonderful, supportive, amazing, incredible, activist-superheroes and -superheroines.


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