Open Thread: Morning Rituals

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I'm going to smile in the morning for my family!
That's what I'm going to do!
I'm going to smile in the morning for my family!
So they can have a good day too!

If you don't know the tune... well, first of all, I envy you.  Picture the most annoyingly chipper, invasively upbeat tune you can think of.  Like an alarm clock on too much coffee.  That's pretty much it.

My mother used to sing this song every morning - her own personal version of Reveille.  Loudly.  Repeatedly.  Directly outside my and my brother's bedrooms.  She thought it was funny.  We thought she was somehow mysteriously possessed by a demon from Hell every morning.

My own morning rituals are much gentler.  I have a whole list of people (it's actually getting kinda long) that I try to send a Good Morning text to on most if not all mornings.  It's not a huge big deal, but - I noticed a couple friends had started sending me a text every morning just to say hi, and it always put a smile on my face.  And taking a moment at the start of every day to think about the people I like and let them know I'm thinking about them helps start my day off right, and hopefully gives them a smile in the morning too.  (And helps keep lines of communication open with people I don't see often!)

Open thread!  What do you like to do in the mornings to help yourself have a good day?  Do you have any little rituals (even something as simple as "I sit down and have exactly one cup of coffee while I read the comics, and until that's done I'm not even allowed to think about anything worrying!") that you try to stick to when you can?  Any suggestions for others to have calm and less-stressed mornings?  Has anyone ever said or done some small but unexpected thing that made you smile when you were having a stressful day?

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