Feminism: Texas Tonight

House Bill #2 has passed. I don't have the strength to put up a retrospective now, but I will try to get one up. Maybe tomorrow. The debate went from 8am to 9pm without breaks, so I think that means I've been on it for 13 hours. I don't know, because math.

It was terrible. It was so terrible. I am so sad. I cannot describe how sad it is to see my legislature rule that my body is property of the state. At the very end, the bill's author Laubenberg pretty much outright said this was about ending abortion rather than about women's health. We knew it, but she pretty much said it. And there was nothing we could do. Nothing I could do. Nothing.

I've got a huge deadline tomorrow at work, which means I won't be doing much internet activism tomorrow. And I'm wrecked from doing this all day and yesterday, literally physically and emotionally wrecked. My hips and back are screaming from sitting in one spot for thirteen hours without break. So I'm going to go take a hot bath and drink something tasty and cry a little in my tub. There will be more later this week.

For everyone who follows me for things other than constant, non-stop Texas politics: Right now, it does not look like there will be a Twilight on Thursday. If you've always had a burning desire to write a Twilight guest post, there's a opportunity here, I think. Email me something and it'll probably go up. For everyone else, I do apologize.

If anyone wants to repost this, or pieces of this, elsewhere on my behalf, please do so.


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