November Newsletter (2021)

Hello, everyone! It is November which means that Texas has officially switched overnight from Summer into Winter, and my Seasonal Affective Disorder has reared its head. Time to mope until March!! BUT TODAY WE WILL TALK ABOUT GOOD THINGS.

One: Remember those kittens we rescued and rehomed locally? They are doing so well! Their new cat-mom sends me videos from time to time and they have settled in and are being groomed by the older cats and have each adopted a family member to mark as their human. We are very happy about this!

Two: Live-tweets of movies will return this month, I promise! October was a very busy month because we had a garage sale (which took a lot of spoons) in order to clear out the guest room so that two dear sibling-friends of ours can hopefully move in with us soon in order to move *out* of an abusive home situation. I'm really sorry to have neglected my writing duties on this end, but I promise that will change.

Three: The formatting for the paper version of my new book, Cinder the Fireplace Boy, is almost complete! Then we can start the proofing process to make sure they're printing right and hopefully get plenty of copies sent out soon so that I can sign them and send them to you, for those of you in the signed-copies-of-books tier. I'm very excited!

Four: I am learning to make dice! The plan is for Pepper (Friend 1) to help me make the dice and then we'll sell them in the Etsy store so that Pepper can make a little money and quit their job that puts them in close proximity to their abusive mother. We're very excited about this plan!

Thank you all so much for sticking with me through October and beyond. I am so grateful.

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