Metapost: Food Poisoning (?)

Folks, I'm sick and I suspect the questionable summer sausage that I ate last night against my better judgment. I spent most of last night very ill and thought I'd be able to power through this morning, but it hasn't left me yet, so I'm going back to bed.

This is VERY INCONVENIENT because I needed to get some Narnia and Twilight posts written. The double-whammy of broken computer + Texas filibuster has eaten up my one-week backlog and now there's no content scheduled for next week. Oh, and also I have family coming in for the fourth of July week. COMMENCING PANIC.

Thanks to all this, I'm declaring the rest of the week "not much gonna be posted", and I'm going to try very-very-very hard to have normalcy resume next week. If life just doesn't let me, then we'll have normalcy resume two weeks out at the latest. Believe me, I miss Narnia and Twilight as much as ya'll do, maybe more, and I still have things to say about the filibuster.

On behalf of the summer sausage, I apologize for the delays. :(


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