Open Thread: Injustice

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On June 30th, Ohio passed a restrictive abortion bill into law.

On July 5th, Wisconsin passed a restrictive abortion bill into law.

On July 11th the North Carolina House passed a restrictive abortion bill (which will go to the State Senate next.)

As we all know, on July 12th Texas passed their restrictive abortion law.

And in case you missed it, on July 13th George Zimmerman was found not guilty for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

...How're y'all doing?

I'll be honest, I'm not okay.  Ana has said she's not okay.  I... may have alienated a good chunk of my friends last night, and I can't bring myself to be sorry about that.  Right now I'm kinda getting by on alcohol, distraction, and whatever tiny crumbs of hope I can scrape up from various news articles.  Which isn't a whole lot.

Here's an open thread to talk about it.  Vent, yell, philosophize, be hopeful, be angry, be grieved, whatever.  I think we all kinda need it.

(Fair warning: I'm not normally easily triggered, but like I said, I'm not doing too good right now.  If I see anything that even whiffs of trollishness on this thread, I will come down like the Banhammer of the Gods.  Be told, people who may have stopped by with that in mind.)

~ Kristycat


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