Surprise Poetry Sunday

A Hymn

I revel in You 
I celebrate You 
I sing You

I breathe You as the morning wind teases my hair
Fresh air filling my lungs and mind
Bringing cold, crisp clarity to clear the cobwebs from my cluttered thoughts
Leaving behind simplicity
The elegance of a problem solved
And, laughing at myself, I breathe you back out into the world

I walk with you as the sea foam tickles my feet
Bubbles merrily enveloping me, then skipping back
Passion pulling my heart like a tide
I immerse myself in You and find only love
Love deep enough to be playful
And wise enough to be silly

I watch Your beauty with shadowed eyes
Soul joined with sparks, flying upward
Eternal desire
Righteous anger
Unbridled joy
The flames dare me to dare,
To walk through fire and never fear the burning

I dance Your name in the grass
Stains on my feet
The scent of soil and sun and green things growing
Beneath the shadow of the mountain, stark and bold and eternal
My feet fall with abandon, without fear
Sure that You will hold me with every step

I revel in You
I celebrate You
I sing You

Happy Sunday!  Ana may possibly be extending her mini-vacation for personal reasons, but in the meantime:  Let meee... eeeentertain youuuu!

Hello, my honey, hello, my baby...   
The poem above was an assignment for an online class on Paganism - to write a hymn incorporating imagery relating to the four elements - and I was rather proud of it :)  Over the next week I've got a few other random bits of creative writing I had lying around my computer to share with you lovely people, in the hopes that it will keep you happy and entertained until Ana gets back :)

So!  Your turn!  Do you have any random poetry - religious or otherwise - that you'd be willing to share with a few dozen of your closest internet friends, and also the entire internet?  Don't be shy!  (And if you don't, why not write some now?  Share with us in the comments!)

~ Kristycat


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