Review: Skinomi TechSkin for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

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Skinomi TechSkin for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 / B00C9HYTVS

Normally I like the Skinomi skins; they aren't good for eInk devices (as I belatedly learned with my Kindle), but they work well with tablets and phones. And I love that the wet application method reduces bubbles and fingerprints and all the other little hassles which accompany putting on tablet skins.

However, I have sadly learned that the Skinomi skins simply do not agree with the S-Pen that comes with the Samsung Note. The Skinomi skin has a pleasant "give" to it that makes it spongy, and the pen presses down into the spongy skin and leaves a permanent impression. After the Skinomi skin was applied, I drew a dinosaur later that night with the Sketch 'Em app, and the dinosaur was permanently etched into the skin to be seen forevermore. I ended up having to peel the skin off and toss it; a complete waste.

I have attached pictures which I hope illustrate the problem. 

~ Ana Mardoll


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