Open Thread: Scooter

Hosted by an absolutely gorgeous red scooter
So, as some of you may recall, I just got a job - after over a year of unemployment, punctuated by a brief bout in sales (which lasted long enough to get us through the holidays, but not much longer.

Among other things, what that means is that I can finally resume payments on the beautiful scooter that's been languishing in layaway for far too long.  I am practically drooling in anticipation.  It is lovely and shiny and classic-style and MUCH better quality than my old one.  And I wants it, precious.

Open thread!  Does anyone else own/ride a scooter (or its cooler big brother, a motorcycle?)  Would you?  Why or why not?  Does anyone have any fun or interesting scooter/motorcycle stories?

~ Kristycat

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