Open Thread: Supermoon

There's a lovely full moon out tonight, shining in through my bedroom window. Tomorrow night it will be officially full, and since the moon is currently at the point in its elliptical where it is closest to earth, the moon is called a "supermoon".

And while you probably already knew that the full moon is a special time for a lot of Wiccan and pagan practitioners, you might not know that the June full moon -- the June esbat -- is a time for lovers, honey, strawberries, roses, and metamorphosis.* (If you're into that sort of thing. And if you're not, that's fine too. The brand of Wicca we practice at my house is extremely laid back.)**

Which means that today, the 22nd, is kind of extra-special depending on when and how you celebrate, because the June esbat is tomorrow (the 23rd) and the Summer Solstice / Midsummer / Litha sabbat was yesterday (the 21st) for a lot of folks.

Here are some amateur pictures of the moon and our baby willow tree. How are you celebrating the moon, if at all?***

* Especially and particularly the metamorphosis that comes from having computers break down, ha. Little joke there. 
** And when I say 'we', I mean me and the cats. Obviously. 
*** In addition to taking pictures, we also watched Legion because Paul Bettany. But that was not moon related.


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