Open Thread: Joyful Garden

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Source for Belief
What if everything I believe is wrong?
It's a perilous thought, dark with destructive power
For don't we form our actions from beliefs?
Should I seek a guru, then?
Someone wise and knowing
To fill the void of my belief
With firm ideas of virtue?
And should I then disdain all others as false prophets,
Denounce them, deride them, destroy them?
Such tension in choosing --
Such peril.
For now, I will put these thoughts aside
And walk into the bath of light
That calls me to my garden.
Red berries swarm a deep green bush
Frail buds form in advance of spring
Hummingbirds thrum by on their way to a promise.
My heart sings with the joy of being part of this day.
Whatever else I believe, let it come from this.
~ Mary Beth Watt

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