Feminism: Rick Perry Calls Another Special Session

Rick Perry has called another special session.

I don't know what to say about this that most of us aren't already thinking. I'm sad that this bill is probably going to be railroaded through, because it will cost Texas money that should be spent elsewhere and women will die. Let me repeat that: Women will die because of this bill. I'm sad about that. And angry. And outraged. And I'm utterly furious that the democratic process is being circumvented like this. And I'm so fucking pissed off that Rick Perry is blaming us for this:

We will not allow the breakdown of decorum and decency to prevent us from doing what the people of this state hired us to do."

Unruly. Indecorous. Indecent. I called every word, Governor Perry. Because I've heard them all before.

People will say that the bright spot in this is that at least it's happening while the world is watching. Except that it's not, not really, not like it should be. The media is ignoring Texas. Our federal representatives have given only cursory notice. To the best of my knowledge, President Barack Obama has still not used his pulpit to speak strongly against this war on women. The only "bright spot" in all this is looking pretty fucking bleak compared to what it could be, what it should be.

Texas women and people with uteri and allies will fight this bill, just as we've been fighting it already. But it doesn't come without a cost. I was incoherently exhausted today. I know many of you were too. We spend our bodies and our minds and our money and our time and our tears and our emotions and every ounce of our energy. And Rick Perry laps it all up because he is THE WORST.

Update: It has been pointed out to me in email that the Texas legislators make $7,200 per year (plus per diem) and are usually expected to hold second jobs in addition to their legislative work. (Unless, of course, they're rich enough to treat politics like a game and/or corrupt enough to leverage their political power into more money. But this is not the ideal, is what I am saying.)

Asking legislators to work an extra 30 days (again!) without more pay because the governor's pet bill wasn't ready and/or didn't get passed in the regular session is bullshit. And yet here we are. Because Rick Perry and his Republican buddies don't give a shit about people who have different bodies, different salaries, different responsibilities, or different anything from them and their Privilege Club. 

Much credit to eastsidekate for pointing this out.


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