Metapost: Radio Silence and Spirit Bears

Folks, an update on the computer situation: It's dead, Jim.

Husband stayed up waaaaaay too late last night trying to figure out why he had internet but my computer didn't and neither did the phones, the wireless devices, or the television. It was like the internet gods had deemed everyone except him unworthy of their blessings. Which was ironic because, between the two of us, I use the internet about eleventy billion more internet-units than he does. SO THANKS, INTERNET GODS.

Anyway, the electrical storm that struck over our house basically fried ethernet ports on our routers and in my computer. Husband was able to wire around the router issue, but my computer is damaged enough that its days are numbered. We purchased a new computer for me -- which was an unexpected expense that I'm honestly still reeling from, but it helps that we'd been cutting expenses lately in preparation for a rainy day -- and it'll be here in 7-10 days if the internet gods don't interfere. In the mean time, we duct taped a wifi usb dongle to my damaged computer, and sprinkled the chassis with the ashes of an old user manual, and I have just enough internet to compose this post.

So I'm going to be very-almost-not-at-all online for the next week or so until the new computer comes. We've got a Twilight post scheduled for tomorrow, a somewhat-distractedly written Narnia post scheduled for Tuesday, and ... so far I think that's it. I'll try not to let this interfere with posting, but I rely on the internet a lot for research when I write (as evidenced by my one billion links to things) and I've also got to run some errands to get my finances to speak to me because right now they have a bad case of the miffed.

In the meantime, here is something interesting that landed in my inbox before my internet went out and which some of you might care about: a Kickstarter for a educational book on Canadian Spirit Bears, which are (if I understand correctly) basically to brown/black bears what white tigers are to orange tigers, which is to say a genetic mutation that usually means the animal has difficulty surviving because its camouflage is all funky. I have a special place in my heart for white tigers because they tend to have scoliosis (LIKE ME!), so this caught my eye if only because I wanted to leave you all with something interesting beyond my computer woes.

Also: Some of you have had good things to say about this collection of lesbian steampunk stories. I put it on my watchlist and noticed a price drop today from ~9 dollars to 6 dollars so it is entirely possible that you should get it while it's hot. I haven't read it though. Can anyone speak to the contents, because the current reviews on Amazon -- and I say this as a professional reviewer -- pretty much blow.

(The thought occurs that this has to be the ONLY post on the internet that combines "Canadian Spirit Bears" and "Lesbian Steampunk". Why not google those terms in all the spare time while I'm gone and we'll confuse the internet? Ha. Okay, clearly I'm a little drunk on sleep deprivation right now.)

See you all in a week or two. I WILL MISS YOU. (Thankfully, I'll still be able to read comments on my phone.)

UPDATE: The link is in the image (click on the book cover) but if that doesn't work, you can try this.


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