Open Thread: Rain

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As you may remember from the last open thread, this has been on my mind recently ;)

There are songs about the rain.  People talk about taking walks in the rain.  In movies, there's always that one meaningful scene where the main character experiences a life-changing realization while standing in the rain.  Rain is seen as cleansing, beautiful, romantic even.

And I do not get it.

To me, rain is wet.  And cold.  And, depending on the wind, occasionally downright painful.  It makes everything muddy and dirty; it makes the roads slippery and reduces visibility; it blocks out my beautiful, life-giving sunshine.  I see rain as a necessary evil; something I have to put up with, but I don't have to enjoy.

This is not a popular opinion.

Precisely one of my friends shares my dislike of rain, and we huddle inside together and glare out the window in solidarity.  Everyone else goes "Oh, rain is fun!  It's just a little water!  Come outside and splash in the puddles with us!!"


Open thread!  Where do you stand?  Are you a singing-and-dancing-in-the-rain kind of person, or do you feel storms are best enjoyed from inside with a cup of hot cocoa?  Have you ever had a particularly good or bad experience in the rain?  Do cold drizzly days inspire you to take a long walk, or to find a long book?

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