Feminism: Word Magnets

This is a good article and you should go read it. It's an amazingly thorough breakdown by Edinburgh Eye over what words are covered in those little refrigerator magnet sets "for girls" and "for boys", including the very good point made that even the base set does not have a concept for an unmodified-by-familial-ownership woman:

Put together, unsorted by gender, and these are a good set of words, if a little Americanised. But sorted into gendered sets they’re appalling. And betray how peculiar our gender expectations are. Why shouldn’t boys make sentences about friends and ice-cream and clothes? Why shouldn’t girls make sentences about the moon and a ghost and some trees?

What’s the word oddly omitted from the national literacy strategy for years one to three?


Seriously, please go read the whole thing because it is awesome in every sense of the word.


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