Fat Acceptance: Regency Romance

[Content Note: Fat Hatred, Disordered Eating]
[Cross-posted from a comment on Shakesville.]

The other day on Twitter, I asked for a Regency romance with a fat model on the cover -- not just a fat character, but a corresponding fat cover model. Not one person could find me one, even though we really did look.

And the thought occurred that this is a major reason why I never got into romance novels, because I felt like the covers were a hurdle to clear, in the same way that you have to meet physical requirements at the fair to ride the rides. "You must be this thin to experience True Love."

I will note that there is Big Beautiful Women erotica, and that is a good thing, but romance novels are harder to find, and "historical" romance novels are even harder. And it frustrates me that every cover and every internal illustration of, for example, every Jane Austen re-published book has the women all stick-thin forever *unless* the character is comedic and borderline unlikable like Charlotte Palmer*.

These are public domain books! There are versions that have ZOMBIES in them. But ones with fat cover models and fat illustrations, with no need to change but maybe a couple of lines of text, tops? NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.

Fucking frustrating, is what it is.

* Tru Fax: Husband and I are totally Mr. and Mrs. Palmer. I showed him the 1995 version with Hugh Laurie as Mr. Palmer and he completely agreed.


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