Open Thread: Coloring

Hosted by a pile of crayons
Coloring!  I love coloring.  Colored pencils, pastels, a HUUUGE collection of crayons... love it.

I also love coloring books, as long as they have at least a minimal level of sophistication.  I have coloring books of fairies, coloring books of goddesses, coloring books of unicorn tapestries, a coloring book of Book of Kells pages... I was actually pleasantly surprised at how many "grown-up" coloring books are out there!

Sometimes in working from home I find myself sitting at the computer for long stretches of time waiting for calls, etc. You can knock out some pretty detailed coloring book pages during that time, if you have the inclination :)

Open thread!  Do you like to color?  What's your favorite medium?  Do you prefer coloring books, or freestyle?  Have you ever done a coloring project you're particularly proud of?  (If you have small children in your house, do you sometimes get very possessive of your coloring supplies? :P)
 ~ Kristycat

Monday Reminder!  While I have fun coming up with pretty pictures and/or interesting “prompt” questions for open threads, you aren’t limited to those!  These threads are open - go wild, talk about whatever moves you!  (Just remember that this is still a safe space, please!)  

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