Metapost: Typos

Lovelies, I've mentioned this a few times in comments, but I realize not everyone has time to exhaustively read every comment I post on the board. So here is a metapost. :)

This is a safe space maintained by and for people with disabilities. That includes people with visual disabilities and people with information-processing disabilities and people with physical disabilities. And that necessarily includes people who can't see well because of poor eyesight, who can't read well because of dyslexia or other information-processing disabilities, and people who can't type well because of arthritis or cerebral palsy or eleventy-other typing related disabilities.

As such: Typos will happen here. 

I want to ask that commenters in this space be aware of the disabilities of the contributors and the members of the community by not bringing up typos unless there's genuine confusion about what was meant or if the typo has genuinely sparked a train of analytical thought* which is on-topic for the thread. I trust everyone to use discretion and to recognize the difference between "I don't fully understand that; did you mean thus" and "lololol ur typo". And I trust everyone to not bring up typos unless there's genuinely a good reason to -- not all typos need to be remarked upon.

I ask this because, while funny typos can be funny, I don't want to create an environment where people with visual, information-processing, and typing disabilities feel unsafe contributing to the conversation out of fear of mockery, however good-natured it may be intended.

* My measuring stick for this being essentially along the lines of: "OK, I know that was just a typo in the OP, but that makes me think... [analysis about invisibility of same-sax relationships in Twilight]". In other words, a thoughtful acknowledgement that Typos Are Not Bad and actual content to a comment which ties into the on-topic problems in the work of fiction being deconstructed.


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