Metapost: I Have A Thinky Idea

It's gonna be December soon and I always have a small injection of free time in that month. I could be really responsible and build-up a backlog of Twilight, Narnia, and Hunger Game posts (and truth be told, I probably will do this anyway because workaholic) against inevitable illness and other unproductive times, but I'd kinda like to do something extra and fun this year.

I was thinking I'd like to do a Let's Play and I was specifically thinking of Long Live The Queen, which is Nintendo Hard and can be played in fun short loops of hilarious death sequences. Prolly what I'd do is record a gaming session with some commentary and toss it up on YouTube and cross-link here for enjoyment and comments. If folks got really into the spirit of things, we could also give and take suggestions about what to try next.

The thing is, I don't know if that'd tickle anyone's fancy here. Which isn't a reason not to play the game, but might be a reason not to deal with the Let's Play overhead of filming and uploading and whatnot. So I figured I'd float the suggestion here and see what people think. So here is a voting poll to gauge interest and remember it's okay to vote no for whatever reason; I myself don't watch a lot of videos, as I prefer to read rather than listen. (I might play around with a transcript program I have and see if it can't be made to work with me on this.)

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