Open Thread: Chihuahua

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Man, I don't even know about the chihuahua.

On the one hand, it's a tiny yappy dog that somehow believes it's a big dangerous dog.  It makes a really annoying noise.  It's been so inbred that it's not safe for it to give birth unassisted.  It's goofy-looking.

...On the other hand, chihuahua puppies are ridiculously adorable (see: above), the ones that are sweet are REALLY sweet, and there's something in me that can't help grudgingly respecting anything that tiny that has that much chutzpah.

Open thread!  Chihuahuas: love 'em or hate 'em?  Funny chihuahua stories?  Cool chihuahua facts?  (I know at least a couple!)  Stories of other small dogs that somehow believe they're much bigger than they are?  Share!
~ Kristycat

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