Open Thread: Before The Frost

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"Frost To-Night"

Apple-green west and an orange bar, 
And the crystal eye of a lone, one star . . . 
And, "Child, take the shears and cut what you will, 
Frost to-night -- so clear and dead-still." 

Then, I sally forth, half sad, half proud, 
And I come to the velvet, imperial crowd, 
The wine-red, the gold, the crimson, the pied, -- 
The dahlias that reign by the garden-side. 

The dahlias I might not touch till to-night! 
A gleam of the shears in the fading light, 
And I gathered them all, -- the splendid throng, 
And in one great sheaf I bore them along. 

. . . . . 

In my garden of Life with its all-late flowers 
I heed a Voice in the shrinking hours: 
"Frost to-night -- so clear and dead-still" . . . 
Half sad, half proud, my arms I fill. 
- Edith Matilda Thomas

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