Open Thread: Roller Derby

Hosted by a pair of rollerblades
Did you know Roller Derby was still a thing?  I didn't know it was a thing.  That is, until my sister-in-law announced over dinner the other night that her new name is Ni-Cold Cut Slamwich, and that she is pursuing an exciting new career in the field of beating people up on roller skates.

To be completely honest, it sounds kinda badass.

Open thread!  Were you aware of roller derby?  Is it something you would ever participate in?  (I couldn't - not because of the violence, but because I skate about the same way that a 1-year-old walks - slowly, haltingly, occasionally bumping into things and falling down.)  Do you know anyone who does or has?  Do you know any cool facts about the sport?  Heck, do you know anything about the sport, because I want to learn more!
 ~ Kristycat

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