Feminism: Texas Moves To Suppress Women Voters

Quoting Carimah Townes at Think Progress:
In addition to attacks on their reproductive rights, women in Texas are facing another sizable problem: large-scale disenfranchisement. Thanks to the state’s strict voter ID law – going into effect on November 5 – constituents must now provide a photo ID with their most up-to-date, legally-recognized name at the polls. On the surface the prerequisite appears achievable, but in reality it disproportionately impacts female voters, specifically those who are married.
A lot of people -- a lot of non-Texan people who don't understand how deeply our districts are gerrymandered -- demanded to know, during the filibuster, why were weren't proactively voting the anti-choice senators and representatives out of office.

Now you know one of the reasons why that's easier said than done.

If you are Texan, you can check voting dates and your own eligibility at votetexas.gov.

Hat-tip to EdinburghEye.


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