Elementary: Two New Posts and Metapostery

I feel like I should post something about my life circumstances, but the longer I don't post something, the more anything I could post seems inadequate and it becomes this vicious cycle. So here is a brief metapost, a pointer to some Elementary commentary I co-wrote, and an open thread to talk about both.

[CN: Disability]

I have spent the last three weeks rapidly deteriorating in physical ability. I spend most of my non-work days lying in bed or on the sofa (which is less comfortable but easier to get out of when I need to use the bathroom) and trying to concentrate on breathing through the pain. To distract myself, I play video games and take notes on them, but it's not really bringing me a lot of enjoyment -- I'd rather be up and washing the dishes because I feel bad about leaving all the chores to the able-bodied people in the house. Since I am still struggling with getting my laptop to behave the way I'd like, I don't have a lot of computer access -- I can read everything that comes in, but writing is harder. Emails are piling up, and (as of right now) I have no posts scheduled for next week. :(

So this has not been a great month for me, and I find myself once again asking for your patience through a difficult time. I'm sorry that these posts [about delays and disability] are so frequent; I wish they were not.

[/end CN]

However, one thing I can do is text at people, and my friend Liss can assemble my texty babblings and occasionally-dictated email into interesting posts on Elementary. I didn't have the spoons to cross-post last week's, but here it is now:

Season 2, Episode 2
Season 2, Episode 3

Here is a nice open thread for talking about them, and once again I am sorry that I've been so quiet online lately. It's not by choice, but I realize that doesn't make it easier on any of you.


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