Open Thread: Pugs

Hosted by an adorable pug

So my friend is convinced that pugs are pretty much the most awesome dogs, ever.  Having spent the weekend at his house with his pug, I can't find much ground to disagree.  Pugs are pretty awesome.

Look - they're small but not yappy, they've got ugly-adorable squashed-in faces, they're affectionately licky but not drooly, they've got solid little bodies just right for hugging, they crawl into your lap and look at you like "I love you so much, please pet me!"... what's not to love?

Open thread!  Are you lucky enough to have a pug in your life?  If not, do you have another awesome kind of dog?  What's your favorite kind of dog, and why?  Do you like pugs, or do you think another kind of dog has them beat?  If you're not a dog person, what kind of pet do you like better, and why?  Do you have any cool dog/pug/other favorite pet stories?
 ~ Kristycat

Monday Reminder!  While I have fun coming up with pretty pictures and/or interesting “prompt” questions for open threads, you aren’t limited to those!  These threads are open - go wild, talk about whatever moves you!  (Just remember that this is still a safe space, please!)  

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