Elementary: For The Love of a Billionaire

Here is the latest of Liss and Ana talking about Elementary! You should go see it, if only for the DOLPHIN FACE. And also for this comment I added tonight:

A thing that really struck me later is that this could have been Joan and Sherlock.

Sherlock is wealthy, or rather his father is. (He owns, like, 5 houses in NYC alone, and the brownstone is the smallest, iirc.) Joan isn't suggested to be wealthy; she was a surgeon, but we don't know if she had her school loans paid off before The Accident, and sober companion was a step down in pay scale. And she was certainly dealing with feelings of guilt over the death of her patient when she hired on with Sherlock.

If he'd killed someone last season, say the "M" guy we all thought was Moriarty, and she'd gone to jail to protect him and serve time over the death of her patient... that would have been amazingly bad. BAD. So she could have said something in THIS case. She could have easily pointed out that this ending was hella-bad for EVERYONE. (I certainly don't think this was good for Graham. I think it was bad for Graham.) This could have been her. She could have made that connection. She didn't. And I think she didn't because the WRITERS didn't.

And I think part of why they didn't understand HOW wrong this ending was, was because they didn't understand that a woman protecting herself from abuse is NOT substantially different from a man protecting himself from abuse. And I find that implication really upsetting and deeply disturbing because it's the literal definition of a double-standard.


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