Open Thread: Autumn

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Happy Autumn!

I know today isn't the first day of Autumn, but down here where I am in Florida, it IS the first day that is kinda-slightly cool-ish, so I've been walking around all day going "yay, Autumn's finally here!!"

I hear tell that there are some places in the world where you get actual cold in Autumn, and where the trees turn strange and mysterious colors like yellow and orange.  I'm pretty sure it's a myth, though.  They can do wonderful things with Photoshop these days.

Open thread!  Has it gotten cold - or at least mildly chilly - where you live?  Is Autumn your favorite season like it is mine, and if so why?  If not, why not?  Have you seen these mythical orange trees everyone keeps talking about?  PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!  (, but for real, if the trees in the area are putting on their fall finery, post a pic!)  What's your favorite part of the season?  Have you had anything pumpkin-flavored yet?
 ~ Kristycat

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