Storify: 2013-07-12 Texas Senate Amendments

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Texas Senate is starting, folks. Gonna go get soda and pain pills.

Couple of quick points. If I get Twitter Jail'd while reporting today, my Twitter Jail account is in my profile.

Dewhurst says they can't take up another 45 minutes. Stand by until 2:30.

@VictorianPrude: Uncomfortable, unsanitary sure but would be poetic justice to be leaving menstrual blood all over if DPS is throwing out tampons.

Why the hell is DPS looking for tampons? We don't have a constitutional right to bleed? @VictorianPrude

@VictorianPrude: @AnaMardoll we're objects, dolls. We're to be stored away & played with. Controlled at every turn. Women should leave bloody clothes around

I just don't even. Fucking tampons?! Those are on level with weapons now?! HATES women. @VictorianPrude

@misshellbedlam: @AnaMardoll @VictorianPrude Um but weapons ARE allowed

Yeah, I caught that after my tweet. My common sense ASSUMED they wouldn't be. Holy hell. @misshellbedlam @VictorianPrude

@red3blog: Seriously, progressives couldn't have made up a better metaphor than Texas has literally done by banning tampons and protecting guns.

@mazzie: wait, what is happening with tampons in texas?

Apparently DPS is confiscating them as folks go into the gallery. Because they could be thrown like strawfems do. @mazzie

I've never wanted my period before now, and yet. @ratchetlawyer @VictorianPrude

@maureenjohnson: This is literally true: while the Texas Senate debates female health issues, tampons are forbidden to bring in. Guns are not. LITERALLY.

@red3blog: No one tell the Texas legislature you can also throw a gun. They might ban them. LOL *jk* They won't ban guns. #justtampons

@alyssaharad: So many of you have questions about the tampon/maxipad ban at ! ME TOO.

@laurenarankin: you can't bring tampons & maxi pads because you might throw them at senators, BUT HANDGUNS ARE TOTALLY COOL, YOU GUYS.

Dewhurst is opening. He seems nervous. He's warning about "rules of decorum" and no applause. No signs or outbursts.

Dewhurst says that people who disturb the floor will be taken out and beaten with #tampons. #SatireOrIsIt?

Eltife says "beefed up security" for YOUR safety because small children. Say they'll "maintain decorum" for the session

@alyssaharad: Some GOP Senator sat around WORRYING about us throwing tampons+maxipads at him. And then he had his staff talk to DPS! #tampongate

Whitmire and Hegar and talking at each other. Nothing interesting to report on, just nervous banter. #tampongate

Whitmire asks why the clinic regulations, prescription mandate, and 20-week ban were bundled together. #tampongate

Whitmire says that MORE senators would vote for the 20-week ban on its own. (Maude save us from our .) #tampongate

Hegar sneeringly announces, "No, I don't read *blogs*." Well, I would ban you in my safe space anyway, buddy, so. #tampon

Hegar is proving that there IS something worse than seeing a woman (Laubenberg) push a bill that will hurt women. #tampon

Wow, it's really wonderful to see Hegar yell over his "friend" Senator Whitmire. With friends like these...

Whitmire is pointing out that the Republicans have refused to accept ANY amendments to the bill.

LOL. Hegar mansplains that both sides are equally bad. 'Cause there's the Forced Preggers and the Mandatory Abortionists.

Flea markets are selling RU486 rip-offs like wildfire because women are scared and unable to get their meds.

Hegar doesn't want people going to flea markets. Probably because Hegar doesn't want women to get abortions!! (No doy.)

Whitmire compliments Nelson for the blue-orange-blue seating at testimony time. Remember, folks, that Nelson threw @VictorianPrude.

@VictorianPrude: @AnaMardoll Whitmire is my senator too. They are so proud of their manipulations of decorum, aren't they? Losers.

Christ, that's horrible. I'm sorry you had to see him saying that. @VictorianPrude

Whitmire asks if Hegar really wants to FORCE someone to carry a pregnancy. Hegar says he's not forcing anyone.

Hegar says 87% of counties don't have clinics, so what does it matter if he shuts down MORE. Whut.

Hegar is giving me heart palpitations. I'm not even kidding. This is infuriating to watch.

West: "Do you believe that a woman has the right to determine her healthcare decisions. The right to choose?"

West: "Do you believe a woman should have the ultimate right to termination?"

Hegar: "There are parameters to that right...Roe is the law of the land today, but."

West: "Are you aware how many counties in Texas do not have HOSPITALS?"

West:"65 of 254 do not have hospitals. 74 counties do not have obstetrics. 139 counties precluded from licensed clinics."

Hegar: "Every hospital has their own admitting privileges process." Sounds efficient and easy to comply with!

I love how stern West is being right now. I love it. I love him. He's all "why am I talking to this know-nothing dipshit."

@cmclymer: Texas in 2013: You can carry a gun into the Texas Legislature but not a tampon. For real.

West: "Has there been any other law passed that requires a physician to have privileges at a hospital?" Hegar: No.

Hegar is reading off states with admitting privileges laws. West points out that the legislation is being contested.

Hegar fucking invokes Wisconsin. What is that law, 2 days old? HEGAR ADMITS IT'S 2-DAYS OLD.

Deuell thinks they'll give admitting privileges b/c someone gave HIM privileges despite the fact that he's a fuckhead.

Deuell: "You'll either have privileges or you don't." YES. THAT'S THE PROBLEM.

@ncardenastx: Sen Deulle still has active admitting privileges. "I'm still active. I don't deliver newborns. I go to meetings."

West: "Why are we singling out this ONE PROCEDURE and saying you must have admitting privileges to do it?"

Deuell says that "the abortion industry" has been "taking advantage of women" and "not playing by the rules".

Deuell says "lower income women" are "unsophisticated patients". I SWEAR TO GOD.

Dewhurst just gavelled to keep West from responding to Deuell.

@dansolomon: Deuell talking about abortion-seekers as "unsophisticated patients" who need the legislature's help.


@dwalton1: WOW! Deuell says: minority and lower socioeconomic classes are "less sophisticated" abortion clients. REALLY?

Deuell: "It's in our constitution that we protect the public."

#DeuellSmirk is now a hashtag. I DECREE IT.

Deuell claims that abortion complications MUST be higher than reported because it is in other countries. #DeuellSmirk

Deuell: "You hear stories... from, um, patients." #DeuellSmirk

West: "So you're calling our Health Department reporters liars-liars-pants-on-fires?" (Paraphrase.) #DeuellSmirk

Deuell: "Our current data is incomplete." West: "According to you or according to them?" #DeuellSmirk

Deuell calls self-reporting "the fox watching the hen house". #DeuellSmirk

West: "No one has ever complained about the reporting." #DeuellSmirk

Deuell: "I have a whole packet of stories." West: "Do you wanna turn that over to the authorities?" #DeuellSmirk

Deuell: "I don't know of any other group of physicians that don't take care of their patients." #DeuellSmirk

West: "You're saying they aren't following a standard of care?" Deuell: "I am." #DeuellSmirk

Deuell says his patients tell him they can't call their abortion providers. But they can call Deuell?? #DeuellSmirk

Hey, remember with McCarthy had a list of card-carrying communists? But you weren't allowed to see it? #DeuellSmirk

West: "You're saying that ALL of them don't follow that standard of care?" Deuell: "I don't know." #DeuellSmirk

West: "Do you believe there's an equal protection issue here?" Deuell: "I think it's a safety issue." #DeuellSmirk

Is/was West a lawyer? He's HAMMERING Deuell. It's amazing. #DeuellSmirk

West: "You've gotta have specific evidence that we can put int he record. Not in Sweden! Not in Florida! In Texas!."

West: "The fact of the matter is, we had more testimony from people who don't support this law than ones who did." YEAH.

Deuell: "A lot of those people weren't physicians."

Deuell: "ACOG and other organizations do NOT represent the rank-and-file physicians."

Deuell: "I remind you that ACOG opposed the Affordable Care Act," so West shouldn't care what ACOG says.

@dogsmycopilot: @AnaMardoll Oreally? Cuz this poor woman speaks multiple languages, 4.0 gpa, & can do everything from fixing her car to doing her own taxes

No, sorry, if you don't make more than $100k a year, you are unsophisticated. #GOP @dogsmycopilot

Deuell: "I don't remember anybody's name, but there were ObGyns testifying for the bill."

Deuell: "I wish we had a jury." West: "You HAVE a jury. Look around."

West: "When the governor signs this law [laughs] and he WILL sign it..."

West: "If there's a lawsuit filed, and there WILL be..."

Hegar: "I would hope that a lawsuit is not filed." West: "There will be." Hegar: "OK." West: "I promise you. I PROMISE."

Hegar makes a joke of being afraid of answering questions from lady Senator Garcia.

Garcia: "Who brought you this bill?" Hegar: "It's something me and my staff worked on."

@naraltx: Hegar now trying to tell Garcia that he & his staff wrote ( ), rather than having it handed to him from ALEC

Hegar does not recall testimony about incest. Lovely. I FUCKING DO.

@FeministSonar: "You heard the gut wrenching tearful testimonies?" "I would say more than a few were tearful." "I did not hear any that were rape & incest"

Hegar: "I've worked with, for lack of a better word, so-called pro-life groups."

@WritingVirginia: @AnaMardoll "and dey told me all 'bout dem repentant womens whose had 'bortions 'n how dey regret it cuz dey'z gon burn in hayell."

I'm sure they gave him #StacksOfStories! @WritingVirginia

Garcia points out it could just say "protect life of woman" as opposed to the double-speak it has now.

Hegar calls women getting abortions "the mother".

Garcia reads testimony that physician will have to wait until woman's health deteriorates to Officially Life Threatening.

Hegar: "I do not think I should have to sit here and try to qualify every single condition..."

Garcia: "I'm not asking for every condition. You said you wrote this, you must have had 1-2 conditions in mind when you WROTE THIS."

Garcia: "We should leave these decisions to the physician?" Hegar: "It's equally important to protect children from pain."

Garcia: "I'm still waiting for the substantial evidence you've been promising. I haven't seen it." Hegar blames staff.

Hegar: "Other than me bringing it to you and handing it to you myself..." Nice throwing your staff under the bus.

Zaffirini: "This is the identical bill to ?" Hegar: "Identical bill."

Zaffirini: "Is there anything in this bill that will make abortions less necessary?" Hegar: Whut? (Paraphrase.)

@Shakestweetz: Has anyone considered a t-shirt gun that shoots tampons wrapped in orange t-shirts? (Just kidding, NSA!)

Zaffirini: "You would not consider such amendments germane?" Hegar: "I would not."

Hegar: "This is not a funding bill, no ma'am."

Zaffirini: "Texas pays for the delivery of low income women. How does this bill NOT affect Texas funding?"

Hegar: "All the material I've read ... conception age is more accurate." HAHA NO.

Zaffirini: "Are you aware of any laws dictating prescription amounts or follow-up dates." Hegar: "I would think there is."

Zaffirini points out that Hegar's EXPERT WITNESSES said nothing about fetal pain. Despite having 15 hours to do so.

Hegar: "I firmly believe in what I have read." MAYBE SHARE THAT SHIT.

Zaffirini: "My amendment was to take out the word 'substantial'."

Zaffirini: "Do you believe that decreasing access ... will decrease the number of abortions?"

Hegar: "We add a thousand people a day per state. ... But this protects unborn children."

Zaffirini: "Do you know the cost to upgrade to ASC standard?" Hegar: "That cost roughly was 250K on average."

Zaffirini: "Could you explain to me how male locker rooms improve safety?" Hegar: "Absolutely."

Hegar: "You can't get that person down the hallway. Cleaning products have to be 'out of sight out of mind'."

Hegar: "In the member's lounge, we have separate men and women's bathrooms."

@FeministSonar: "i think that we, in the members lounge, we have separate women's & mens restrooms, and I think it should be the same for clinics."

Zaffirini compliments Hegar for staying the full 15 hours for testimony. But he didn't remember incest victim testimony.

Zaffirini: "If there are no findings of problems, why do we need this?" (Based on Hegar's hand-picked Expert Witness.)

Zaffirini: "Abortion clinics are surprised-inspected every years. ASCs, every 3-6 years."

Hegar: "Every 3 years are adequate. Yearly inspections are over-zealous."

Zaffirini: "Why weren't additional witnesses brought in? One for fetal pain, frex."

The fuck? Zaffirini showing pictures of "unborn child at 5 months." I love you, lady, but you're not helping.

Even if I concede it's a fully grown child, we do not require people to give blood or organs to support others.

NOT EVEN TEXAS strips bodily autonomy from convicts by making them donate blood or organs or bone marrow or skin.

Folks, we need to have a come to Jesus meeting about some of our allies when this is all over.

Things like "no one is pro-abortion" and "unborn child" and "woman and her god" are still problematic.

@suddenlyspeakin: @AnaMardoll Zaffirini actually identifies as pro-life, but she's still against because of clinic access and reducing need for abortion

I know, but NOT THE TIME. Not when we're being cast as murderers. @suddenlyspeakin

It's like Chronic Democrat Compromise; it won't make the pro-lifers like her more and it just hurts the cause at hand. @suddenlyspeakin

Well, this has been disappointing. I think it was HER BODY, HER CHOICE. #ValidityPrism @FeministSonar


Wendy is banging out the burden: sonogram, required follow-up, dates must be exact, etc.

Wendy: "So now we're talking about FOUR visits that a woman must make."

Hegar says she doesn't HAVE to come back. (She can always not have an abortion!)

Hegar: "There are other options out there." What? Hangars? Fuck this guy.

Hegar: "I do not believe that by Sept 1, 2014, they [clinics] all will close."

Wendy: "Are you aware that the 2004 post 16-week bill, it was a 2.5 year period of time before the first ASC was up?"

Wendy: "During that time, there wasn't a single reported post-16 week legal abortion in Texas. They had to go out of state."

Hegar: "I'm assuming a lot has changed in those 10 years."

Wendy: "ASCs that existed at the time [2004] wouldn't allow abortions to occur in them. Didn't want to deal."

Wendy: "It took EIGHT YEARS to get to five ASC abortion providers."

Wendy: "Let's play the worst-case scenario game." Hegar sneers, "You go ahead and PLAY that."

Wendy: "Are you concerned about the increase in cost and time to travel?" Hegar: "I believe raising the standard of care is important."

Hegar: "I'm concerned about the state of adoptions in Texas. I wanna work on that NOW."

(Hegar invokes PA to call clinics liars re: closing.) Wendy: "Pennsylvania is a MUCH. SMALLER. STATE."

Hegar: "I believe these clinics will come up to standard." Wendy: "On what do you base that belief." Hegar: "Other states."

Wendy: "Why does the woman need to take the dose of medication in presence of physician at ASC?"

Hegar: "Presence of physician: for the complications that can arise from the RU486 drug."

Wendy: "The bill requires the woman be administered the dose in front of hir. Not that she has to STAY THE ENTIRE TIME."

Wendy: "The woman takes a dose in from of phys, and leaves. The consequence is NOT GOING TO OCCUR while she's there."

Hegar: "She and the doctor have a stronger relationship [if taken in hir presence]." SWEAR TO GOD.

Wendy: "Or SHE, if the doctor is a woman..." YES.

Hegar: "She's going to be right there in the presence of her physician. The doctor can do an evaluation."

Wendy: "There is where legislating the practice of medicine becomes such a concern. It's absurd to say that taking the dose there..."

Wendy: "...will make the doctor somehow MORE AVAILABLE to her when she leaves."

@politicalpage: Hegar seems to think doctors can magically predict complications just by being in the room when someone takes a pill.

Wendy: "Women will now appear for LATER term abortions [because of these barriers]."

Hegar: "My concern is having the protocols followed." BECAUSE YOU WANT TO CONTROL PEOPLE, YES.

Hegar: "I'm not trying to move dates in this bill." Except for that whole "date by conception" bullshit.

Wendy: "That doesn't answer my question." Hegar: "I understand, but I don't have that study."

Hegar: "I'm not going to point to a specific piece of data. Just the data OVERALL."

Wendy points out that midwives can deliver at home without admitting privileges.

Hegar: "If you're concerned about regulating home deliveries, I'd be willing to help you." FACE. PALM.

Wendy: "Are you concerned that hospitals can basically decide that no abortions will be performed?"

Wendy: "Can you point to an incident where a woman was at risk because of lack of admitting privileges."

Hegar: "I'm not going to point to a specific incident, no. But I do BELIEVE it."

HEGAR SINCERELY BELIEVES! Get Rayford and Cam-Cam from Left Behind! #FredClark #LeftBehind

Wendy: "In Missouri, all 7 hospitals refused to grant admitting privileges." Hegar: "Were they secular or religious?"

Wendy reading requirements. Locker rooms, janitor closets, a backup generator, and a PHARMACY.

Hegar: "I'm not going to point to a physical case requiring a janitor closet. I do believe those higher standards..."

Wendy: "I'm asking about documented incidents?" Hegar: "I've heard you. Document, document, document. I've HEARD you."

Hegar just SCOLDED Wendy Davis. Hegar: "I've heard you. Document, document, document. I've heard you."

@TooTwistedTV: I personally have been working on this shit since the People's Filibuster in late June. I am TIRED. I am STABBY AND YELLY.

Me too. ME TOO. So fucking tired. @tootwistedtv

West: "Is the senate journal the official record of the senate?" (Where's he going with this?)

They're arguing. West POO'd, saying that the timestamps are wrong and they have to table the discussion to a later time.

They're arguing at the dais. No sound. @tootwistedtv

@MarkWigginsTX: West: Senate record shows body didn't recess until 1pm Thursday, rendering cmte meeting to approve against the rules

In the downtime while they discuss the POO, I request a "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha" pic to be captioned "Document, Document, Document."

Every senator on the floor is clustered around the dais. I think they're bringing in more people just to be crowded, lol.

West withdraws his point of order "at this time".

Taylor claims that the admitting privilege is a peer-review vetting process.

Taylor says Guttenmacher inst was formed by #PP in order to promote abortion. Says not a scientific establishment.

Taylor: "The numbers have been under-reported all along."

Shame we didn't get to hear that the Texas Medical Association was founded by Satan or something.

Rodriguez: "Normally we follow their [TMA's] advice."

Rodriguez: "Why are we trying to pass this when all the med. orgs indicate strong opposition?"

@jamiekilstein: You guys, getting a tampon thrown at you is ALMOST as bad as having your rights taken away. #Misandry #blessed

@DFHoward: WTF?! “@ProgressTX: Texas DPS may have violated ADA by taking medically necessary sustenance from people with diabetes. ”

Do you love how, if the clinics manage to come up to code, the Repubs can win and call them liars? Sigh.

And if the clinics can't come up to code and close, the Repubs will say "well, clearly they weren't safe and had to go."

The Ophthalmologist is speaking.

Ophthalmologist: "As a physician member of TMA, I would say orgs can't see the forest for the trees."

Ophthalmologist: "Our oath: First, do no harm." (Second: Have your bestie Nelson drag women out when they get uppity.)

Quick guide: Person is talking. Pro-choice or anti-choice? Are they a white man? IF yes, THEN anti-choice.

Miracle premie baby lived because Love. My god, these people think Star Wars Episode 3 is SCIENCE.

Hancock: "When a baby is touched by his mother, his VITALS improve." #SCIENCE #excelsior

Hancock: "In a state where you can have an abortion for ANY REASON AT ALL up to seven months."

By the way, for the record, Hancock had NO QUESTION. That as a Wednesday-night church testifying session.

It's another white man who isn't Watson or Whitmire, so ten dollars says this guy (Patrick) is anti-choice. YEP.

Patrick: "I wish a woman didn't have an abortion. But that's the law of the land. *pout*"

Patrick: "I value HER life as much as the life in the womb. Everyone for this bill values BOTH lives."

Patrick: "The first RU486 acts like chemotherapy." FUCK. YOU.

Sen. Patrick says that RU486 is chemotherapy. IT. IS. NOT.

Patrick says RU486 is "death by drugs" and physician must be sure "that baby has been flushed out of her system".

Patrick says non-supporters of the bill "are not concerned about the life of the woman" because RU486 is 700% more likely to kill you.

I had a surgery last year. When I was in pain for nights after, I couldn't reach my surgeon at midnight. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT.

I invite Sen. Patrick to choose between taking an RU486 pill versus a full round of chemo. Just for FACTS.

Remember when sonograms weren't germane? Deuell talking about 1890s germ theory for 10 minutes IS.

Deuell: "AMA opposed Medicaid and Medicare in 1985." JUST AS I DO NOW.

Deuell: "Medical literature is mixed...conflicting evidence." SO JUST TOSS IT. NO WORRIES!

Deuell on the floor LITERALLY saying date systems are identical because fertilization is ALWAYS 2 weeks from period.

Deuell: "We've had a lot of publicity that isn't even about what this bill is about."

Deuell: "If those doctors will make a case for changes AFTER the bill becomes law, we can entertain that."

Deuell: "They certainly don't need to close given the amount of money they're taking in."

Deuell: "If they [Orange shirts] can direct that passion, they can ensure the clinics don't close."


Silly girl, he means with money and construction workers. SUBMIT QUIETLY TO THE LAWS OF YOUR WHITE MALE OVERLORDS. @kingdomofwench

Deuell: (speaking of Wendy Davis) "My mother was a single mom, too." SO THERE.

BTW, Deuell has not asked a question.

Proceeding to the amendments. A reminder: If you're not following my Twitter Jail account, it is @MardollAna

I want Van De Putte to motion that the white male anti-choicers can only yammer on in the presence of a abortion physician.

@convergecollide: @AnaMardoll one that has admitting privileges at a hospital in Austin.

No, scratch that. It makes the abortion clinics able to enter into transfer agreements if they are licensed.

West: "You have said you want licensed abortion clinics to be on par with ASC. They have the right to enter transfer agreements."

Urestes #2. Allow for exemption from 20-week ban for victims of rape or incest.

By the way, I'm not going to report Passed/Tabled because we ALL KNOW they will be tabled. #Laubenberg

Urestes: "Don't kid yourself into thinking rape is a rare occurrence. 1 out of 5 Texas women." YES.

Urestes: "Only 19% of rapes are committed by strangers... helps explain under-reporting of rape."

Urestes: "Age group with the highest number of rape victim was 10-12 years old."

@anerdyfeminist: @AnaMardoll thought he said 10-14

Thank you, he did. 10-14, people. #correction TYPING SO FAST. @anerdyfeminist

Urestes: "A vote against my amendment isn't just a vote against victims. It's a vote against CHILD victims." #DropTheMic

Urestes: "R.victims 3x more likely for depression, 6x more likely for PTSD, 4x more likely to suicide."

Urestes: "They say 'they have 5 months to decide'. But stats show they don't tell for at least a YEAR."

Urestes: "The LEAST we can do is give that victim 4 more weeks. One measly month to DECIDE. Doesn't mean they will."

Urestes: "Give them the necessary time to make one of the most difficult decisions of their life."

Urestes: "The U.S. House DID pass an exception for victims of rape and/or incest."

Urestes: "There's NO [appropriate] discussion of 'personal responsibility' for a woman's rape."

Urestes talks really damn fast and says good things. Deuell talks slow and says bullshit. Sigh.

Urestes: "This amendment will not impact the bill. But it will have an impact for child victims of rape and incest."

Urestes: "Have the courage to STAND UP for those VICTIMS. We will be scored by those VICTIMS."

Whitmire: "I think we need to slow down. Respectfully, the members need to not make a political vote."

Whitmire shares that senators have said they will vote for NO amendments.

Whitmire: "How would a 14-year old rape victim know she is pregnant?"


"They're living in the home of their rapist. She's never had a menstrual cycle. She doesn't undrstnd the concept of pregnancy."

Whitmire: "We gotta get away from [pro-lifers] saying they're gonna score you for voting on a bill."

Whitmire: "Not speculation. DOCUMENTED. 10, 12, 14 year old girls. This is not ELECTIVE. This is a cry out for help."

Garcia: "They're not aware. They haven't been told. Their parents think it's just weight gain."

@beardedstoner: Illinois now, too? It's a coordinated, whole scale GOP assault on reproductive health.

If they ban it all at once, we can't drive to other states. @beardedstoner

I initially typed that a threatening letter was sent from a "pro-choice groups", which was a typo. That tweet was deleted for clarity, and this one was sent to replace it.

Urestes presents letter from pro-life group THREATENING senators for voting for ANY amendment to .

@junebugstreet: @AnaMardoll You meant antichoice group, yes?

Yes, sorry Good grief, me. ANTI-choice group threatening to score them. #type Typing too fast. @as_kell

Typo. Pro-life groups sending threatening letters. #correction @rcryland

Yes, I meant to type "pro-life" or "anti-choice". #facepalm @stuckinspincycl

@stuckinspincycl: @AnaMardoll It's been a loooooong day.

Seriously. And I've been doing this since Jun 25 filibuster. TIRED. @stuckinspincycl

@stuckinspincycl: @AnaMardoll The Ohio stuff was ONE DAY. Y'all in Texas have been dealing with this shit day after day after day after day!

I am so depressed that Sen. Urestes has to PROVE to the Repubs that rape victims are not all 20-something sluts.

Thank you, @leticiavdp for supporting choice in the awesomest of ways.

Thank you @CarlosUresti, for standing up for victims of rape and incest, and fighting for their choice.

Thank you @JoseforTexas, for standing up for Texas women's choice.

Thank you @Menendez4Texas, for standing for choice.

Lucio says "obvs I'm very compassionate to children. *sniff* Esp. when we abort 'em." Dude, shut the fuck up.

Thank you @DawnnaDukes, for standing up for choice.

Thank you @DonnaHowardTX, for standing up for choice.

Thank you @GeneforTexas, for standing up for choice.

Thank you @SenRoyceWest, for standing up for choice.

Thank you @WendyDavisTexas, for all that you've done to stand up for choice.

Thank you @KirkPWatson, for standing for women's choice.

Thank you @RodneyEllis, for standing for women's choice.

Hegar: "Rape is the most terrible crime you can do to anyone else." I CAN THINK OF ONE. #ForcedPregnancy

Urestes: "What do I tell these victims? That the sonogram bill was 'different'?!"

Hegar says no need for amendment because the "small child's" life will be endangered.

Except that your SHITTY BILL forces doctors to WAIT until it's rilly-rilly life-threatening. As opposed to maiming.

Shit, I've been typing Urestes. It's #Uresti. I'm sorry about that.

Sorry, Hegar is saying the victim can't carry preg without threat to life, so the life-exception covers. @niais @naraltx

C'mon Nelson, make me proud. Ah, she's arguing that the amendment would DELAY the bill. FUCK VICTIMS, AMIRIGHT.

Nelson: "MANY of us share Sen. Uresti's concerns." BUT NOT ENOUGH TO ACCEPT THE AMENDMENT.

Nelson: "Whatever punishment we issue should be enhanced. No opportunity for parole." But they do get free babies!

Nelson: "That amendment COULD put this bill is jeopardy." GEE, MAYBE IT'S NOT READY YET THEN.

FUCK YES, WHITMIRE. "We're NOT here to talk about the rapist. We're talking about the VICTIM." FUCK YES.

Whitmire: "The ONLY come-back is that this will jeopardize the bill? Do we NOT HAVE TWO MORE WEEKS?!?!?!"

Whitmire: "People are saying 'good concept, support it in the future.' Sen. Hegar DO WE NOT HAVE TWO MORE WEEKS?!?!"

Whitmire: "What is more valuable than the lives of every Texan that this involves? We're talking about 12 year old CHILDREN."

Whitmire: "The ONLY excuse is that it might jeopardize this bill when we have TWO WEEKS left."

Whitmire: "I will wait all night long for a good reason why we can't do this."

Whitmire: "I WATCHED the House consider this amendment. It voted along PARTY LINES. Let's leave politics outside."

Whitmire: "Quit paying attention that someone's going to GRADE YOU."

Whitmire: "God is my witness, this amendment is NOT to muck up this legislation."

Hegar is kind of fucking creepy being all calm about child rape. Just sayin'.

Whitmire: "I believe in all due respect it was a strategy." OF COURSE IT WAS.

Nelson and Hegar were trying to push the amendment because it could push back to the house.

The amendment for rape/incest only applies to minors, btw. Out of luck, rape victims over 17-yo!

God bless the Twitter block function, by the way.

Twitter jail, ya'll. @MardollAna

Patrick wants to know why Whitmire isn't passionate about "those babies who are being aborted."

You mean the ones that Hegar says the rape victim WILL NOT be able to carry safely and therefore will get free abortions?

Huh. It must suck for Sen. Patrick that even Sen. Hegar thinks he's a grody extremist.

The Ophthalmologist is going to explain medicine for us.

The Ophthalmologist says "very few abortionists" can operate on a child. MAYBE SHOULDN'T BAN THEM FROM TEXAS.

The Ophthalmologist says "it's not just a month" for children. Kids live on Narnia time.

Ophthalmologist says a vote against the amendment is a vote FOR the rape victims because the amendment doesn't keep the child safe. (?!)

I think Donna Campbell just said she wants child rape victims to carry forced pregnancies? I'm seriously confused.

@GrossDomestic_: .@scATX Protect me from this woman!!!


Hegar asks to table the amendment granting exception to minor victims of rape. OF COURSE HE DOES.

They're going to talk about the Cleveland Ohio guy again. The Republicans hate that guy being rubbed in their faces.

@amaditalks: It's a sickness to say you're "helping" a rape victim by denying them an abortion they want, because a fetus is more important to you.

@amaditalks: And if your "reason" for denying that abortion is that it might not be safe, when childbirth is NEVER safer? You're just a plain liar. Liar.

@Lyngay: YES SHE IS. #rage “@mel_atx: Is the ophthalmologist arguing that an abortion is some how MORE dangerous for a child than labor & delivery??”

Uresti: "Sorry, you can't have an abortion because you missed the 20 week mark."

Uresti: "Women are being raped every 2 minutes in this country. Some of them are prisoners."

I just want to cry right now. I really do. #ChildVictims

Uresti: "Today is July 12th. We have time, members."

They've tabled it. They tabled the amendment granting 20-week exception to minor victims of rape. LITERAL SOBS.

The woman calling off the names sounded so sad. I am so sorry, Vote-Taking Woman.

@oh_steph: This amendment has actually broken me. I am so heartsick for rape survivors. Actual humans who are walking the earth.

I am broken. I have nothing left. I knew they would table it. But how could they, after Uresti and Whitmire spoke? How.

@JennStudebaker: Rape victims lose. Blue shirts clap. 18-12.

@studentactivism: .@DonnaCampbellTX just claimed abortion is more dangerous to a child than giving birth. As the father of a ten-year-old girl, fuck you.

@JackieStrength: @DonnaCampbellTX stop pretending u care about rape & incest survivors. #txnottheocracy

Garcia sounds like she's on the verge of tears. Can you imagine what it would be like to be a woman on this floor?

@hannahroebeck: People in blue shirts are CHEERING because the lege tabled an amendment to help survivors of rape and incest. This is sick.

@studentactivism: The idea that it's pro-child to force juvenile rape victims to carry pregnancies to term makes me shudder with rage.

The story today will be #tampons and #tampongate. It shouldn't be. It should be #ChildVictims.

Hegar said no exception for children because they'll ALWAYS fall under the life-threatening exception.

Campbell said it's MORE dangerous for a child to carry to term than to have an abortion.

Nelson said it was a nice idea but that they couldn't afford to take a day to accept it through the house.

Amendment 5 is about the abortion drugs. I have to take a walk for a second, folks. Hegar, Nelson, and Campbell have gutted me.

Lucio asks if Zaffirini wants to SUBSIDIZE PRIVATE BUSINESS. *horreur* #TexasLovesBusiness

@Shakestweetz: Hostility to agency. Hostility to consent. Assuming control of other people's bodies. Explicit advocacy of abuse. THIS IS RAPE CULTURE.

@amaditalks: #prolife is proven a lie when it's cheering 9 year olds being forced to give birth to their rapists' children. You people are broken.

@AWildKate: Seriously you voted AGAINST an amendment to help child rape victims. Playing #politics with people's lives. #ShameOnYou

@kristenmchugh22: @amaditalks I used to work for a Medicaid hmo. You don't want to know how many kids under 12 were in our maternity program.

@Shakestweetz: If GOP Texas legislators are horrified to be compared even obliquely to sexual predators, they should be. I am horrified to have to make it.

& they've shown themselves willing to support a predator's right to force a pregnancy on a woman or child. @Shakestweetz

@CarlosUresti: About to lay out my amendment to prevent women in rural areas from losing their means of obtaining preventative heath care services.

Thank you for your rape / incest amendment. I sobbed so hard when they tabled it. Thank you for trying. @CarlosUresti

Gallows humor! So who was more fun to watch dispassionately table amendments that would save lives? Hegar or Laubenberg?

@dwalton1: Amendment 9 (Davis): on frequency of inspections. Abortion facilities have 'em yearly. ASCs have ANNOUNCED inspections, every 3-6 yrs.

Wendy: "How can you defend a vote that says 'we don't need to inspect' ASCs every year."

Wendy: "How can we reject an amendment knowing that these are only getting inspected every 6 years."

I love that Wendy basically just calls them all assholes. That's so hard for a woman, but it's so true.

@BearablyLegal: Hegar just argued that to raise the standards, we can lower inspection standards. No, really. #StandWithTXWomen

@melissapierce: I became pregnant after being raped as a child. I also had an abortion as a grown-up to save my own life. I am the amendment tabled.

I am seriously close to being triggered by the blue mentions in my follows. UGH.

Uresti: "If our own dept is putting out misinformation about women's health," I think we should fix that because standards.

Uresti: "CPCs are not subject to ANY licensing requirements or inspections. Many misinform women."

Uresti: "We can all agree that women should NEVER be misled about abortion, birth control, STDs."

Uresti: "This amendment requires info given by CPC to be scientifically accurate."

Uresti: "Texans have a right to truth and accuracy in advertising."

@mlridsdale: "our body our choice!"

@Robinsthol: CPCs have received $26 MILLION from the state, but can't fund clinic upgrades?! #shame

Hegar has concerns about justifying "font size". But NO CONCERNS about forcing prescription amounts.

Hegar calls CPC amendment "over-broad". LOL OMG IRONY FOREVER HAHAHAHAHA LOLSOB

Uresti: "The CPCs are being funded by tax-payer dollars. Money taken AWAY from the family planning centers."

Hegar says amendment isn't germane. Van de Putte says the bill is never passed on its own.

Van de Putte: "Come back next session and let's DO THE WORK to make abortions unnecessary."

.@leticiavdp looks how I feel. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this, lady. Thank you for fighting the good fight.

Wanna know why teenagers have repeat pregnancies? They can't get their hands on BC.

Teen moms are being supported by their boyfriend/husband. They aren't empowered to say no when condoms aren't available.

When your financial security depends on a man, it's hard to turn him down when he wants unprotected sex.

There's all this BS about "keep your legs closed" and no talk about empowering women to turn down sex.

@amaditalks: The clinics closed! RT @AnaMardoll: Wanna know why teenagers have repeat pregnancies? They can't get their hands on BC.

@trishrobinson: @amaditalks @as_kell @AnaMardoll And no sex ed in schools. All they're taught is abstinence.

Right. Which teaches that condoms spread STDs. @trishrobinson @amaditalks @as_kell

@trishrobinson: @AnaMardoll @amaditalks @as_kell That's what my son was taught in high school. As well as girls who have sex can't go to college.

They do a hymen check in Freshmen 101. #TruFax @trishrobinson @amaditalks @as_kell

You can just tell Dewhurst thinks it's unfair they can't table the amendments all at once.

@scATX: FROM GALLERY: "Ppl for choice in the halls: I hear you--keep yelling!!!! It's keeping us from falling apart here in the gallery!"

We can hear you over the feed! @scATX

@amaditalks: I actually have an anti in my mentions questioning a survivor about if she was really sexually abused at a young age. That's happening.

None of them ever seem to believe my IVF experiences. Not that that's comparable, but a pattern of disbelieving women. @amaditalks

@amaditalks: RT @TFN: Yep, you just heard that preventing teen pregnancies is not germane to reducing abortions. That happened.

@RJA_BoilerMaker: And just a reminder, Rick Perry turned down 4.4 million dollars in federal funds for Sexual Education in texas.

.@KirkPWatson is speaking. :)

@feministtexican: Amendment 14 by Watson: Common sense way to reduce abortion is to reduce unplanned pregnancy. TX has one of highest rates.

Watson: "Voting against this amendment shows an opposition to educating our children to prevent pregnancies."

We're on Amendment 14 of 20 (?). Not near a vote.

The bill doesn't mandate actual sex ed. It just TELLS THE PARENTS if the ed is abstinence or comprehensive.

Watson: "Parents cannot assume their children will receive comprehensive sex ed just because they're enrolled in sex ed."

The amendment just empowers parents for ways to teach comprehensive ed IF the child isn't getting that ed.

Which is important because most schools in Texas are Independent School Districts and can do what they please.

The amendment TELLS the parents if the school sex ed class is a fake abstinence-only one. @britni82 @feministtexican

If you weren't aware, there's a lot of LYING TO PEOPLE going on in this state. @britni82 @feministtexican

@DonnaHowardTX: .@KirkPWatson: goal to reduce abortions; so preventing unplanned pregnancies is germane & will enhance health of teen girls.

Amendment 15 asks that sex ed in schools be "evidence based".

Twitter jail again. @AnaMardoll

If it seems weird that the Repubs don't care about sex ed or incest victims, keep in mind this is about making a serf class.

@amaditalks: Okay stop #FamousTamponQuotes. It's diluting the true injustice that is happening in Texas, tampons aren't the story & you're NOT helping.

The story tonight shouldn't be, CANNOT BE, #FamousTamponQuotes. It should be injustice. #ChildVictims. CPC funding.

Folks, please stop on the #FamousTamponQuotes. I get why it's fun, but it's a distraction from something truly tragic.

@Scrutiniz: @AnaMardoll Agree. This is not fun. This is very very sad. Freedoms are being ripped away from us by a lying, deceitful asses

@scATX: They can hear you in the gallery. They can hear you on the live feed. WE ARE NOT GOING QUIETLY.

@scATX: This is what you are hearing on the livefeed!!!! That sound is TEXAS!

If it seems weird that the Repubs don't care about sex ed or incest victims, keep in mind this is about making a serf class.

This is a reminder that I've been with this since 2:30 and have been ill. If you've enjoyed my tweets, I do have a tip jar. #IndieJournalist

@feministtexican: Amendment 16 by Zaffirini: This is a prolife amendment that would strike every provision of the bill except 20 wk limit.

Zaffirini: "This is a pro-life amendment that makes this a pro-life bill." "It is strictly a pro-life amendment."

Amendment 17. Balance remaining unused; amendment would require that funding goes back to family planning services.

@feministtexican: Davis: 56 clinics have closed who don't do abortion services. Clinics were providing ability to prev unplanned preg .

Davis: "The safety net for women was COMPLETELY shredded."

Davis: "Every person here agrees we want to decrease the demand for abortion." (I don't share her faith.)

Keep in mind: The families most affected by this bill are the people the GOP are afraid of being "outnumbered" by.

The point of increasing family size and reducing health care and food is to create a serf class who MUST work constantly.

This isn't about babies for infertile white women. This is about making poor women more vulnerable to corporations.

@CAwkward: @AnaMardoll I feel like anti-choicers are all picturing a blonde college student with perfect SAT scores deleting the baby they would adopt.

I'm sure many of the citizens do! But the legislators know better and are aiding their corporate overlords. @CAwkward

That's why removing access in rural areas: serf class. If they cared about being "outnumbered", they'd grant rural exception.

And that's why STATE MONEY goes to CPC in order to misinform women about family planning: serf class.

@evil_fizz: @AnaMardoll @CAwkward previous @TexasObserver coverage of impact of budget cuts on rural family planning clinics

@cmclymer: Ha! Dewhurst: "Oh, we didn't spend that much on women's health, last year? I stand corrected." #CluelessGOP

Amendment 19. Ellis. Health insurance. Child poverty. I'm sure they'll say it's not germane.

Ellis: "Hegar, this won't impact your bill because we KNOW it'll get tied up in the courts."

Ellis: "This bill is going NOWHERE anytime soon, even after the governor gets it." I love you, @RodneyEllis.

Ellis: "I can't understand why you appreciate me when you won't vote for me. This kind of love I can do without."

Ellis: "If you really care about healthcare and access to care, HOW COULD YOU TURN DOWN THAT MUCH FEDERAL MONEY?"

Ellis: "Almost a third of our budget is ALREADY federal money."

Ellis: "The ONLY time we turn down federal money is to give poor women and children access to healthcare."

Ellis: "Thanks for the help members." I'm sure it was sarcasm. But it was funny.

Last amendment, I think. 20. Davis. Bill passed by house and senate, but Perry vetoed it.

#20 provides women equal pay for equal work. Germane because, you know, BABIES COST MONEY.

Hegar thinks equal pay is not germane to abortions. Women list financial reasons as the MAIN REASON to abort.

Just a reminder that Rick Perry vetoed the equal pay act that Davis just tried to pass. HE WILL BE MISSED.

Tabled A20. That was the last amendment. They're taking a quick break because why not. UGH.


My hips are screaming at me. I'm NOT supposed to sit at my computer for 12 hours like this. @jennielf

Dewhurst: "The business of gov must keep moving forward, regardless of...some demonstration."

Women are screaming. Dewhurst saying "Please remove them. I want them removed. The people that are doing this."

Watson asks that the gallery remains quiet and respectful. "Don't demonstrate in a way that causes damage."

Watson: "They WILL clear this chamber."

@cmclymer: Sen. Kirk Watson has to say that. Otherwise, he loses footing in chamber.

I think he also doesn't want people arrested. Because I'm pretty sure they are prepared to do that. @cmclymer

Nelson is speaking to support bill. Nelson is the one who said that a child rape exception would take too much time.

@OHTheMaryD: Only the most vile, disgusting, pathetic excuse 4 a human being wld FORCE #rape & #incest victims to carry their pregnancy to term.

@RVAREGal: @OHTheMaryD And Texas is a state where rapists have visitation rights. Disgusting. @MissusPowell

@OHTheMaryD: Horrifying. RT@RVAREGal: @OHTheMaryD And Texas is a state where rapists have visitation rights. Disgusting. @MissusPowell

Nelson says the committee had "expert opinions on fetal pain". THEY DIDN'T.

Nelson also claims to be an expert herself because she was pregnant.

Nelson was the one who unconstitutionally had @VictorianPrude thrown out for saying Campbell is an ophthalmologist.


I am not #My_Age plus #NineMonths.

Nelson decides that "fathers need to step up". LEGISLATION TO FOLLOW, I'M SURE. #YeahRight

Nelson: "We've got to make sure abortion is not used as birth control." #YouKeepSayingThatWord

@amaditalks: As much as that woman. RT @christinesalek: .@jenrobinegan @amaditalks I was a fetus once, does that make me an expert on fetal pain too?

No joke, I thought that was what she meant at first. @amaditalks @christinesalek @jenrobinegan

@activistmode: The #txlege is closed, DPS has sealed all the doors to the Capitol.

@heatherr_parker: Dear @SenJaneNelson. what you believe is irrelevant. Science tells us a 20 weeks fetus DOES NOT FEEL PAIN.

Nelson pissing me off about all the "pain on both sides".

Nelson: "There was also pain from those unborn children, though they didn't have a voice." NELSON HEARS ABORTED FETI.

@DrJaneChi: Save the pre-conceived babies! FUCK LIKE MAD!



@dwalton1: Y'know what, Sen Nelson? I don't give a damn if you believe in fetal pain at 20 weeks UNLESS SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE SUPPORTS THAT BELIEF.

@beardedstoner: REPEAT: @scatx is in jail, follow @JessicaLuther.

TWITTER JAIL FISTBUMP. @beardedstoner @scATX @JessicaLuther

Nelson: "There was pain from those who'd had abortions forced on them." SO MAYBE GIVE US A CHOICE.



@niais: @MardollAna I think that probably that's a mental health issue she could get help for, if she lived ANYWHERE EXCEPT FOR TEXAS


@amaditalks: Petri dish of 100 fertilized human eggs. 1 hour old infant. I can drop either off a 10 story building. You can save one. Pick #prolife, pick

@jerrigirl: Nelson says life is precious. Funny how an hour ago she voted against 12 year old rape victims because it would take too long.

@kingdomofwench: .@SenJaneNelson Are you telling us that you're psychic? That you're an empath? If not, how are you "sensing pain" from fetuses?

She is fucking Counselor Deanna Troi. #StarTrek @kingdomofwench @SenJaneNelson

Watson: "That's what this bill is about. The claims that this is about women's safety are bogus and hypocritical."

Watson: "The true agenda of the bill's authors is limiting abortion access. And it is SPELLED. OUT. EVERYWHERE."

@vintagegoddess: The men on the #txlege who keep asking how you can not know you are pregnant by 20 weeks are killing me. They know nothing about women.

It has been 60 days since my last period. Women ARE. NOT. CLOCKS. @vintagegoddess @suddenlyspeakin

Not sure how comfortable I am with Watson talking about compromise on the bill in a perfect world.

"Not one of us on this floor likes abortion. All of us want to prevent it." NO. Bad @KirkPWatson

I am pro-abortion! I am pro-chemotherapy! I am pro-back surgery! I am pro-healthcare! @KirkPWatson

@VictorianPrude: Sen Kirk Watson, stop stigmatizing abortion. Show some courage, LEAD THE DEMS OUT OF THE CHAMBER. SAVE WOMEN'S LIVES.

I want abortions to happen because I recognize that women will ALWAYS NEED THEM. @KirkPWatson

I love abortions! If there were an abortion mascot, I would buy a cuddly abortion bear! @KirkPWatson

Because abortions save lives. They give freedom. They save victims of child rape. They are a positive force. @KirkPWatson

@kingdomofwench: Hi my name is Wench, and I think safe abortions are pretty fucking neato. @KirkPWatson

@Shakestweetz: Amazing that the GOP will still sing the prosperity gospel of people earning what they deserve after seeing all this free activist labor.

Heck, they'll call us stupid for not charging an entrance fee for our tweets. CAPITALISM! @Shakestweetz

Dems, PLEASE stop stigmatizing abortion. This is NOT something to reach across the aisle on.


@dwalton1: Watson: I don't understand why you would build these laws and regulations around pregnancy, but you won't acknowledge life of the women.#HB2

LOL, whut. Dewhurst scolds them: "Members, the comments should stay on the bill."

White guy talking! What do you wanna bet he's anti-choice?

YES! The white guy is an anti-choicer. I CALLED IT. *lolsob*

Nelson may be the Fetus Whisperer, but I am the White Senate Guy Whisperer.

@Robinsthol: @MardollAna It's a great skill on par with psychically predicting Laubenberg & Hegar. Hmm...I sense you're going to...table?

LOL! The coin is always heads! Laubenberg always tables! @Robinsthol

If I NEVER AGAIN hear a white guy talking about how owning a baby made them anti-choice, I will DIE HAPPY.

Somebody find me a cuddly pink abortion bear with an embroidered uterus? Kthxinternet.

@Shakestweetz: @MardollAna There are probably fully one million of those on Etsy.

No results for "abortion bear". @Shakestweetz

@Shakestweetz: @MardollAna Dammit. There are many plushy uteri though, if it's any consolation.

*ponders starting new Abortion Bear business* @Shakestweetz

@Shakestweetz: @MardollAna Let's do it! "Build Your Own Abortion Bear."


@LadyDreamgirl: I join @AnaMardoll / @MardollAna in saying I am #proabortion because I am #prohealthcare

Remember how good we felt the night we cheered for Wendy? I feel exactly the opposite right now. Sad feels.

Remember a time when I didn't watch Senate feeds all day long and wear orange every day? Sigh.

@scATX: Someone give me update on Senate, please

Follow me, lady! Schwertner is arguing for the bill. @scATX

@VPCavataio: @MardollAna @scATX He wants to "reduce" abortions at his own accord, yet could not support sex education or Planned Parenthood... Wut?

It's very simple: when you outlaw abortions, they stop happening. *lolsob* @VPCavataio @scATX

@VPCavataio: @MardollAna @scATX Zaffirini is a pro-lifer I can agree with.

Not me. She'd still like to implement a 20-week ban. Women die. @VPCavataio @scATX

She seems super nice as a person, but a policy like that WILL kill women. @VPCavataio @scATX

@VPCavataio: @MardollAna @scATX Ok I missed that whole 20 week part. I'm distracted with 50 other sources I'm reading. My love affair with her has ended.

I had the same reaction when I found out. Sigh. @VPCavataio @scATX

Ew, Patrick is talking. Going to go get some water because he triggers my shit.

Patrick: "I would suggest babies are thinking the same thing." WHAT DID I MISS?

Patrick: "Imagine the woman says to the baby, 'This isn't convenient right now. Would you mind DYING.'"

@Auragasmic: Wow “@MardollAna: Patrick: "Imagine the woman says to the baby, 'This isn't convenient right now. Would you mind DYING.'"”


Patrick: "I don't get mad with those folks. [woman being thrown out] I pray for them."

Patrick: "The majority of people do not support late-term abortion." LIES.

Patrick: "If they don't want to invest the money, let them get out of the abortion business."

Patrick: "All this talk that leaves out the most important person in the process -- it's the baby." FUCK. YOU.

Patrick: "When we destroy a baby, we destroy the IMAGE. OF. GOD."

Patrick: "How would god vote tonight if he were here."

Patrick: "Let's be honest! Are we a judeo-christian nation or not?!"


@kingdomofwench: Senator Patrick, is executing inmates "destroying the image of God"?

Not when they're women like the 500th execution victim. @kingdomofwench

@potsherds: Sen. Patrick, you jackass, I am not a Christian. Move to the Vatican if you want to live in an Xtian theocracy.

No, I hear the pretend to care about child rape victims there. No good for the TX lege. . @potsherds

@beardedstoner: Dan Patrick seems like he's gearing up to call for a ritual virgin sacrifice.

Whitmire is pissed on the Christian smack-down.

Whitmire: "I don't need it ingrained in my Senate chamber to continue my belief. I think you CROSSED. THE. LINE."

Hey, remember when Dewhurst told them to stay on topic? We left that ON AN EXPRESS TRAIN.

Remember when Wiccans and atheists were able to speak about their beliefs on the Senate floor? Oh wait.

TESTING RELIGIOUS DIVERSITY: "When you kill a woman, you kill a piece of the Divine Goddess."

TESTING RELIGIOUS DIVERSITY: "God probably wouldn't vote here tonight because I highly doubt he even exists."

"That's just repulsive that someone over economics would choose an abortion." (Whitmire quoting an asshole senator.)

@niais: Are they all going to speak? I'm bored. If you're going to fuck us (And you are going to fuck us)? JUST BE DONE WITH IT.

This is how I am feeling. Wrap it up so we can go to bed. Sigh. @niais @ethicslaw

@DrJaneChi: Please quit adding bio essentialism to my tweets, y'all. It's not cool. There's a good reason I didn't say "for women."

My god, I am so tired and drained.

@TheVaginaZine: Still shaking from Dan Patrick's fire-and-brimstone sermon. Disgusted. Insulted. Don't tell me about God's love when you're so full of hate.

Whitmire testifying about helping an impoverished woman to New York when abortion was illegal in Texas.

@jenn_horvath: My heart is going out to the women of Texas tonight. The lies and hatred of the have been nothing short of horrific.

I have now heard... about 40 hours this week of people questioning my right to bodily autonomy.

40 hours of hearing people call me a murderer for supporting a woman's right to live. To choose to live.

Whitmire talking about infertile patient and surrogate mother. Infertile woman would lose her life if she were pregnant.

As beautiful as Whitmire's testimony is, we still have white men telling women's stories on the senate floor.

@VPCavataio: @MardollAna I agree, but allies are necessary. (Spoken from an ally's perspective).

Not disagreeing. A statement on the bullshit nature of this process. @VPCavataio

Whitmire points out that the woman in the story would probably be triggered LISTENING TO ALL THIS.

At this point, @karahudson jumped into my mentions to accuse me of unfairly criticizing Whitmire before escalating to calling me a misandrist and saying that my above tweets were "just as bad" as anti-choice legislation. These tweets have been deleted and @karahudson's profile has been made private.
Christ, I'm a misandrist now for pointing out the issues with men telling women's stories. Maude save me.

I am pointing out that as moving as Whitmire's story is we STILL HAVE A SYSTEM where women's stories aren't told.

If you cannot hear systemic problems without ASSUMING I'm criticizing male allies, get out of my mentions because I don't do Feminism 101.

9 hours reporting on this live feed and I'm told I'm criticizing Whitmire when I'm criticizing the process. Christ on a stick.

@voter1vote: @MardollAna I do understand you. We need more women leading legislation for women & men to follow!

Right. But also a system where voter's voices matter more than once every 4 years. @voter1vote

I shouldn't need to be a senator for $7200 a year in order to have my voice matter in this process. @voter1vote

@drdonnaATX: I know they are going to take away our rights tonight. My heart aches for my sisters in El Paso, Brownsville, Midland.

@TexasTribune: Rep. Senfronia Thompson: "I haven't seen this much activity at the Capitol since we tried to ratify the ERA." 1973.

Well, that makes me feel better because we got the ERA passed right aw--OH. @TexasTribune @drdonnaATX

Donna Campbell, #Ophthalmologist, is speaking. "TMA only speaks for a fraction [of doctors]."

@potsherds: I cannot properly express how much I dislike Campbell. I remember the look on her face when she shut down Davis last time: hatred.

@kingdomofwench: If someone wants or needs an abortion, I WANT THEM TO GET AN ABORTION.

@dansolomon: Exactly. RT @hrn212: @dansolomon I don't like how 'we all don't want women to get abortion' is being used as a 'common ground' either.

Rodriguez is really rattling off the awful that is this bill. And he didn't even get it ALL. That's how BAD this bill is.

Lucio is up to speak. He's the cross-over Democrat who appropriated infertile women during the filibuster.

Lucio is inputting statements from a Cardinal and a Baptist something (missed it) into the record. Swell.

If there's one thing I like more than men taking my rights away, it's men with vows of chastity.

@red3blog: In my naive youth, I believed in safe/legal/rare. Thing is, I was a 14yo boy. I got over that. Safe and legal are all that matters.

If ONE MORE MAN uses "all men are endowed with ... life" line to take WOMEN's bodily autonomy, I will vomit.

Lucio is even EMPHASIZING the "MEN" language in the declaration. What the fuck, dude.


@dansolomon: Seriously, Lucio's religious bloviating doesn't do bad things for the lawsuit that'll follow this bill's passage.

My god, Lucio's religious tirade on the senate floor is bringing back LOTS of Christian Abuse feels.

@brazenqueer: Same. RT @MardollAna: My god Lucio's religious tirade on the senate floor is bringing back LOTS of Christian Abuse feels.


OMG, Lucio is talking about JESUS CHRIST DYING FOR US. #theocracy #germane

Lucio: "The greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion." THIS is why we don't demonize abortion. #theocracy

Lucio graciously decides not to read more Bible at us. But he WILL talk about Mother Teresa more. #theocracy #germane

@VeraGorman: @MardollAna I wonder if he knows about the recent unflattering recollections about MT that r out.

Lucio says the pro-choice movement is hypocrisy because Cambodia. DO YOU APPROPRIATE EVERYTHING, ANTI-CHOICERS?!?

Serious question: Is there a world tragedy that anti-choicers have NOT appropriated this week? #theocracy #germane

@TexasTribune: MT @viaAlana: @SenatorLucio, Dem for , asks, "What offenses have the unborn committed for which they should lose their lives?"

Lucio claims 20-weeks is an ARBITRARY LINE to draw. He wants to ban all abortions.

Lucio! If I concede that Mozart is in my womb, will YOU concede that you have no right to use my body without my will?

You know what? I have heard from people who wished they'd never been born. Stop saying the child WANTS to be born, Lucio.

Dewhurst told them to stay on topic. Lucio has been speaking for 4 days now, I think. SHUT. UP.

Just fuck us over so we can go home.

@bethanyswrld: Have been unable to access Twitter for the last the vote coming soon?

@KrissyMonchichi: @bethanyswrld Not if Sen Lucio doesn't STFU. I think he might start speaking in tongues soon.

OMG, It's funny because it's true. @KrissyMonchichi @ethicslaw @bethanyswrld

@anthroprose: @MardollAna @KrissyMonchichi @ethicslaw @bethanyswrld That or break out a box of snakes to prove his rightuous authority.

Apparently Lucio is filibustering his OWN bill. Stealth ally?!

Dewhurst won't shut down Lucio's filibuster because Mother Teresa is clearly #germane.


Lucio: "This is not a war on women. This is a war on children."

Lucio: "The capacity for compromise has disappeared from politics. Only extremists." YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT JESUS IN GOVM.

Lucio: "They rely on Twitter uses for accurate information." Fuck you buddy.

Lucio: "This has causes Texans to be disillusioned with politics." YOU THINK.

Day 12 into the Lucio stealth filibuster.

I wonder if we'll get a full spread on the shoes Lucio is wearing for his filibuster.

Is Lucio arguing that the ability to Google for local abortion clinics is a #PP conspiracy??

You guys, we've been so pissed at Lucio for crossing over, but he's filibustering the bill right under Dewhurst's nose!

Lucio: "Roe vs. Wade has LITERALLY ELIMINATED what would have been our next generation." Welp.

Ah, shit, Lucio sat down. Wendy went longer.

SEE? Wendy talks about women needing to share their stories on the senate floor. THANK YOU.

Folks, we need to talk about the fact that Lucio gave a RELIGIOUS SERMON on the Senate floor. This is not cool.

@txnewsprincess: Man. I feel sorry for the people who have to stare at a ballot and choose between a Tea Party nutcase and Lucio.

@MattsThumb: @txnewsprincess @MardollAna He usually runs unopposed in primary and general election. Hope that changes now.

When Wendy read women's stories on the floor, she read THEIR WORDS. Not through her #ValidityPrism.

Wendy Davis: "The fight for the women of Texas is just beginning."

White guy is speaking! About his wife being born to an "unwed mother"! I'm sure this will be GREAT.

@Robinsthol: @MardollAna It turns out his wife is as gifted as Sen. Nelson, but she can psychically determine names instead of hearing fetuses

Oh holy shit, he's talking about missionaries to China for the "one-child policy". CHRISTIAN ABUSE TRIGGERS ALL OVER AGAIN.

If you didn't grow up in a fundie household, you prolly can't appreciate how much some people get off on the China "one-child policy" thing.

@andreagrimes: Hey it's White Guy With A Story About Someone Else's Fucking Body Storytime Part Sixty Fucking Thousand

Hegar: "Hardest piece of legislation I have ever had to work on." BECAUSE I TOTES WROTE IT AND NOT ALEC.

@andreagrimes: Hegar calls "the hardest piece of legislation that I have ever worked on." He was elected WAY BACK IN 2006

Hegar wishes he'd brought a whole box of handkerchiefs. Maybe you should stop making women cry.

Hegar testifies that he hides crying at Disney movies from his children. Stellar.

Hegar 'needs a lot of Advil right now'. ONLY IN THE PRESENCE OF YOUR DOCTOR, BUDDY.

@CJPAustin: Hegar, sponsor of one of harshest anti-abortion bills in U.S., tells us how he tears up in Disney movies.

How much do I want Dewhurst to be all NO BILL, PSYCH!

Taking the vote now. @scATX

19 ayes, 11 nays. HB2 passes third reading.

Will this be over soon? I'm wrecked.

@cmclymer: Dewhurst: "We're going to pray before final vote." Well, of course, if God is in vaginas, why not bill votes. #standwithTXwomen

"I ask that god grant them peace that they have represented their constituents with honor." YOU'D BETTER NOT, GOD.

They're PRAYING. @scATX

@amaditalks: Does the Constitution mean ANYTHING?! RT @AnaMardoll: They're PRAYING. @scATX

No, but apparently the Declaration of Independence guarantees life for un-conceived babies. @amaditalks @scATX

I swear they're just trying to tire us out now. They're reading the bill caption.

Dewhurst: "Whether you're a Christian or, uh, a person of faith." Those are the only two options, right? #Country&Western

SPEECH FOR ABORTED FETUSES, as heard through Sen. Jane Nelson. @feministtexican

Dewhurst rules that "mob rule" will "not rule the state of Texas".

Whitmire has them ... applauding the State Troopers who have been harassing orange shirts all day??


@CJPAustin: Dewhurst: troopers have come in from across state so that mob rule won't run the state of Texas

@transformingfam: @AnaMardoll Annnd: I pray that you love each other as christ loved the church and as we love all those unborn babies. Seriously wtf.

Hegar is complimenting the prayer. They're just trolling us now.

Calling the roll on passage.


19 ayes. 11 nays. HB2 "is finally passed. Congrat, Sen."

Welp. Off to go sew my red robe and white wing hats, I guess.

"The first enumerated right to life, granted by God." Birdwell.


@scATX: The bittersweet of this moment. is a horrific bill and will hurt so many Texans. But this is beginning of a movement.

Folks, I'm going to go ease the pain with sleep. See you tomorrow.

5am mental health update! Why, yes, I HAVE been so triggered by my that I spent 5 hours shaking uncontrollably!

But it's okay because I know from Rep. Laubenberg that PTSD and depression aren't real. Just a case of the mopes!

I getting reports that DPS sexually assaulted one woman and tased and injured another protestor badly enough to warrant EMS.

This is what happens when Dewhurst employs mob rhetoric. This is why we don't unilaterally applaud DPS. Police brutality exists

I am amazed and humbled at how many women and allies are giving so much of themselves in this fight.

#SB1 Passed, Day 1. Long night of shakes, crying, and vomiting. But I must redouble my transcription efforts. I want this info OUT THERE.


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