Storify: 2013-07-09 Texas House Amendments

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.@scATX Do you have the YouTube link for today?

@Shakestweetz: If you're getting coverage from someone independently reporting, remember they only get paid if we pay them. *cough* @scATX @AnaMardoll

@dreaflynn: Davis asks good question about how drs will would terminate a preg but prioritize saving life of baby?

IIUC, that means using methods that are MORE likely to cause complications for the woman. @dreaflynn

I.e., induced delivery instead of D&C. @dreaflynn

@heatherr_parker: Performing an abortion in the way most likely to result in a live birth is MORE dangerous to a woman!

@AggieAnne04: @AnaMardoll I keep thinking that if abortions are restricted, they'll probably restrict us from going the ART route next.

Yes, they're already going after IVF with the personhood bills. @AggieAnne04

@libraryyeti: @AnaMardoll @AggieAnne04 Antichoice ppl often don't realize that's one of the results of "life begins at conception": NO IVF.

Right. Yet Senator "I fight for Never Conceived Children" Deuell should know that.

@AggieAnne04: @AnaMardoll If life begins when the embryologist adds my hubby's sperm to my eggs in a petri dish, then why the hell isn't insurance paying?


@HEATHERR_PARKER: HELL YES! Rep Senfronia brought out the coat hanger on the mic again!

Your regular reminder that rape victims don't immediately know who the father of a pregnancy is.

@becca_aa: Thompson: "What about all of those other persons that don’t get the nerves to tell somebody my daddy has raped me and I’m pregnant?” #HB2

OMG, they're showing "A Rape Kit" (envelopes) on the floor. YES.

@scATX: Now heard "cleaning a woman out" about 10 times in two minutes. Love these Democratic representatives. #HB2

@heatherr_parker: YES! Rep. Dawwna Duke actually brought a rape kit to the house floor - "Do you see anything here to clean a woman out?" #HB2 #swtw #txlege

@WholeLottaJulie: Senfronia Johnson and Dawnna Dukes schooling the #txlege on what a friggin RAPE KIT is. Beautiful. #HB2 #standwithTXwomen

@TXRightToLife: Rep. Thompson believes it takes longer than 5 months for a rape or incest case to surface. #hb2 #stand4life

Because Trying to Conceive women EXIST.

OMG. Thompson saying that women are men's "first teachers". It's only when we're adults that they see us as "senile".

@scATX: Senfronia Thompson: "Suddenly when [women] become adults we become senile to the point where we can't make decisions for ourselves." #HB2

Thompson talking graphically about unsafe abortion methods. I love her. I love her.

Thompson: "The federal law says 24 weeks."


Gotta love the optics of a white man yelling at a black lady about abortion. #FuckMyLife


@GertrudLatsch: Shorter question: "Would you describe it to me so that I can use grotesquerie in order to dehumanize rape victims?" #HB2 #swtw

@becca_aa: Thompson: There's lots of experts in this room, but none have gone to medical school. And they're all experts in women's reproduction #HB2

Is it me? Laubenberg doesn't seem to understand how the House rules work.

"Who feels the woman's pain? For LIFE?"

Cleveland, Ohio shout-out to kidnapped rape victims.

@scATX: "At 9 months, that baby will feel the pain of abortion." - Laubenberg saying random things #HB2

Remember when we went in to give birth and decided to abort at the last minute? OH WAIT THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN. @scATX

@politicalpage: Canales: What about the women found held hostage in Ohio if they'd been just past 20 weeks? #HB2 #TXlege #swtw

@becca_aa: Canales: What about those women that are held hostage and raped? "What do we do for their pain?" House should consider logical amends #HB2

"You understand there is a Federal law, right?" I think she doesn't, actually. STATES RIGHTS! (*dies*)

@erinjo26: "I'm not advised..." Trails off. REALLY, Laubenberg?

@SVSalon: Can't help but laugh at Laubenberg- she's stumped by the federal law 24 weeks. 'I'm not advised"

"We know what a child is going through." Um, no we DON'T.

"A five-month old"? Are we going to adjust all birthdays now? I'm my current age PLUS NINE MONTHS?

Sending out cookies to all my pro-choice male senators and representatives today. I cry happy tears watching you.

And my lovely fierce wonderful pro-choice lady senators and representatives: Thank you. THANK YOU.

@Asshattitude: Laubenberg: "My position is still the same." I don't know what the HELL I'm talking about, but I'm very, very certain of it. #HB2 #TXLege

@heatherr_parker: .@moodyforelpaso "What about 23 weeks, what about 22 weeks. Are you willing to have a serious discussion?" #Hb2 #txlege #swtw

Hey, remember when I had a back surgery? Let's describe that in detail and I'm sure it won't be dehumanizing at all.

Laubenberg appears to be saying that people feel pain AFTER cessation of life. Who knows.


Thompson "It took awhile to determine that you were pregnant." THIS. I'm on day 62 since my last period, lol.

@StephHerold: "Women have the right not to live as as a victim for the rest of their lives, by their families or by the state." Amen. #txlege #hb2

@seculartexas: Thompson: this is not an act of God. This is an act of a rapist! #txlege #hb2 #txnottheocracy #swtw

"Is there ANYONE willing to answer questions about the amendment?"

Say, maybe this demonstrates that special sessions SUCK.

"Ms. Laubenberg has refused to answer questions?" Answer: Yes.

Watching this is so rage-making because it's ridiculously obvious how this is being rail-roaded through.

Mississippi has stopped this law. Alabama has stopped this law. EAT IT NOTRE DAME LAWYER GUY FROM YESTERDAY.

The Oklahoma supreme court struck this down. THIS IS MORE RIGHT-WING THAN OKLAHOMA, YA'LL.

You would have to be Texan (prolly) to "get" how bad that is. OK is HARD-CORE on morality laws.

OKs come HERE for alcohol and tattoos. We have a whole INDUSTRY around catering to OKs and OK expats.

Representative points out that doctors will NOT be given admitting privileges, which WILL SHUT DOWN THE CLINICS.

Hospitals have said they will NOT grant admitting privileges, AT ALL, no matter what. That's a total ban on abortion.

"They can deny admitting privileges for ANY reason. Even if it's unconstitutional."

NO DO NOT STOP THIS. "We need to confine our debate to the amendment before us." WHAT.


This is so rigged. They won't let them point out the problem with admitting privileges because "germane".

Wu is badass. The speaker -- what is his name? -- is being a jerk.

@seculartexas: @GeneforTexas is discussing admitting privileges germane? YES. #txlege #hb2

Remember when the Repubs claimed that NO clinics would shut down because they'll all come up to code? That was false, because they CAN'T come up to code. Hospitals won't give admitting privileges. They've SAID SO.

@HLRiddle: It is getting exhausting watching all these white men walk all over women and minorities(including Reps in the house) #hb2 #standwithTXwomen

Bonnen is saying "Mr. Wu" like it's an insult. I cannot even.

Remember that day when white men were jerks to women and men of color and the internet was watching? (EVERY DAY.)

All I want from life is for the Feminist Ryan Gosling twitter account to ask Bonnen why he's so hostile. "Hey, babe..."

@beardedstoner: Making a victim bring her rapist's baby to term when she doesn't want to is barbarism. Those who cheer it are beneath contempt.

@lilyorit: @AnaMardoll Thank you for being one of the people on my feed tweeting the #hb2 stuff. I would lose my shit if I tried to.

My whole body has been tense and trembling for about 10 days straight now, lol. ;) @lilyorit

Bonnen: Respectfully, I would like you to stop being right. (Paraphrase.)

Reminds me of Hollow Man. "You say YES SIR sound like FUCK YOU." @caitstuff

@caitstuff: @AnaMardoll I'm glad I'm not the only one who was hearing that. Ugly.

He wasn't making a personal attack! He was pointing out that the admitting privileges will cause a de facto ban!

Help a woman out here; what is the Speaker's name?

@KTorrenga: @AnaMardoll @DBonnen is the speaker.

.@KTorrenga Thank you! I wish they'd put names on them on the feed. :)

@suddenlyspeakin: @AnaMardoll @KTorrenga It's Texas - get the sportscasters right on that. "Thank you! I wish they'd put names on them on the feed. :)" #hb2

OMG, WITH COLOR DRAWN LINES AND THINGS. #swtw #hb2 #txlege @scATX @suddenlyspeakin @KTorrenga

@suddenlyspeakin: @AnaMardoll @scATX @KTorrenga And the reps should wear big district numbers on their jerseys! @TexasTribune got any sportscaster interns?

Dave Barry once suggested that politicians should have to wear campaign supporter logos, a la NASCAR. @suddenlyspeakin @scATX

@cmclymer: The great thing about Jodie Laudenberg is that she makes you feel like anyone has the ability to be a lawmaker. Anyone. ANYONE. #txlege

Watching the stream on resurrected laptop while tweeting on new desktop and my cat is lying on the desk farting at Bonnen.

@Shakestweetz: GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! Rick Santorum is going to insert his big stupid self into the abortion battle in Texas!

He and Huckabee and the Duggars can host an Arkansas-themed BBQ! @Shakestweetz

Laubenberg arguing that there are SO MANY clinics, and then...reading off about 10 major cities. *facepalm*

Representative thinks that NET and GROSS are the same thing. Great.

Re: Drive from El Paso to Austin. "How many times do you have to stop for gas?" WU IS SO AWESOME.

Representatives pointing out the issues with MANDATING prescription doses.

I have bad pain receptors. I needed a level of morphine after my surgery that would KILL most people.

Doctors HAVE to have flexibility to prescribe what the patient needs, not what the Lege wants hir to have.

@JaymeKFraser: Eiland opposes regulating dosage for medical abortions, notes the lege wld need bill each time FDA, docs update best practices #txlege #hb2

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that Laubenberg moved to table the amendment. #BrokenRecord

God, Anchia's statement is making me sob. He's talking about people like me.

"The woman, their doctor, and their god. Everyone can go home...we balanced the interest of women."

Let's be clear: this medical exception is the right thing to do, but it won't matter if all clinics shut down.

LOL, good point that blue is the Democratic color. That's why the color confusion.

They HAD to bundle these bills into a single one because every one relies on the other to stop abortion entirely.

Admitting privileges will shut down clinics because hospitals won't give them.

Making hallways wider will shut down clinics because clinics will have to tear down and rebuild.

The legislated medical prescriptions will shut clinics down because that dose won't be healthy for all women.

The 20-week ban will shut down clinics because they can't remain open for cases of rape/incest/health issues.

"I just want to be clear you know what the amendment says because you've come up to table it." LOL.

"If you're going to talk about medical terms --" "These are LEGAL terms."

"These words matter. These words are going to be challenged in court.. Even the author herself can't provide us with a [definition]." #swtw

@beardedstoner: "Tabling" is a weird word. It makes me think of tables, which will soon have more rights than a pregnant Texan. #hb2

"Do we know if a condition is 'reversible'?"

@catvoncat: "It has been drafted so narrowly that the author of the bill herself cannot provide us with examples of exceptions." #HB2 #txlege #SWTW

@potsherds: "You amendment is broadening to intent of 'health of the woman'." Rep Laubenberg's heartlessness towards other women is horrifying. #hb2

LOL @ anti-choicers in my mentions. Your non-fact-based arguments TOTALLY convince me. *fart*

"How will doctors know if there is an IRREVERSIBLE impairment?"

Laubenberg defers to blue-clad physician. Sure. Why should the author know what her bill means?

@potsherds: Does Laubenberg really need a person on either side of her walking her through answering questions of her own fucking bill? FFS #hb2

"It is very difficult, if not impossible, for a doctor to determine if a condition is IRREVERSIBLE."

"No doctor has a way of knowing if a condition will REVERSE."

Ugh, all this "running out of time" BS just wrecks my shit. Maybe this bill IS NOT READY TO BE PASSED.

I'm sad that we have to keep reminding people that women seeking abortions aren't godless. Nothing wrong with godless.

OMG, if Laubenberg says "5-month old baby" one more time, my head will explode. #AgePlus9months

@eastsidekate: @MardollAna Does that mean I'm eligible for social security 10 months earlier?

YES. And you can start drinking earlier. @eastsidekate

I realize I'm biased, but the anti-choice representatives sound like jerks when they ask questions. I'm just sayin'.

"We do it with plumbing." WHAT THE FUCK. Women are not HOUSES.

Women are not houses. WOMEN ARE NOT HOUSES.

"So you're talking about teeth whitening. I'm listening." GERMANE???

"[Teeth whitening] is NOT a whole different subject." Anti-choice position. For reals.

@NFRAggie: @MardollAna but ultrasounds and Planned Parenthood were. Got it. *makes note* *burns notebook*

Texans: Rep. Leach thinks that regulating uteri is the SAME THING as regulating teeth whitening. Anti-choice chair rules GERMANE. #swtw #hb2

@potsherds: I'm somehow, despite my 29 years of personal experience, still appalled at the outright sexist disrespect on display in the House. #hb2

In all seriousness, I'm starting to be triggered by Laubenberg's voice and the words which come out.

This calm repetition that is basically, "Look, I said before, I don't CARE about women" is really upsetting.

WTF. Laubenberg states that complications are likely BECAUSE "a life is taken".

Laubenberg is arguing "potential for complications" ENTIRELY BECAUSE of her ideology.

Howard: "So ... this is not about a medical procedure??" Apparently not.

Laubenberg is saying that abortion is invasive SIMPLY because "the life of the child is going to end."

Howard points out that we don't hold that standard for women trying to stay pregnant.

Howard points out that we don't hold that standard for women trying to stay pregnant.

Howard: "You're saying it's a unique procedure. I don't know what you're basing that on."

Howard: "A woman who is pregnant, wants to continue that pregnancy, why does that require LESS admitting privileges?"

Howard: "Do you know what is required to gain admitting privileges?"

@scATX: .@DonnaHowardTX dropping knowledge on Laubenberg and she just. doesn't. get. it. #HB2

@catvoncat: Donna Howard is DESTROYING Laubenberg's bullshit right now. It is a thing of beauty to watch. #HB2 #txlege #SWTW

This calm repetition that is basically, "Look, I said before, I don't CARE about women" is really upsetting.

@suddenlyspeakin: @MardollAna Me too. I had to mute the feed and just follow twitter. She epitomizes every 'how nice' that really means 'to hell with you.'

Like "I'm praying for you" from fundies. But delivered with dripping hatred. *shiver* @suddenlyspeakin

@lizziefreeze: NO, laubenburg. abortion is NOT invasive. YOU are invasive. get a clue. #RepRapeKit #hb2 #txlege #swtw

@naraltxlive: Laubenberg refusing to answer Howard on why standard of care is higher for terminating a pregnancy than continuing one. #HB2 #txlege

@potsherds: ~@DonnaHowardTX You look great in orange. Thanks so much for exposing Laubenberg's disingenousness and ignorance. #hb2

OK, this whole thing makes me worried about my government. These are important questions; they deserve more than 5 minutes or whatever.

Hey, Madam Chair? Maybe tell that guy to stop talking over Donna Howard?

Howard: "Do you know that the trend right now is to go into more hospitalists?"

Howard: "There are all kinds of ways that medicine is delivered."

The POO is overruled, but what was it? I was confused on that.

@scATX: The POO is "respectfully overruled." My shocked face. #HB2

I didn't catch what the POO even was about. @scATX

@scATX: @MardollAna I was RTing what people said it was about. A committee time-reporting issue.

Could it have killed the bill entirely? Or forced the amendment in? @scATX


The Republicans are literally arguing that rules don't matter.

Remember when the rules did matter to Republicans? BACK. BRACE.

If the POO stands, the bill will delay for 24 hours. I think.

The motion to overrule the chair's ruling that the rules DON'T MATTER fails. Continue with the railroading farce!

Let's review: When a black man briefly touches a white woman's body the rules matter, even when the rules say "HE".

When a group of white men play foul with the dates and paperwork, the rules do not matter. Thank you.

@heatherr_parker: .@JFarrarDist148 asks @SylvesterTurner if he is aware that religious hospitals will not even perform tubal ligations. #HB2 #txlege #swtw

Here comes the simple majority vote. I am going to be SO SHOCKED by the outcome.

@BobbiJoR: @AnaMardoll Is this THE vote or a vote on an amendment?

It was a vote, I believe, to delay the bill for 24 hours to put the bill back to committee. I THINK. @BobbiJoR

@BobbiJoR: @AnaMardoll Thanks my live feed keeps cutting out so I am following via twitter.

If only the mainstream media had heard about all this! LOL. @BobbiJoR

I'm so SHOCKED that Laubenberg tabled the amendment.

@dreaflynn: Turner: Hospitals not required to give admitting privileges to a physician. #hb2 #swtw #txlege

@FeministSonar: She's moving to table ALL amendments. "This amendment nullifies the admitting privileges." #HB2 Laubenberg

"We don't make laws based on conjecture..." FETAL. PAIN.

@potsherds: Oh ffs, hospitals don't grant admitting prvlgs to folks not practicing IN THE HOSPITAL. NO ELECTIVE ABORTIONS ARE DONE IN HOSPITALS. #hb2

@FeministSonar: Laubenberg just really wants to keep HER bill the way it is. #HB2

You know what is GREAT? Watching the TX lege argue about shit they don't understand.

Shorter Laubenberg: "Look, if I found ONE hospital who MIGHT admit a doctor, then why not CONJECTURE they all will?"

You guys, I'm starting to think that the Health and Human Services committee might know nothing about my health.

"If you have an emergency, you could go to ANY of those hospitals." And then they shut her up.

"The intent is to end abortions in the state of Texas. Call it what it is."

"This is a verbose way to do what you constitutionally cannot do. It is a recipe for litigation."

"Are you saying Laubenberg is being dishonest." He's not, but I AM.

White man just calls black man loud. Stay classy, TX lege.

Chair hits gavel at Turner SO HARD that she breaks it. Turner says he needs an Ambulatory Surgical Center.

@FeministSonar: "I have been emotionally traumatized and we need to recess for two weeks. I need am ambulatory surgical facility" - Rep. Turner. #HB2

@andreagrimes: Turner jokes of flying gavel "assault": "We need to recess for two weeks … I need an ambulatory surgical facility!" #HB2

@FeministSonar: "Because PTSD is a recognized medical condition that does not follow a 20 week clock, a woman with PTSD would have to carry to term" #HB2

They're talking about PTSD! They're talking about suicide! They're talking about mental health drugs!

TABLE IT, LAUBENBERG AND PROVE THAT YOU FUCKING HATE WOMEN. Someone get this on a campaign poster.

He's talking about the testimony that made everyone blub. Her anti-psychotic pills cause birth defects.

"PTSD does not follow a clock." Kinda like the TX lege then, I guess.

@mizlisa19: Here in TX citizens have right to speak if it's not too truthy. @VictorianPrude

@naraltx: Another POO. Anybody catch the rule # cited? #HB2 #txlege #StandWithTXWomen

Rule 4, Section 32, I think. Or 33. I think 32. @naraltx

The problem with simple majority fuckery is that it takes all the suspense out of a good POO.

I'ma go get some more pain meds. Hang on. Let me know what happens.

Watching the silent YouTube feed and thinking that YouTube comments are like Twitter but stupider.

Reynolds 4.32.C overruled.

It's funny how the pro-choice men speak more respectfully to the lady senators than the anti-choice ones do.

It's great how Laubenberg tables the amendment because only "physical health" matters.

@jennygadget: @AnaMardoll last I checked, my brains is a physical organ.

Laubenberg on PTSD: "A woman can feel good one day and be down the next day."

"To make a decision in that state [when she is down] could be something she later regrets."

@scATX: Laubenberg says the absolutely most condescending things about the mental health of pregnant people. #HB2

PTSD is just having the mopes! (WHAT. THE. FUCK.) @scATX

@CircleCityStyle: @AnaMardoll As someone who's suffered crippling depression, whose boyfriend was WIDOWED by postpartum depression, I'm deeply offended.

Laubenberg just said that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is "feel[ing] good one day and down the next."

For the record: Number of rape victims with PTSD is high.

@VictorianPrude: Hear Laubenberg talking about mental illness? This is what the #txlege considers decorum. This why we're supposed to stay quiet? #hb2 #swtw

In case you're tuning in, the PTSD amendment would help VETERANS and RAPE VICTIMS.

Laubenberg just called women with PTSD being "down". Women veterans need not apply for abortion in TX.

@becca_aa: Ruth Jones McClendon (D) offers amend to promote evidence based sex ed to prevent unintended preg & 20wk exemp for minors #HB2 #txlege

This breaks my heart. "We owe it to set [children] up for success."

@politicalpage: "Madam speaker, I'd like to be able to hear her and I can't." House members are completely incapable of respectful quiet. #HB2 #TXlege #swtw


Laubenberg says women w/ mental health issues shouldn't be able to abort because they might "regret".

Laubenberg is laughing as she walks up to table the amendment.

Laubenberg claims that minors will lie to doctors to end-run around the parental notification rules. Classy.

Laubenberg agrees that parents should be the primary info for sex ed and that teenagers know all about sex already because TV. #swtw #hb2

@scATX: Listening to TX GOP talk about sex education, parenting, and "sexual behavior" makes me want to rip my ears off. #HB2

"You've gotta agree with me that there are parents who don't do that job. Do we just do nothing for those kids?"

LOL. "You're opposed to ALL amendments. Is that why?"

"Have you accepted ANY amendments today?" "No, I don't believe I have."

Folks, if they teach sex ed, they won't be able to coerce teenagers into harmful adoptions.

@AustinTX_NOW: .@AnaMardoll @naraltx And what about the 30,000+ foster kids in Texas? They need sex ed, too!


WHAT. Representative asking for #sexed amendment that prohibits ANY MENTION OF ABORTION in school.

@MollyTerry8: The abortion ban in schools is a very real bill HB22, look it up the rep. was just trying to pass it easily #hb2 #txleg

So let's review: Women use abortion as birth control, but abortion can't be taught in a BC class.

@SelenaAnn: Now she’s a #mentalhealth exp? @AnaMardoll: Laubenberg on PTSD: "A woman can feel good one day and be down the next day." #hb2 #txlege

Laubenberg is an expert on ALL aspects of women's health. She's the Chuck Norris of knowing things. @SelenaAnn

@The_HFM: RT @tootwistedtv: Laubenberg: "I think kids today don't have any problem understanding what sex is." ACTUAL LITERAL QUOTE. #HB2 #txlege

No, sorry. Amendment 13 about evidence-based protocols for prescribing drugs.

@jolpaj: @AnaMardoll Also permits doctor to give the patient a phone number other than his or her own

@NarissaTweets: Refusing to accept any amendments means you’re not willing to compromise & you’re not interested in the best for TX- just politics. #TXLege

Yet the MSM called Davis unwilling to compromise because she *gasp* filibustered. @NarissaTweets @ChynnaBlue5

I think only the parents should teach calculus. Can't leave something that personal and important to the schools.

The Amendment that is (SURELY) going to be tabled is being presented by a "pro-life" senator. For the record.

I mean, he's still going to vote for the TERRIBLE BILL, but he's willing to offer amendments that Laubenberg will table.

Is someone putting together an election guide with helpful Actual Quotes from people on the floor? And dates for voting?

BREAKING: Laubenberg tables amendment.

Apparently I'm trending in Austin. That's almost as good as being there. Thank you.

@TooTwistedTV: You MOVE to respectfully table the amendment. At least continue the FARCE that it's democracy. #HB2 #txlege


@lyricallana: @abelherrero Says even though he doesn't agree with parts, he will still vote yes for the bill. #hypocricy #tyranny

Amendment tabled because mandating prescription amounts IN WRITTEN LAW is such a stellar idea.

Serious question: Have any Democrats at the national level serious talked about what's going on in TX, OH, NC, WIS...? #swtw #hb2

Folks, women are not clocks. I haven't have a period in SIXTY DAYS. That's not unusual for me.

You know what #Sexed would do for the TX lege? Teach them that women don't magically know when they're pregnant.

"Women's health means having access to safe and legal facilities." Amd. would ensure rural facilities are exempt.

Ten dollars says Laubenberg moves to table. Takers?


Woman of color has to ask white man to "please let me finish my one sentence".

No, she's not "presupposing", she's saying what she's been told BY THE CLINICS. He's calling the clinics liars.

He's saying she's either a liar or stupid. WHAT. #RacistAsFuck

I once went 140 days between periods. According to Laubenberg, I should take a pregnancy test once a month JUST IN CASE.

@eastsidekate: @AnaMardoll She's buying, right?

SURE. Just walk down to your local ##PP and pick up a ... oh, wait. @eastsidekate


@andreagrimes: Phil King just suggested El Pasoans go to a gastro-endoscopy ASC for abortions. #HB2

OMG, they literally don't understand the concept of a black market abortion.

They think that if you outlaw abortion, it just STOPS.


@Robinsthol: @AnaMardoll Rep King also thinks that endoscopy and gastroenterology clinics could/would contract for abortions

All ASCs perform abortions and #PP only provides abortions. BECAUSE ALEC SAID. @Robinsthol

Did the chair just say "LauDENberg"? Why learn how to pronounce women's names, amiright? #Just4BabyMakin

@TooTwistedTV: @AnaMardoll I thought it was just me hearing that.

@AGHeinrichTX: @AnaMardoll To be fair I spent the entire first long meeting a few weks ago calling her that. Lol. #txlege

You're probably not her colleague, though. @Grace_Heinrich

Chair recognizes the womb on the floor. #Just4BabyMakin

Can someone introduce an amendment to send us all red robes and white wing hats? #HandmaidsTale

Wu asks: Can we add amendment that if the clinics DO close, the bill will be appealed?

Wu: "If it is SHOWN that the standard of care decreases." #WithFacts

"Instead of trying to create great policy to serve Texas, we created an Us vs. Them."

"You've been voting according to party lines." LOVE HER.

If BP or Halliburton provided abortions, this would never have happened. #BigBusiness

Can we talk about how ableist our gov is? All these reps have to stand all day. Deaf people can't follow the live feed.

@TooTwistedTV: @AnaMardoll THANK YOU. I've had the same questions for a long time. What about PWD and filibustering??

.@amaditalks heard that people in wheelchairs aren't ALLOWED in many places. Because that's sitting and therefore unfair. WTF. @tootwistedtv

My back surgery has wrecked my health. Please make that illegal and arrest my shitty surgeon. OR NOT. @azina @amaditalks @kingdomofwench

re: Moses laws. When they table this, AND THEY WILL, pay attention. It's FREE BABIES but NO SHAME. #HatesWomen

FREE BABIES FOR THOSE POOR INFERTILE WHITE WOMEN. They will table it. The ONLY downside is not shaming women.

"This amendment in NO WAY takes away from HB2." "No at all. It changes NO restrictions."

"Is the amendment acceptable to Rep. Laubenberg?" "I would think it SHOULD be."

"Pro-life once the kid LEAVES the womb."

Laubenberg tables Baby Moses amendment because FUCK BABIES and FUCK INFERTILE WOMEN. I hope the women from yesterday see.

"Mr. Speaker? Mr. Speaker? That would be YOU, Senator."

Laubenberg says that 60 days is enough time to decide whether to give up a baby without consequence.

Amendment 16 is PROOF that the Republicans don't care about the lives of born children.

NOT pro-life. ANTI-women. #amendment16

Women who tried to find adoptive couple on Craigslist being indited because babies are god's punishment for sluts.

This Moses law discussion is making me cry. Because I actually care about small children.

A law that tries to make MORE births is germane to an amendment that would PROTECT those born children.

These are called Baby Moses laws because Texas is a theocracy who likes to appropriate Jewish stories. Or something.

"If we accept this amendment, will you vote for this bill?" "Are you gonna vote for my amendment?" AW YEAH.

OMG, "Let's talk about the amendment! Nothing in this amendment that asks if I'll vote for the bill."

"Every person has the option to offer an amendment."

"How many times have you been here?" "This is my first year." "Then YOU are LEARNING." AWWWW YEEAH.

"If this bill continues to IMPROVE, it improves the POSSIBILITY that I will vote." I thought we weren't doing hypotheticals. #swtw #hb2

Remember when we were only allowed to talk about the amendment and not the bill?


Fuck babies who need safe adoption because a black woman wouldn't vote for our shitty bill.

OMG, I am building a fucking shrine to @DawnnaDukes now.

"I am INSULTED to be treated like I think this is a game. I chose to ADOPT A CHILD."

I am weeping. I am weeping. Thank you, @DawnnaDukes Thank you.

Tabled the Baby Moses law. They had a 12-year old white boy hit the gavel. Sure.

"Let me ask you this: Did they bring those standards on themselves or did we force them on them?"

"[Forcing regulations] sounds like big government and I'm not in favor of that."

@andreagrimes: Claps for Bill Zedler, Turner responds: if hospitals want to upgrade, cool. If the government mandates it? We should pay. #HB2

Remember when the Planned Parenthood budget was ruled NOT GERMANE when Wendy Davis was speaking?

Remember when the Planned Parenthood budget was ruled GERMANE when a white man was speaking today?

The just made a motion that a black sentor's "no big gov" be placed in the journal because fuck black men, amiright?

Remember when the Planned Parenthood budget was NOT GERMANE? Remember? REMEMBER.

White male senator: WAAAH, I've only been speaking one minute before you shut me up.

We let that Wendy Davis speak for, like, a hour before we tried to make HER stop. Rules not applied equally!

Senator arguing that we GIVE money to businesses in Texas. Calls them hypocritical and dishonest.

#PP budget doesn't apply to ALL clinics.

"Put the amendment [17] on it and I WILL VOTE FOR THIS BILL." (Would subsidize the cost of changes.)

Turner: "I don't have to ask if [born] kids are hurting. They can TELL ME."

Turner calls it an "unfunded mandate."

'If we were thinking about basic safety," why are we not looking at cosmetic surgery. (I also add: Bariatric surgery.)

Anti-Choice senator asks for another medical procedure where 80k Texans die yearly.

So just to be clear: Abortion is dangerous because it is dangerous to the fetus being aborted. #CircularLogic

I'll compile a list later, but if you're watching this hashtag, FOLLOW the pro-choice senators/reps and THANK THEM.

@hrn212: Texas, what if you all had separate, relevant regulations for your abortion clinics? Oh wait, you already do! #hb2 #feministarmy

You know how I know that #PP doesn't make obscene amounts of profit? Because the TX lege doesn't give them whatever they want. #txlege #hb2

Laubenberg against says she'll "table" as opposed to "motion to table". Power gone to her head, I think.

OMG, Laubenberg says "to that one woman who's dead, that means everything." BUT FUCK WOMEN WITH PTSD, RIGHT?

Susan King points out that HER asc doesn't do abortions. Get that guy who thought all ASCs were abortion facilities.

"Is there a precedent for a SURGICAL FACILITY to be the place to take two pills?"

Folks, my laptop just died. Trying to get the feed back.

What is the Amendment 22 proposing? #hb2

Laubenberg says abortion has "an innocent victim with no opportunity to appeal." UGH. #hb2

@WritingVirginia: @AnaMardoll you can't make this shit up.

I BET I COULD. Laubenberg says 5-mo fetus wear Wendy Davis shoes. #TrueOrFalse @WritingVirginia

OH SNAP. @tootwistedtv A22 would outlaw death penalty. #hb2

Senator says he'll vote for the bill if A22 (anti-death penalty) goes on. #hb2

I'm SO SURPRISED that the death penalty amendment was tabled. (I'm not surprised.) #hb2

A23 is against the "abortion linked to breast cancer" pamphlet. I'm sure this one will be adopted! #hb2 #optimistic

"We do real disservice to women when we give them bad information." #hb2

Laubenberg says amendment for women's health has nothing to do with bill for women's health. #hb2

Laubenberg could have accepted this one, to look "reasonable". But it's important to lie to women about the abortions they can't have. #hb2

A24 would give pre-natal care, to reduce the risk of pregnancy complications, and would give food stamps. #hb2

A24 would reduce DEMAND for abortions by giving healthcare and food resources to already-pregnant women. #hb2

Laubenberg tables A24, saying it's not germane. No further reason given. #hb2

@TumaTime: Amendment that would financially help mothers forced to give birth under #HB2 TABLED. How do you even argue against that? #txlege

@TooTwistedTV: "I move to table this motion because of the reasons mentioned before." WHICH ONES??? #HB2 #txlege


@amaditalks: An amendment could be offered that says abortion kills babies and baby kittens and baby Jesus and she'd table. #HB2

Amendments are over. Closing arguments now. #hb2

@quicksilvre: I wish that "there's nobody who's pro-abortion" trope would die. B/C some folks ARE solidly pro-abortion & it's nothing to be ashamed of.

For the record, I am pro-abortion. #hb2

I am pro-abortion because it saves lives. Just as I'm pro-heart surgery and pro-cancer treatments. #hb2

Did I WANT my dad going through chemo? Not if he'd been healthy. But considering that he had cancer, HELL YES. #hb2

@TooTwistedTV: Same. RT @AnaMardoll: For the record, I am pro-abortion. #hb2

QUICK, GET US SOME SCARLET A's TO WEAR. #hb2 @tootwistedtv

Is it time to be #unruly now? (By which I mean more cheering.)

The Chair wants citizens to STFU. But we haven't been able to hear all testimony today because of reps chatting.

"What else do you want from us? What else do you want to TAKE from us?"

"We are asked to vote on a bill that does not take the WHOLE HEALTH of a woman with an unsafe pregnancy into account."

"Each of these pitfalls harms a human life."

"We cannot let personal convictions RUIN LIVES. I cannot vote for a bill that will harm the health and safety and welfare of ANY indv." #hb2

@jerrigirl: This is not my government. I feel like I'm losing my Texas.

"Those who were opposed spoke about choice. Those who were for spoke about personal beliefs."

Rep testifies that reps have said they can't wait to stop lying that this is about "women's health".

Anti-choice man calls claims that this is partisan a "HOSTILE ATTACK".

You know what is a hostile attack? Forced pregnancies. #hostileattack

You know what is a hostile attack? Pro-life terrorism that kills doctors. #hostileattack

You know what is a hostile attack? No exceptions for 12-year old victims of incest. #hostileattack

Anti-choice senator calls hangars and knitting needles "PROPS". #hostileattack

"My little son is a gift from the Almighty." #texasTheocracy #hostileattack

Anti-choice senator claims that his wife's fetus CAN DO YOGA. "Criss-cross applesause." #hostileattack

"This is MY baby. I will fight to protect my baby." Does his wife want an abortion or something??? #hostileattack

I didn't think the pro-CHOICE side was advocating FORCED abortions, Senator. #hostileattack


@erinjo26: @MardollAna @politicalpage please be joking.

I'm not. o.O He said the fetus can do "criss-cross applesause" which is a reference to the court yoga ruling in CA schools. @erinjo26 #hb2

@zrecsmom: Really? A 13 week old fetus can sit "criss-cross applesauce"? #hb2 #txlege #loadofcrap

@amaditalks: At 13 weeks, a fetus has 3/4 inch legs without solid bones in them. It's not sitting criss-cross anything.

Your heathen science makes Baby Yoga sad. OVERRULED. @amaditalks

@HealthScoutBlog: @JasonVillalba, your PLANNED baby, w/ access 2 finances, housing, & healthcare is not someone else's unplanned pregnancy. #HB2 #txlege

@amaditalks: I'd say he can bite me but no teeth RT @MardollAna: Your heathen science makes Baby Yoga sad. OVERRULED. @amaditalks

@rugrat0ne: @amaditalks @MardollAna Nongermane! Baby Yoga ejects you from the galley! #StandWithWomen

Ugh, rhetoric about BABY HEARTBEATS.

If I concede that the baby can do yoga, can YOU understand that I still deserve bodily autonomy?


Love how they've all got the memo that The Unborn Baby must be a "her".

Calling the hypothetical baby a "her" calls on #chivalry and #totesNotMisogynistReally.

@TheJulieGillis: @AnaMardoll And doctors are male. It's all weirdly sexual no matter how you break it down.

I suspect the hypothetical doctor is male so they can work the #predator angle. @JulesAboutTown

White dude explaining abortion to us women. Dude, we KNOW.

Doctor didn't want to describe it. Guy, do you want us to describe a vasectomy? #BeenThere

"Members, I don't want to talk about this," but I'm going to keep doing it. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

@VictorianPrude was THROWN OUT for saying Campbell is not an ophthalmologist. But describing abortion is germane.

"Most barbaric that one man inflicts on another." TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS.

Abortion DOES NOT AFFECT cis men.

"The privilege I have to vote on this bill is a great privilege". YES IT IS. #privilege

OMG, being schooled by Declaration of Independence guy. You do realize that abortion is not a NEW thing?

Did ya'll know that Roe v. Wade invented abortion? TRU FAX.

The founding fathers totally thought that all people were equal.

I am so depressed right now.

@ShelbyKnox: #TXlege quoting Constitution understand that women & folks of color weren't considered human then, right? #wait #HB2 #StandwithTXwomen

OMG. Bonnen saying you COULD see crosses as execution, but for Christians it's a symbol. Thus: Forced TVGs are good!

Can I point out Christian Privilege here? No one in the lege could get up and say stuff about Wicca being kickass.

Proposal: White cis male reps must recuse themselves from voting on this bill. Except Kirk Watson.

@Robinsthol: @AnaMardoll What makes Kirk Watson awesome is that he'd probably go for it even without the exception #swtw #hb2 #txlege

Good allyship! @Robinsthol

Remember: These laws disproportionately affect poor women of color.

The same demographic that the right are worried about being "outnumbered" by. This is abt creating an impoverished serf class. #swtw #txlege

Another reminder, people: These bills don't just affect women. They affect all people with uteri.

@misshellbedlam: @AnaMardoll Also *all straight men w/ viable sperm who want to have sex w/o making a baby.* They all need to step the fuck up NOW.

Laubenberg just said they've been there for 50 hours?

Laubenberg just said this is happening all across the country. Fails to acknowledge it keeps being struck down.

Laubenberg says the bill focuses on ONE thing: fetal pain. So the new restrictions are... what?

Laubenberg literally said this is about the death of 70k babies in this state. NOT women's health.

Laubenberg just admitted this is about stopping all abortion in TX, right?

#HB2 is passed.

Welp. I guess I'm done here for tonight. *sigh*

House Lege just did a bullshit Humble Brag about how THEIR session didn't erupt into unruly mobery.

@scATX: When #HB2 goes into effect, it will be devastating. It's too much to contemplate.

Live stream is over. Gonna go take a hot bath and cry. Been at this for 13 hours.


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