Storify: 2013-06-25 Texas Senate Filibuster

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2013-06-25 Texas Senate Filibuster

@scATX: And I've heard the line is down and wrapped around the rotunda.

The livestream of the Senate is VERY QUIET. I'm understanding the filibuster has not started yet?

@scATX: No. NOTHING has started yet.

Thanks! It looks like the live feed cuts the sound when nothing is happening so I GOT WORRIED.

I have a dentist appointment at 3 that I couldn't reschedule. The filibuster has to last until midnight?

I love Dewhurst reminding us to be polite about being reduced to property of the state. FUCK. YOU.

She's up! She's speaking! I LOVE HER. @WendyDavisTexas

@scATX: I'm feeling EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL right now. I am so thankful to @WendyDavisTexas is willing to do this for us all.

Thank you, Wendy Davis. Thank you for making this sacrifice for Texas women and Texas people with uteri. @WendyDavisTexas

"Yes, Mr. President, I intend to speak for an extended period of time on the bill." - @WendyDavisTexas

"This bill hurts Texans. There is no doubt about that." - @WendyDavisTexas

I will be watching this live stream as much as possible today.

She's fucking AMAZING.

THIS is what it looks like when an elected representative REPRESENTS us. YES YES YES.

Give Wendy a binder full of women's stories!

Does Wendy have a backup ally (or more) to switch with? I can't even imagine speaking for hours like that.

@infobrat: I think that is against the rules. Others can question her which can take up time.

Ah, fuck. Jimmy Stewart's movie left a lot of misconceptions. (Federal != State, etc.)

"The prevention of pregnancy is the surest way to decrease the demand for abortion."

Trolls on my board today are getting edited to promote the tags. BRING IT, FUCKERS.

"There was a time in our country when only the wealthy could access abortion services."

"We know that women lost their lives over [abortion restrictions]."

"It is important that a woman and her doctor have every medical option available."

I'm pretty sure I'm going to Twitter Jail today, so catch me at @MardollAna if I do.

"Patients must be ... assured of candid communication [with doctors]."

"Pregnancy and childbirth are significantly more dangerous to women than abortion."

"The requirements imposed by this bill are simply medically unnecessary."

12 hours. 720 minutes. 43,210 seconds.

"When a woman seeking abortion is denied access, she's likely to be affected by poverty, domestic violence."

"When abortion is inaccessible, it become unsafe."

@JarredH: Didn't we learn that lesson already? (Apparently, some of us didn't.)

I think dead women is a bonus for the people pushing this bill.

All that "Americans love a martyr" stuff people were saying re: Snowden is HARMFUL.

I won't take part in an American martyrdom cult. MY UTERUS. MINE.

Please stand with Texans today. Even if you're not a Texan.

RT @scottbraddock: You've witnessed one hour of the @WendyDavisTexas filibuster.

My god, apparently the Texas senate rules on filibusters are really strict. I'm worried.

We are going to all owe Wendy a huge fucking thank you card.

"Six percent. That’s the entire audience Republican officeholders are playing to."

YES. #StandWithWendy appears in my trending list. C'mon, folks.

Texas senate filibuster Rules: No bathroom breaks.

Texas senate filibuster rules: No eating or drinking.

Texas senate filibuster rules: No leaning on her desk for support.

Texas filibuster rules: No off-topic remarks. (Which is why she's not reading Atwood.)

Texas filibuster rules: No passing the yield -- yield returns to starting speaker.

This filibuster is HARD, ya'll. It's not like the Jimmy Stewart movie. There are no sandwiches or phone books.

Wendy is doing something brave and difficult and amazing.

Who just got thrown out and what was he yelling about?

@sonia_smith: Man shouting "abortion is genocide" removed from the gallery by troopers.

Yes. Because a man yelling that abortion is genocide is what we needed today. Fuck you, guy.

@RCSDFeminist: So we can't send her any food? What can we do to help her? I'm worried about her!!!

Seriously, I'm super worried. You just KNOW she probably fasted yesterday. She is brave and amazing.

"This is especially problematic for rural areas where hospitals are scarce."

@Froborr: Can one of the other Dems ask a 6-hour question?

I think so, but she still can't go take a break or leave the floor. I think.

@Kia_Hutch: they usually use adult diapers or astronaut packs

Gods, I am sending her a cheese basket or cookie bouquet something when this is all over.

@Malvolio421: One blue shirt down. One orange shirt waiting in line. 18 or so to go.

Dude, what is going on with the assholes behind her, laughing and playing on their phones?

Yes, a legislation to reduce me to the property of the state is a LAUGH RIOT.

They have orange badge, so I'm HOPING it's stress laughter, but still. This is Serious, guys.

I just went to the bathroom. Something that Superhero Wendy is not currently allowed to go do.

RT @CJPAustin: Filibuster restrictions: no eating, drinking, sitting, leaning, bathroom breaks, speaking softly or straying off topic

My god, this story from the daughter of an abortion provider is giving me blubs.

"You cannot do this work unless you truly believe in women."

"My father wore a kevlar vest to work...My father was a hero." *BLUB*

"Why don't you sit down and TALK with your female constituents?"

"This bill strips the basic right of a woman to control her own body."

I just submitted my story to Wendy, in shortened form.

Wendy has spoken for almost 2 hours now. My heart is breaking for her.

She just had to gently hush the clappers. She KNEW. She KNEW how that would move us. I love her.


"Polls show the majority of Texans do not support you ... do not approve of what you are doing." YES.

"We will not sit down while you attempt to strip us of our self-determination."

"You are going to KILL women, moms, sisters, daughters, and friends who will be disenfranchised from safe care."

Can we please get a statement from @BarackObama and the #WhiteHouse on this?

"I came here for the birth control, but I stay here for the fight."

"A strange love to ask rape victims to have a vaginal probe inserted against their will."

"It's about economics and a perpetual poverty class."

"Aren't we more than good food, great business, and wide open spaces?"

"I'm a Texas lady, so not a lot scares me ... but this legislation is terrifying."

Is someone packaging the live feed for download later? This is history and I want a copy!

.@andreagrimes "Keep state government out of my uterus." Amazing.

@emjb: Yeah, I'd LOVE to have a transcript too, with all those women's stories in one place. Good stuff.

YES. But with the names and locations masked for safety. @emjb

"It was in this moment I realized her health was more important than her beliefs."

@KateKalabrina: The Senate Media keeps recordings of every floor day and committee hearing.

"...attempting to control the reproductive rights of EVERY WOMAN IN TEXAS based on [the officials'] religious beliefs."

There is no way -- NO WAY -- I could speak for 12 hours without a water break. This is amazing.

Seriously considering making fetus cookies tonight because FUCK YOU TEXAS LEGISLATURE.

RT @phira: I want to live in a country, not just a state, where I can choose not to be pregnant.

"The abortion bill will be challenged in the courts, causing an enormous waste... of state taxpayer money."

I have to pee at least once every 2 hours. @Froborr

@Froborr: I had to do a 2-hr panel once, sitting. Needed a 10-minute break in the middle. She's a superhero.

And lets talk about how disadvantaged a #disabled person would be on the floor. @Froborr

"Start planning your retirement, Dewhurst." YEEEEAAAAAAHHHH! #CSImusic

My god, she's choking up over this testimony of a rape victim. Wendy, you are so brave.

@RoyalHoeliness: I'm getting CHILLS listening to these testimonies. I don't know how anyone can say they're repetitive.

The citizen testimonies are BEAUTIFUL. @Auragasmic @beardedstoner

@mariposakitten: A lot of these stories are super-triggery, but important.

Wendy is crying. Wendy, you are so brave.

"Eventually I stopped leaving my house."

This testimony is killing me. Buckets of tears. @robotxorange

"I told her that I loved her and I said goodbye."

@shelbylcole: Woman describes having to stop her baby's heartbeat before being allowed to give birth because Seton is faith-based #HB5

"I expected to be able to say goodbye to her in the way I had chosen."

"Hearing that your baby is going to die makes everything in your life feel out of control."

'If a 20-week ban had been in place 4 years ago, then I wouldn't have been able to make this choice."

@dansolomon: Again, abortions after 20 weeks are NOT the result of indecision or procrastination. They are the result of horrible crises situations.

Wendy has been speaking for 3 hours. Wendy is 3 times as brave as Superman.

"Respect is not wandering in and out of the chamber as women tell the most painful moments of their lives."

@CacheoftheDay: Wendy is in tears reading horribly gut-wrenching testimony, Dewhurst is talking on the phone and laughing.

"I fear for my daughter's future in a state that values the right to carry a gun ... over her right to choice and life."

Can you imagine how EMOTIONALLY DRAINING this must be for Wendy? She is so brave. So incredible.

Fucking damn, I have to go get a tooth filled. Please tweet me if they get to my testimony. I better not be in Twitter Jail when I get back!


Back from the dentist. What did I miss?

@NFRAggie: Fielded some questions from Duell. He was a jerk, Wendy continued to be a bamf.

We're not doing testimonies anymore? Did they make her stop?

@ctaboogle: They started asking her questions. She hasn't yielded the floor, though!

Fuck their questions. I hope this doesn't get triggery. @charlytabs

She's a rockstar holding her own under these bullshit questions.

I'm shocked -- SHOCKED -- that anti-choice men in the senate are being condescending assholes.

@aemccarthy: @KateHarding @j_zimms Allow me to sum it up for you "WAH WAH WAH I'M BOB DEUELL AND UNINFORMED WAH BLAH BLAH"


Paraphrase: Women's experiences are JUST anecdata. They're not experts on their experiences.

@jljacobson: RT @AIsForOrg: Sen. Deuell is swaying on his feet after only twenty minutes or so. He should woman up.

He's invoking the women who are BORED OF PREGNANCY at the 11th hour. OF COURSE HE IS.

BLAH BLAH BLAH No other reason than because the slut can't fit into a cocktail dress BLAH BLAH.

@cynixy: Why don't they ever have the women who treat abortions like pedicures speak for themselves? Oh wait. Right. Cuz they're a MYTH.


"Dating a pregnancy is hard because I'm a douchefuck."

@feministtexican: Did Deuell just blow off testimony as anecdotal?

YES. HE DID. @feministtexican

He said women "aren't experts". @feministtexican


@JennStudebaker: 1.1% of abortions happen after 21 weeks.

Lucio is a Democrat, right? Is he one of the cross-overs? Because damn, that hurts.

@chelsiebaugh: Also, how is this a thing? how does it make sense a lady has to stand for 13 hrs so women can choose what happens to their own body?

@haaspolicy: Yes, he has voted with the Rs on virtually every pro-abortion bill. In his defense, he is also anti-death penalty.

Yeah, that's not really a "defense" in my book. He "feels awful about" her filibuster. @haaspolicy

@feministtexican: "I'm a prolife Democrat." Dude shut up.

"My heart really hurts when I hear those two words" -- anti-choice Democrat Lucio.

You know what makes MY heart hurt, senator? "Forced Pregnancy"

Ugh, if I could go the rest of my life without hearing a man bemoan aborted babies not being able to write letters, I would be HAPPY.


You are NOT allowed to appropriate me as someone who wants to adopt.

I am an infertile woman who refuses to be used as a prop by Senator Lucio to hurt other women.

Senator Lucio, you do NOT have my consent to appropriate me as an infertile woman for your forced birth agenda.

@APBBlue: "Culture of death." You know what a culture of death is? WHEN WOMEN DIE FROM ILLEGAL ABORTIONS.

Senator Lucio, I'm not here because my mother was anti-choice, so stop appropriating my mother.

I'm SHOCKED that an anti-choice man thinks it's okay to use woman as political props without their consent.

@sherifffruitfly: RT @ChiefElk: "I love women" - Sen. Lucio stop it right now. (facepalm)

If you really want to reduce abortions, Sen. Lucio, then support free condoms and BC to everyone at all times.


@infobrat: Lucio reading his bible on his ipad on the senate floor? I think there is a more appropriate place to read a bible.

Do we need to send more letters? Can someone answer this?

You know? I do not understand how these men can listen to these letters and still vote for this bill. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

@mariposakitten: Easy. They're not actually listening.

That's it. That's it precisely. I am so sorrowful about this. @mariposakitten

"Where is a poor woman in Tarrant county going to go if this law passes?"

"Let them be told vasectomies are against the law, and listen to the uproar."

Someone send in a letter about rapists being able to sue for child visitation rights, PLEASE.

"I remember girls being sent away to give birth to babies."

"No legislation will ever prevent women from having abortions."

@pummelwell: Livestream: dudes behind her talking, laughing, passing phones around

It's easy to be flip when it's not your body, I guess. @pummelwell @centeredmama

@aylalah: I like that she gets to read out compliments to herself. Because DAMN RIGHT she DESERVES them #wendydavis

Someone get a copy of MR. SMITH and re-cut it so that Wendy appears over Jimmy Stewart at all times.

I was out for a bit; did she read one from Ana Mardoll?

YES, for the support from adoptive / infertile women. "Every woman should have the right..."

"Rick Perry did not make the ultimate sacrifice for our sins." FUCK YEAH.

Sitting in our study, watching the feed all day long on my husband's computer.

You know, if #Snowden was on the Texas senate floor, we'd get a lot more national coverage on this.

I'm seriously thinking about taking the 12 hour feed, and then parsing out each story with a transcript.

And then just compiling them for the rest of my year.

"The proposed legislation is an assault on poor women, often women of color."

"My doctors have told me that any pregnancy for me will be high-risk..."

@RealJimDeBerry: @WendyDavisTexas is she a social #media darling or a #socialite or true advocate?

Are you kidding me? She's stood and talked for 6 hours without break or bathroom. It doesn't get more ADVOCATE than that. @RealJimDeBerry

We've paused from testimonials to a discussion on the misplaced priorities of the bill.

"Planned Parenthood became my medical home."

"because I was a poor, uninsured woman, whose only care was provided [by PP]."

Is anyone transcripting them? @NFRAggie

.@WendyDavisTexas, you are amazing. Your women voters will remember. People with uteri remember. Thank you.


@asiyah_sh: Senator Davis needs your stories. She has to stay on topic to continue the filibuster

Folks, she has to stay on topic in order to speak. Please send stories if you can.

Shit, they gave her a warning. Does that count? She only gets three, right?

@ladysubrosa: Wendy is LITERALLY standing for us against #sb5. Just realized that. #standwithTXwomen

Nichols is standing up again. They're trying to shut her down with warnings.

I cannot breathe. I CANNOT BREATHE. This day. This bill. Senator Nichols.

@Shakestweetz: So Planned Parenthood is an abortion factory according to anti-choicers, but funding PP is irrelevant in Texas today. PERFECT.

@endosucks4me: @AnaMardoll @scATX she has received over 1600 today. Still send stories,but I think she has a strategy. #texlege

They can't read them all though -- they have to be careful to only read "germane" ones.

Oh! Here is an ally? YES. YES, PLEASE.

@andreagrimes: Sen Nichols: "I don't think alternatives to abortion are related to #SB5." And there you have a perf. example of what's wrong with the GOP.

Where are our democrat allies on the floor? Why can't they ask questions? Does anyone know?

@KateKalabrina: @AnaMardoll R's have threatened Democratic allies if they question @WendyDavisTexas, they'll prematurely end the filibuster with a procedure

Oh, no. Thank you. That explains it. @KateKalabrina

So the Republicans have decided to force a woman to stand alone.

@thegirlone: @scATX Kirk Watson is asking her questions, I assume while someone finds her more reading material that won't get objected to as non-germane

Quick! Someone staple the Republicans' pants to their chairs so they can't stand up and object!

Will the Real Senator Nichols please SHUT UP? Please shut up.

Thank you, Senator Watson. He flung himself onto the warning.

Do you see this? DO YOU SEE THIS. They are shutting women up about abortions.

My Texas senate is using "warnings" and "politeness" to silence women about their lived experiences.


@robotxorange: @AnaMardoll I'm more than a bit upset that these guys seem pretty damn ignorant of the procedural rules.

I think it's a stalling technique for the democrats. But yes, the republicans are horrible. @robotxorange

@znikkicat: @AnaMardoll can anyone send stories? or Texas peeps only?

I think everyone, but I'm not sure? @znikkicat

OK, I have a political crush on Senator Ellis. "Can I ask the Senator to read the bill to me...slowly?"

I'm literally shaking from this filibuster.

@becca_aa: Ellis: Can I ask @WendyDavisTexas "to read sections of the bill to me — slowly?" Gallery laughs.

Love how Watson is now saying "to focus on SB5" with every sentence. #ally

Senator Nichols is from District 3. Are you? Can you vote him out? Because he being a poophead.

"Senator Watson, can you approach the podium?" Followed by DUDE, WE THOUGHT YOU WERE COOL.

Senator Watson, don't give in to peer pressure! Banning abortion doesn't make you one of the cool kids!

LOOK. Look at the group around the Speaker. ALL MEN. ALL MEN DECIDING OUR FUTURE.

Because why wouldn't it make sense for a group of men to decide whether women are property of the state?

Please don't shut her down. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please.

@Sydaney_Grace: @AnaMardoll LOL Except that one woman who has to be there because the Senate Prez doesn't know the rules of his own chamber

I can't even imagine what she must be feeling right now. :( @Sydaney_Grace

@BlakeRocap: THIS ----> RT @dkalai Am I incorrect in thinking that constitutionality of a pending bill is very much germane?

QUIT USING LOGIC ON THE SENATE FLOOR. @BlakeRocap @naraltx @dkalai

@BridgettPiernik: "@RSwirling: Gotta love the optics of a bunch of men huddled around to decide if a woman gets to speak about women's bodies. "

Is the MSM paying attention yet to what is happening in Texas?

@Blackamazon: Y'all IM proud and happy to but as soon as this is over . We need all sorts to come to jesus meetings on our " leadership"

@ChristineIAm: trying to trip Davis up. If you have abortion testimony-please email-They can't rule it out of order @alyssaharad

I want to hear the #WhiteHouse speak on this. PLEASE. @BarackObama

I'm glad Watson is buying her a break, but I do miss the testimonies. They were so powerful.

Watson and Davis explaining how using fertilization date constrains to 18-weeks rather than 20-weeks.

By asking her questions and being wordy about it, it lets her rest her voice. :) @thenuttyprof

Yes, I think so too. It sounds like the stories are less likely to be challenged if they are specifically about having an abortion.

(Either self or observing/helping other women have abortions.)

"Senate Bill 5 deals with abortions." CHALLENGE THAT, REPUBLICANS.

@NellSco: Chuck Norris was rendered speechless by Wendy Davis's filibuster. #BadAssWendyDavis

You just know she has to be tired. She is a hero.

She looks so tired. I know that look. Eight hours on my feet waitressing. She is so brave.

I was wondering the same thing. Nothing about this is #disability friendly. @amaditalks

@alisonrose711: @AnaMardoll How long does she have to go? Till midnight?

Yes, midnight. 5 hours / 330 minutes from now. @alisonrose711

After my dad's cancer, his doctor told him he MUST have a water bottle at all times. @VeraGorman

The treatments messed with his saliva glands. Disability filibuster issues. @VeraGorman

Watson said ECTOPIC PREGNANCIES. Yes! This! Talk about this!

@NorthernMNer: And btw, what Wendy Davis is doing is an *actual* filibuster, unlike the U.S. Senate's version of "I object" then heading off to cocktails.

Davis says she's had experience with ectopic pregnancy. I had no idea this was so personal for her.

The term "astronaut diapers" has been thrown about. I have no idea. @NFRAggie

No food or drink on the floor.

Senator Ellis, I LOVE YOU. "Can Senator Davis repeat her testimony? I didn't hear all of it."

"it's so much better when you have the human element. Slowly. I'm a slow learner." Ellis

Senator Ellis is wonderful. ARE YOU IN HIS DISTRICT? SEND HIM COOKIES. This is what male allyship looks like.

.@RodneyEllis, you are amazing. This is good allyship with women. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

What is this about a "back brace"?

She can't wear a back brace? What? #disability I WEAR A BACK BRACE.

No. no no no no no no no no no. They cannot shut her down for wearing a back brace, can they? No.

@heatherr_parker: Oh HELL NO. Are they seriously claiming that she violated a rule by having someone assist her with a backbrace!?!?!

@scATX: If our reproductive rights hinge on whether Davis touched her back brace, I will vomit.

SB5 is for women's health. Unless that woman has a bad back.

@RachelTruair: As a woman who also wears a back brace, I am now enraged on behalf of two body parts.

I would like to object on the grounds that the objecting senator is a poop head.

@texasdemocrats: ! RT @meanrachel: Texas: where the Republican-controlled legislature now regulates a woman's right to wear a back brace.

We just see them talking. They say Ellis helped her with a back brace. @scATX

@naraltx: It's concerning that posits to be about improving women's health, yet @WendyDavisTexas' back brace is unacceptable

@psencikk: @scATX Talking about Williams POO on Ellis helping Davis adjust back brace. Apparently may violate "no help from another senator" rule.

They're trying to make them let her sit down. ALLYSHIP. Let her rest. LET HER REST.

@becca_aa: Sen Zaffirini reads aloud rule that specifically says someone subject to point of order is required to sit during that time

Senator Zaffirini is so incredible. She says members HAVE to sit during POOs.

He overruled her point of order on sitting, but GAVE NO GROUNDS.

@amaditalks: Everything I can dig up on filibuster rules makes it clear that it's a bunch of ableist bullshit. This back brace nonsense is proof.

They're going to shut her down. FUCK. Because of a fucking back brace.

Ellis. Yes. Ellis is talking. He is arguing to let her keep talking.

@naraltx: Dewhurst has not overruled back brace point of order, instead puts it to the body.

They said she can't sit down and gave NO REASON. @DoKnowButchie

Ellis is arguing that if you can hold a trash can for a man to take a piss, you can touch a woman's back brace.

Ellis is pointing out people pass ice chips to filibustering members.

Ellis is talking about a member's right to use the tool of the filibuster.

He put it to the body; Ellis is arguing slippery slope on diluting the filibuster tool. @scATX

And he's pointing out that they help MEN members during filibusters. @scATX

Senator Zaffirini is speaking. She endorses Ellis.

Zaffirini is pointing out that the rule isn't as nuanced as they're pretending it is.

Love (don't love) how the rules of the Senate say "he".

Senator Zaffirini. "She has not leaned on her desk. And you KNOW IT. Because you have been watching her."

YES. "She's a woman. The note refers to HIS desk, HIS chair."

Zaffirini. Applause. "This rules does not apply to HER."

@ClinicEscort: oh my god oh my god. Senator Zaffirini points out the Senate rules all say "he" and therefore can't possibly apply to Senator Davis.

Four hours. Can they argue about this for four hours? PLEASE.

@robotxorange: "She's a woman. The note refers to HIS desk, HIS chair. This rule does not apply to HER." All the love to Sen. Zaffirini!

"We're worse off today than we were 35 days in Albuquerque."

"I think there's resentment here because some members don't have the courage to do it."

Whitmire points out that they give ice chips and candy mints to other senators. MALE senators.

"Isn't there a greater good of respecting a woman, of respecting a colleague?"

"You made the mistake of being a gentleman, of being a colleague....The tradition of this body is to HELP ONE ANOTHER."

"It's not our fault you placed the bill two weeks into the session."

@caulkthewagon: Omg, this legislature is despicable. Thanks, disgusting white men, for adding disabled people to the pile of humans you shit upon.


"That's why we're not the Texas House of Representatives." LOL

"I have seen the tradition of this body ALLOW what took place on that side of the chamber." UNDER OATH.

He's refusing to recognize Lucio.

No, he changed his mind. Lucio is speaking.

Lucio is testifying that he gave a cough drop to a man filibustering his bill.

Williams is speaking. He's the one who raised the objection to the back brace.

Williams is saying that he totes LIKES Davis, he just wants her to shut her stupid female face. Paraphrase.

Williams is now calling Zeffirini a liar. Because he's classy like that.

They're still arguing over whether to allow it. @kristinrawls

Williams is calling Ellis a liar. And he doesn't understand the concept of "handing" a brace.

So let's review: Williams called two women and a black man liars. He hasn't said anything about white male Whitmire.

They're about to do a roll call on the POO re: back brace. YES is to sustain the POO.

17 ayes, 11 nays. The POO is sustained. FUCK.

Back brace point of order was sustained. This is bullshit. THIS IS BULLSHIT. @AnaMardoll

@kristinrawls: So if POO was sustained, does this mean filibuster is over?

No, she has one more point of order to burn. @AnaMardoll @kristinrawls

@TheRealKeori: Has anyone voiced willingness to step up and take over the filibuster for Wendy Davis? @shesists @KitOConnell

I don't think they're allowed to. @TheRealKeori @kristinrawls @shesists @KitOConnell

Four hours to go and one point of order left to burn. @AnaMardoll

@ClinicEscort: One more warning, for scratching her nose or perhaps making eye contact with a non-relative male, and Senator Davis' filibuster is over

@TanInSeattle; So @WendyDavisTexas has to be perfect for the next 4 hrs, 27 mins or this #filibuster will probably end. No pressure. #abortion

@graceishuman: MT @dig_apony why should rights be decided by this sort of "endurance contest"? It's ridiculous.

@TumaTime: They just docked Davis for using a backbrace. They're adept at legislating what a woman can do with her body, afterall

@andreagrimes: FOR THE WIN RT @raethetriangle: Oh Wikipedia. @WendysBackBrace

"It's an endurance test!" "How dare she keep reading!" TEXAS REPUBLICANS. @AnaMardoll

My heart is breaking.

Folks, Ellis (the "computer vs paper" question) is an ally. He's pointing out that they dinged her on the back brace Because Literalism, but not on paper.

It's not a coincidence that both her strikes are associated with male allies. They're trying to isolate her, just like all Texas women.

No matter what happens tonight, Davis is a hero, and Texas is still unsafe for women. We must vote. WE MUST VOTE.

@maureenjohnson: I thought I was busy today, but then I realized that one woman was standing up in Texas and holding the line for all of us.

"That's what I'm CLEARLY taking about, this particular bill and the impact that Texas women will face."

They're arguing whether it was not germane for her to mention the undue burden created by vaginal probe restrictions. @mariposakitten

They sustained the third POO.

They're chanting LET HER SPEAK. It's amazing. It's the most amazing thing I've ever heard.

@thinkprogress: Chants of "Let Her Speak!" are coming up over the Texas legislature as it looks like they are killing the Wendy Davis filibuster


This is AMAZING. I've never, NEVER, seen anything like this.

I will kiss Senator Kirk Watson ON THE MOUTH if he debates this out for the remaining two hours.

@eplerjc: Remember, the filibuster is a core part of American democra-WHOA WHO LET SOMEONE USE IT TO SUPPORT WOMEN'S RIGHTS.

@pervocracy: Seriously, are women's lives hinging on a "keep the senate dicking around for 100 more minutes" game?

That is precisely what is happening. Women will live or die on this. @pervocracy @kristinrawls

@dianagram: So, it turns out, if its a LEGITIMATE filibuster ... a man has a way of shutting it down.

@Mowgli3: boy good thing national media didn't cover this event that over 100,000 people are watching in the middle of the night

Wendy, Wendy, what went wrong, oh so wrong? We went together for so long... Oh, it was Republicans.

@Shakestweetz: Tweeting with @AnaMardoll in Texas. Ana says (which I am sharing with permission): "Davis is still standing JUST IN CASE."

One voice ringing out in the darkness: BULLSHIT.

@mariposakitten: is... is he seriously having that woman next to him whisper the answers in his ear???

Yes, and it is wrecking my shit. CAN WE JUST TALK TO THE WOMAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN?

@mariposakitten: @AnaMardoll Mr. President, could you just put the nice lady in white on the microphone?

Senate feed died on bedroom tablet. Husband RAN to the study to turn it on his desktop. THAT IS WHAT I LIKE.

"I desire that the motion be reduced to writing and read by the Senator." ALLYSHIP.

"Secretary will continue to call the roll." HE'S TELLING THE SECRETARY WOMAN SHE'S NOT FAST ENOUGH. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK.

@kristinrawls: who is the woman who is speaking?

She's the woman whose father died. She had to come back early for this. @kristinrawls

@kristinrawls: @AnaMardoll right, and she is a democrat, right?

Pretty sure. She's definitely an ally in this. @kristinrawls

"At what point must a female senator raise her hands or her voice to be heard over her make colleagues in the room?"

@dansolomon: Van De Putte: "At what point must a female senator raise her hand or her voice to be recognized?" BIG CHEERS from the gallery.

@pummelwell: has to take at least thirteen minutes to clear a riot, right? @AnaMardoll


@TexasTribune: They are voting on after the midnight deadline at the lectern.

@JamilSmith: "You can't take a vote after midnight!" -- actual Texas state senator explaining rules to his own colleagues.

If they take a vote after midnight, I will vomit. I will literally puke my dinner.

@Shakestweetz: It's amazing how a bunch of jerkbags who spent the day obsessed with the minutiae of parliamentary procedure now don't care about the rules.


We don't know. We don't know yet. They're trying to ram it through, but we don't know. Folks, I don't even. Please, no. Please, no.

@red3blog: BREAKING: TX Senate counts on the acquiescence of the media in pretending it passed when it obviously didn't.

I just can't. I live here. This is my home. I stayed up ALL DAY with this. I am wrecked. How. how. I will never stop crying.

@ChronicleMike: West: The vote on SB5 is void. The constitutionality will be challenged. We weren't in session.

@ChronicleMike: Whitmire: The Senate may still be in session. There's been no motion to adjourn sine die. This whole thing is crazy.

@amandad214: All the guess work is over. The Senate has updated the vote time and the vote on was taken on the 26th.

@scatx: @amandad214: The Senate has updated the vote time and the vote on was taken on the 26th.

Last I heard, the speaker claimed he was allowed to extend time because of the shouting. @mariposakitten @amandad214

@ChronicleMike: Dewhurst has gone to office. Senators are milling around the chamber, not sure what to do. They say Senate is still in session.

@beppegargano: The fuck? RT @MatthewKeysLive Texas Senate changes website, now shows vote on SB5 happened before midnight on June 25

@davidSrauf: Website said record vote on happened on 6/25, then it changed to 6/26, now back to 6/25.


@studentactivism: Just woke up. Holy cow. It worked. The filibuster worked. #SB5 didn't pass.

UNRULY. You would have to be monumentally out of touch with Texas culture to not realize that isn't the insult they seem to think it is.

But then, you would have to be monumentally out of touch with Texans to not realize or care how unpopular this bill was.

Just so we're clear. Filibuster: Brave and amazing when a man does it, catty and impolite when a woman does it. JUST SO WE'RE CLEAR.



Proud typos because I Stood With Wendy AND AM TIRED. @colorlessblue


@Shakestweetz: Texan @anamardoll on SB5: "They call us unruly. Uncharitable. Indecorous. Let me add a word of my own: Unshakable."


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