June Newsletter (2018)

Heyyyyyy, oh my gosh it's JUNE. How? How did this happen? I rebuke time.

May passed in a blur for me. First my mother-in-law came to town (which was nice, she's nice, I just don't get much writing done when houseguests are here) and then I went to the E.R. on 5/6 while my mother-in-law was here which feels like an egregious violation of proper southern manners but here we are. The emergency room visit spiraled into multiple visits with a local OBGYN and the information that I need to have a cyst removed from my ovary and possible the ovary itself. FUN. That's been scheduled for late June, but it ate all of May.

Soooo I didn't get a lot of writing done. I felt badly about that, until I read an amazing thread by Courtney Milan about how she was subtly training herself to hate writing. Reading that was like the sky opening and a loving but stern angelic hand pointing at me like "U DO THIS" and wow it made a big difference. I've written more in the last two days than I wrote in the rest of the month of May because it was like oh writing can be fun again omg omg wheeeee!! So I'm giddy and happy about that.



♡ $2+ Character Concept: Keelan Hews and Oona Walsh! Even Ahhhh, I have so many feels about this one!! Keelan is 100% the reason I realized I'm autistic so she is super important to me and the entire thing turned into a post about loving my autistic brain.

♡ $5+ Fire Mage Chapter 5, the next chapter in my Fire Mage wip!

♡ $15+ Early Access: No Man of Woman Born Audiobook! It's finally here for download! You are going to love this one, it is so good.

♡ $25+ (July: Upcoming!) Early Access: No Man of Woman Born Paperbacks! CreateSpace is supposed to be mailing me the final proof right now as we speak, and if it's good I can bulk order everyone's copy for signing and mailing out. I'm a little nervous about the timing, but I think we're going to make it.


TRANS PROPHECY PROJECT: In case you missed it: The book is finished! I'm so excited I could pop! eBooks exist and are going out to you today, and have been put up for pre-order at Amazon and elsewhere. There is a GoodReads page! There is a cover reveal at LGBTQ Reads which is a life-long goal of mine!! This month has been amazing.

You can help by spreading the word! Positive reviews help so much! Amazon doesn't allow reviews before release but GoodReads does, if you feel inclined to drop a few words in the word bucket. And, of course, I'll be marketing aggressively on my Twitter and blog. Thank you for your support and patience. ♥ ♥ ♥

EARTHSIDE #3 PARANORMAL ROMANCE: This is coming along! I finished another chapter and am halfway through the next one! I'm feeling really good about this project and it helped that I had a chance to sit on it for awhile and collect my feelings.

OTHER PROJECTS: No updates on my other projects because the updates would be "turns out it's hard to write when your hand is still stiff from surgery and your ovary is trying to kill you" but I haven't forgotten them and they are in my heart and mind and will be continued.

DON'T FORGET: Stay safe and take care. Try not to grow cysts on your ovaries, I GUESS! ♥


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