Open Thread: Goslings

A pair of geese with three goslings went into the water so of course we were at the water's edge to look at them.  Not long after, I happened to look away from the water and saw an entire gaggle of goslings, with some adults mixed in, headed for where we were standing at the water's edge.  We politely stepped back to allow them passage, everything seemed fine, then --a moment later-- all was chaos.

I don't think I realized what was happening until the medium sized dog the geese were suddenly fleeing went into the water after them.

By the time they'd calmed down (after the dog had given up) they were all quite spread out and so any picture that captured any of them in detail (like the picture above) necessarily left out a bunch more.  A quick (and thus possibly inaccurate) count of a wider shot says this group contained twenty eight goslings and eight adults in total.


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