Storify: 2013-07-08 Texas Senate Citizen Testimony

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@becca_aa: Senate Health and Human Services cmte meeting at 10am to discuss #SB1, testimony limited to 2 min

Please represent our side with intersectionality. These bills affect ALL people with uterus, not just women.

.@suddenlyspeakin says "Line to testify wraps down to lower floor of ext bldg- est. 200+"

.@suddenlyspeakin Lots of blue shirts in line.

.@suddenlyspeakin But lots of orange, too!

@AustinGurl: Watch your back! Pro-lifers are walking around putting 'Life' stickers on your back if you're wearing orange!

Holy shit, we're in grade school now. @AustinGurl @aemccarthy

@heatherr_parker: @AustinGurl FYI, that is considered assault under the Texas Penal code.

@VictorianPrude: Just got a report that antis have slapped some LIFE stickers on backs of #feministarmy. Be calm, say "don't touch me", report ASAP.

@KUTNews: At #SB1 hearing room, people starting to fill room with orange & blue.

@thinkprogress: Ladies, state legislatures have been keeping busy this year regulating your uterus. 106 bills!

.@suddenlyspeakin says " Line moving- front 30 or so fill out cards as they move up".

@becca_aa: Senate cmte on #SB1 comes to order, watch here.

"cavalier use of RU84." WHAT.

I have a headache. Gotta get me some RU486.

"20 senators had their vote repressed." Fuck you.

@nonsequiteuse: I'm very impressed with everyone in the #SB1 hearing room right now who is managing not to audibly groan at this nonsense from Deuell.

Hey, that's awesome. Deuell appropriating women and PoC voting rights for "fetal pain". #PartyOfGerrymander

My god, Deuell gives me chest pain. "There's some other people who haven't been allowed to speak."

WHAT. Deuell claims to represent "Children who were NEVER CONCEIVED."

So we're not talking anti-abortion now; we're talking MANDATORY FUCKING.

Hey, remember how they said this bill wasn't supposed to ban abortion? Deuell didn't get that memo.

Deuell outright said that there's been a "holocaust" of unborn children. This is NOT about women's "health".


Zaffirini: "This bill doesn't make abortions less necessary."

Zaffirini: "Women deserve access to a safe and legal abortion."

Zaffirini: "Is there anything in this bill that seeks to reduce abortion by reducing unwanted pregnancy?"

@AskMoxie: Next TX is going to pass a law that if a man hits on you at a bar you have to submit to bear his child. @lakeline @AnaMardoll

@suesswassersee: @AskMoxie Also women can't go to bars or drink alcohol anymore because it might harm your pre-conceived fetus. @AnaMardoll

I've actually seen this proposed. They call it "women in a pre-pregnant state". @lakeline @AskMoxie

The idea being that you could be pregnant and not even know it, so NO BOOZE FOR YOU. *rage* @lakeline @AskMoxie

Hager: "No exception for rape or incest because there's a a significant amount of opportunity... no undue burden."

Hegar is just flat-out stating that most clinics will "come up to the standard". "A substantial number of them will."

@mel_atx: @CarlosUresti as a rape survivor I appreciate you raising your concerns to #sb1. Please vote NO on this bill.

.@CarlosUresti is pointing out that rape victims can be taken captive so this "ample opportunity" is bullshit.

Hegar wants to beat up rapists, but is okay with forcing women to bear their children. Sure. #WhatAGreatAlly

@lilithfund: @CarlosUresti uses Ariel Castro story to illustrate the need for a rape/incest exceptions for children/victims to get abortions. #SB1

@becca_aa: Hegar said he looked at other state's #abortion regulations to craft in #SB1; Check out this interactive to compare.

WHAT. Did Hegar just say that the vast majority of women who have abortions live in urban centers?

"Admitting privileges show the doctor is accepted in the community." Hegar WHAT. It's a country club now?

If it's not an undue burden to get admitting privileges, why make it a requirement? Incentivize it, Reps. Isn't that what you do?

West points out that making this a Class A Misdemeanor could cause doctors to lose their license. "Potential chilling effect."

Hegar "I don't think a hospital should be held accountable for [discriminating against abortion doctors]."

West "So a hospital can deny admitting privileges -- let me finish -- [based on a doctor performing abortions]."

West has had to ask Hegar to stop interrupting him multiple times now.

@thejammest: Hospitals can deny admitting privileges. So, we can de facto make abortions impossible to access. Great questions, Sen. West.

I'm sure women who go across the border for abortions won't be hassled by the border patrol AT ALL.

Hegar says that Roe v. Wade is viability, which has nothing to do with "fetal pain". Claiming that science marches on.

@ajeanstevenson: According for Jane Nelson: Hegar chose the experts. No prochoice senators got a say.

"Abortion is 16 time safer than full-childbirth." (Which I note can be legally done AT HOME.)

.@AmyHM is rocking it. Will there be copies of her testimony? That was awesome.

@itsmelnicole: Amy Miller: "Abortion did not start with Roe v Wade, safe abortion started with Roe v Wade."

.@Shakestweetz: "[No] other human being could be compelled to use their body to support mine for the next nine months".

@SnarkySmarty: Texan women who died in 2011 from abortions: 0. Texan women who died in 2011 from pregnancy-related complications: 116.

Right. @Shakestweetz: "We institutionally value lives differently, some more than others, all the time."

.@Shakestweetz "No other human being is obliged to give up an organ for me,... Nor bone marrow, nor blood, nor skin."

Zaffirini points out that clinics are inspected yearly; ambulatory centers are inspected very 3 years. "Interesting."

@becca_aa: DSHS inspects licensed abortion clinics every yr, but ASC inspected every 3-6 yrs

Zaffirini "You have had fewer issues with abortion clinics than ASC... at least according to your website."

"If you can't say that ASCs are safer than clinics, can you say that ASC standards would make clinics safer?" (Answer: No.)

@andreagrimes: Zaffirini: Are ASC's safer than abortion clinics?
DSHS Witness: I couldn't say that.

@dwalton1: Zaffirini: there was one deficiency noted for abortion clinics last year, correct?
Cooper: yes.

@becca_aa: DSHS Expert: I wouldn't be able to say abortion procedures would be safer if performed at ambulatory surgical center.

Zaffirini "Do you believe a patient would be safer receiving a medical abortion at an ASC?"
DSHS: "There's no reason for me to say that."

Zaffirini "What evidence do you have to demonstrate fetal pain?" "I'm a legal expert; I have none." (Paraphrase.)

Snead: "At the end of the day, what matters most is Justice Kennedy's opinion." Fuck me sideways.

Seriously? Lawyer basically says that previous overturn of fetal pain law doesn't COUNT because Evul Librul Californians.

@thunder_maker: Laws like proposed #SB1 legislation found UNCONSTITUTIONAL in other states.

I think the opinion of the Catholic school professor on those Evil Liberal Californians and how wrong they are is VERY germane.

Witness is a tool, but it's a good point that SCOTUS is run by misogynists and Texans may have to live with this a long time.

ACOG ally witness speaking about fetal abnormality and how late you have to do the test and how SB1 will affect this.

"It has increased surgery room size, increased hallway size, male locker rooms, janitor closets. How will that increase safety?"

Mansplaining witness tells Zaffirini she's "not looking at the whole picture."

@dwalton1: Love arguing that we don't know how many complications abortions induce because some are not reported. Um--then they're prob not srs.

@AlexisJKostun: "You need to make sure you look at the whole picture" Stop mansplaining to Zaffirini, sir. Less inspects post #SB1. You're wrong.

@hannahroebeck: Zaffirini: how do larger rooms, wider hallways, and locker rooms make an abortion more safe?

Witness "I think the [bill regulations] are distracting from the issue."

I am so pissed off at how many of these witnesses interrupt our black senators when they're speaking.

I'm glad they're letting the citizens testify, BUT we should have more experts talk about this. All week. Forever.

Rushing this along just adheres to an arbitrary deadline that should not exist. We shouldn't be rushing on this bill.

As much as anti-choicers make me barf, I'm glad we started out with the extremist position. SUBMIT TO GAWD.

Oh, a white male extremist who 'splained that Senator West "knows" it's murder and isn't listening to his conscience.

@andreagrimes: Good news, testifying lady! The "killing of babies" IS ALREADY NOT LEGAL! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU #SB1

OMG, this witness is an infertile woman who participated in what sounds like a coerced adoption, and then "adopted" from 12-yo rape victim.

I just can't even. This infertile woman does NOT represent me. I have to go for a walk.

@lizziefreeze: @AnaMardoll i just threw my sandals. both of them. hard. thank god for the incestuous rape baby that fulfills her maternal desires. vomit.

I mean, she basically admitted to TWO coercive adoptions, right? Where a mother didn't want her daughter to abort? WTF. @lizziefreeze

I want to be clear: most infertile people are pro-choice. But any person who states that abortion should be illegal because they WANT to force 12-yo incest victims to carry are SCUM.

@nonsequiteuse: "Who is more poor than the unborn?" But then again, it isn't like they have tons of expenses, not being BORN AND ALL. #SB1

CHARGE THEM RENT. #swfw #sb1 @nonsequiteuse

@noellecharlotte: 'Grandma had 5 children when pregnant w/6th..couldn't feed 5..lack of choies...led her to seek alt...she lost her life #SB1 Brave testimony

@shaileygb: Mia from Dallas, grew up without a paternal grandmother because of an unsafe abortion. She lost her life.

WTF. "My childhood church forced me to abort, but now my adult church forces women to be pregnant." WIN?

@NYCprochoiceMD: We are lucky to live in a society where we can make decisions we may regret. It happens to all of us. #prochoice #sb1

@niais: "I see you on tv, even though I don't think you're a real person - That is like pre-born babies!" - I. Can. Not. #TXLege #SB1

@AWildKate: Oh honey. When you try to take away constitutional rights you're an oppressor. #SB1 #txlege #SWTW #standwithtexaswomen

@JackieStrength: Yes let's have another person who can't get pregnant try to tell me what to do w my body! #txlege

@christinegio: GOOD NEWS if you haven't been to church in awhile, you can just watch the #SB1 abortion debate livestream.

@AIsForOrg: Man testifying in favor of #SB1 used air quotes when referring to "women's health". #oy

@andiandi2011: I am so sick of the assumptions about the behavior, circumstances, morality, intentions of women seeking medical options. WTF?

@andreagrimes: I'm sorry. I cannot with the teenage boys in the blue shirts. Just cannot. I am ten years out from high school. I will not go back. #SB1

Do they seriously want their sisters and gfs pregnant? Away from feed atm. @andreagrimes

@milesetc: Someone get this 16 yr old into a government class! Explain importance of laws written on pieces of paper! #sb1

@TheVaginaZine: "Because of some law written on paper!" Silly laws! Silly paper! So we can disregard this silly law if it goes into silly law? #SB1 #txlege

@smartsassylib: "As for the little shoes that were put up... I know a few children that could use them that are alive today" Excellent point. #SB1 #TXLege

@heatherr_parker: BOOM! "As far as those shoes that have been put up, I know a few children who could use those who are alive today." #SB1 testimony #txlege

@m0thra: "And as for those little shoes you brought here today, I know many children alive that could use those today". #HUZZAH #txlege

@noellecharlotte: 'Why don't you fund the upgrades you think the clinics need?...& as for those little shoes.. I know sev kids who need those" KICKASS! #sb1

@m0thra: Blaming your fucked up life and adultery on an abortion you forced on a woman is the most disgusting thing EVER.Fuck you. #sb1 #txlege #swtw

@GertrudLatsch: This dude feels super sorry for himself for forcing a woman to get an abortion.

@andreagrimes: Women of Texas, please stop getting abortions so this man doesn't have to cheat on all his wives. #SB1

Is he seriously saying he coerced women into abortions? I'm sure the other blue-shirts will arrest him for murder. @andreagrimes

@gottbach: @AnaMardoll @andreagrimes Oh, but it's ok because he's so distraught over it, can't you see? I'd rather hear from the woman.

Well, if we promise to pretend to feel sad, can we keep abortion legal, then? *facepalm* @_azzy23 @andreagrimes

The fuck is with the blue-shirt nurses today? Just a reminder, folks, that nurses can slut-shame too.

I had a nurse tell me my rape-given STD was my fault for "sleeping around". I'd been a virgin before that.

OMG, white women appropriating the Holocaust while arguing that rape victims shouldn't be able to abort, cut it the fuck out.

I want to share: I had a truly hellish experience with back surgery. But I don't want to make that surgery illegal.

@colorlessblue: @AnaMardoll I had a really bad experience on the dermatologist. somebody should make it illegal for doctors to look at wrist rashes.

@robotxorange: @colorlessblue @AnaMardoll I had a really bad experience being an unwanted child, so can't we make forced parenting illegal? #sb1 #prochoice

@catvoncat: Anti-choice witness: "I know you guys take pride in your state - our state." Are you a Texas citizen, sir? #SB1 #txlege #SWTW

@milesetc: "I am for SB1 because I regret my abortion." Over and over. I have great sympathy for them, but don't take away my choice. #sb1

@heatherr_parker: A #CPC director talks abt women EARNING diapers, wipes, etc. Wanna know how they earn that? By attending Bible classes. Yeah. #SB1 #txlege

@AlexisJKostun: "Do we think, even for a minute, that women would resort to back alley abortions?" Um, yes. Those would be what we liberals call *facts*

@WholeWomans: "You say you care about children, but you support a system that leaves over a million children w/o insurance, so I don't believe you." #SB1

@tuckerma: @shefalil @naraltx I'm inclined to bring old adult shoes tomorrow to symbolize women & girls who died from illegal, unsafe abortions b4 Roe.

@DrJaneChi: I know people whose parents coerced them into breast implants. That doesn't mean the solution is a ban on plastic surgery. #sb1

@amaditalks: We keep pretending that pregnancy doesn't effect the body literally head to toe. Nothing about the body remains unchanged. Nothing.

@ReinaDeLaIsla: @amaditalks People who think pregnancy can't affect the body in negative ways make me want to scream.

@amaditalks: Every time someone says abortion is about convenience I think about this. Really? Just convenience? @ReinaDeLaIsla

@eastsidekate: @amaditalks @ReinaDeLaIsla "I would totally give birth and raise a child for 18+ years, but I'm out of milk and need catch up on laundry."

@laurenarankin: 1 in 3 women in america will have an abortion in her lifetime. many of them are publicly anti-choice. the cognitive dissonance is dizzying.

It's tragic that patriarchy makes self-hatred easier (for many) than liberation.

@aemccarthy: @AnaMardoll @laurenarankin also its part of the dominant femininity narrative. Women as protectors of "babies."

Yes. And a degree of "got mine". Easier to be anti-choice when you don't need an abortion, for many of these.

@aemccarthy: @AnaMardoll @laurenarankin the Quiverfull movement has a particularly damaging version of that narrative which = woman as incubator.

@amaditalks: Reminder that Dr. Donna Campbell, antichoice expert TX senator, is an ophthalmologist. She knows little to nada about pregnancy. #SB1

@SocialWorkersRJ: If you are for #SB1 please try to refrain from using the word CHOICE during your testimony when you are trying to take it away from others.

@andreagrimes: Huckabee says he EVEN VALUES ORANGE SHIRT PEOPLE'S LIVES oh god I was on pins and needles before. #sb1

@andreagrimes: Blue shirt kids climbing all over the "please preserve this historic tree" tree as parents ... well, I don't see any. #sb1

@SocialWorkersRJ: I'm here because 116 women died from childbirth in Texas in 2011 but 0 died from safe legal abortion in 2011- witness against #SB1 Thank You

@DrJaneChi: The next anti who claims that a baby who needs milk is same as a fetus needing MY BLOOD & OXYGEN & INNARDS is getting #thatcake.

Huh. And here I thought formula existed. @DrJaneChi @aemccarthy

All this "don't abort, adopt!" testimony neglects to understand WHY many women abort.

Many women who have abortions already have families and don't want or can't afford more.

Which, by the way, if you haven't read #BUMPED, I recommend it. All about a pregnant-teen underclass.

Tired of this myth that all abortions happen to teenagers who could painlessly adopt out.

@aemccarthy: @AnaMardoll @OpinionessWorld and to all able-bodied and non-ill people.

@andreagrimes: Jane Nelson doing some back-patting about doing bare minimum of restoring the family planning funds Republicans gutted in 2011. #SB1

@andreagrimes: "I don't believe that Dr. Love should be called as an expert witness ever again." - woman against #SB1

@andreagrimes: Woman testifying against #SB1 says Dr. Mikael Love refused to treat her miscarriage, told her to be abstinent and get married.

@RedAnneBolynn: @andreagrimes Oh yes, good ol Dr.Love, testified earlier & was not familiar with regs for clinics or ACS. And not much else. He was creepy.

@beardedstoner: The previous testimony destroyed my ironic detachment. Bless that woman. #sb1

@scATX: Anti-#SB1 protester doing a poem with repeated line: "If my vagina was a gun..." #LetUsSpeak

@TEAFund: Wendy Davis' constituent calls out forced birthers as forced birthers. Calls out their lies. No need for ab regulations! <3 a="" against="" aimesonpaul:="" ain="" an="" and="" antichoice="" any="" are="" atewhenpeople="" been="" being="" bible="" bro="" business="" by="" civil="" clients="" complaints="" constitution="" dude.="" erode="" escort="" for="" from="" fullfrontalfem:="" harassed="" heard="" his="" href="" i="" in="" keep="" laubenberg:="" mampdx:="" man="" mistake="" mouth="" my="" needs="" only="" over="" process.="" prochoice="" protestors.="" re:="" rights="" rt="" s="" sb1="" sejones101:="" shut.="" standing="" standwithtxwomen="" t="" the="" to="" ve="" women="" year="" you="" your="">If my vagina was a gun" #sb1

@potsherds: "We don't support vigilante justice." Waaaaitt. Doesn't Texas have Stand Your Ground & a law allowing shooting thieves in one's home? #sb1

@GoTeamMegan: Watching #SB1 is heart-wrenching. How can so many callous people have the arrogance to say they know best for strangers?

@Steph_Rand: “@Catholic4Choice: Texas #Catholics in Austin and across the state oppose #SB1. #StandWithTXWomen” #wakeup #rgv!!

@HerbanLioness: "We need Texas to stand for all humans". I don't hear you standing up for the poor, the LGBT community, or the immigrants.

@brazenqueer: "Whether or not you pass this bill, I encourage you to learn about white privilege." I LOVE YOU. #SB1 #TXlege #SWTW


@GingerSnapper46: #sb1 #txlege abortion is form of slavery? these holocaust and slavery people obviously failed history.

@dwalton1: OK, if ONE MORE PERSON likens abortion to slavery, I'm burning the fraking place down.

@diaztello: Making abortion unavailable would "make females make better choices." BINGO! Where do I get my prize?!

@andreagrimes: "As a woman, I am ashamed to live in Donna Campbell's district." - witness against

@diaztello: By the way, anti-choice 'slavery experts,' forced pregnancy was a facet of slavery. Go read Killing the Black Body and come back.

@heatherr_parker: "I do not understand how any woman can support legislation that allows others-especially men-to tell her what to do w/ her body"

@andreagrimes: This man just crumpled a $20 bill and asked value if he hid it under skin. This man compared HUMAN PEOPLE TO AN AMOUNT OF MONEY. #SB1

@norbizness: The long line of reactionary assclowns waiting to peddle discredited #SB1 anti-choice memes is like a live-action internet comment section.

@heatherr_parker: Annoyed that now two individuals speaking against #SB1 have had to remind cmte members to pay attention to them.

@dansolomon: If you missed @VictorianPrude's star-making testimony before the Senate Committee on #SB1, it's now online.

@smartsassylib: Also on YouTube, @THEJordonBrown's testimony.

@The_HFM: RT @ErikVidor: "I'm Just a Bill" (Texas Edition) Song Parody.

@The_HFM: "This is my government and I WILl judge you" @VictorianPrude only leaves public hearings in style.

@TooTwistedTV: What The Texas GOP Hopes No One Will Say Out Loud via @po_st @kegill

@potsherds: Yay! Someone used this discussion of bodily autonomy as basis for testimony. Awesome. #sb1

@dansolomon: Important, brave testimony. So much is wrong with #SB1, but the fact that it pretends mental health isn't actual health is outrageous.

@heatherr_parker: A woman testifying about her psychotic episodes & why shld wld need an abortion if she were ever pregnant again. TY for your courage.

@beardedstoner: .@VictorianPrude got thrown out of the #sb1 hearing for being disrespectful. But, I think she showed the exact right amount of disrespect.

@rugrat0ne: @beardedstoner @tootwistedtv @VictorianPrude Respect should be earned, not conferred by a title

Tired of this myth that all abortions happen to teenagers who could painlessly adopt out.

@cthulhuchan: @AnaMardoll @ircrc I'm tired of the assumption that if we handed out babies left, right, and center the demand to adopt would stay constant.

@ircrc: @cthulhuchan @anamardoll But some adoptions are coercive, not legal, and not successful, leading to institutionalization or re-adoption.

One of the testimonies yesterday was from someone who sounded like she'd participated in TWO. I was sick. @hoosierworld @ircrc @cthulhuchan

By which I mean "participated" as in "was part of the coercive force". UGH. @hoosierworld @ircrc @cthulhuchan

Feminism: #Texas Monday Retrospective #deconstructionfeminism #deconstruction


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