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I have made a terrible mistake.

Remember when I said I was going to make hot pepper jam, but I was going to use the super-hot scotch bonnet peppers instead of things like jalapenos or habaneros?  Yeahhh...

My first indication that I had made a grave miscalculation was immediately after putting them in the food processor.  I opened it up to check the consistency and, foolishly, continued to breathe.  My sinuses informed me that that was a poor decision.

Once regular breathing resumed, however, and the tears ceased to flow, I decided to continue with the jam-making process, which includes boiling the peppers along with a lot of sugar and pectin (and in this case, nutmeg.)  This ended with me on the back porch, face red, informing SpouseMan and friend that I had perhaps just filled the kitchen with poisonous gas, and that they might like to stay outside a while longer.

However, the jam is made!  It is made and canned and it has jelled beautifully, it looks lovely, and I'm sure that people who appreciate spicy foods will adore it.  I'm also sure that the air in my house will be breathable again.  Some day.

Open thread!  Spicy foods - love 'em or hate 'em?  What's your favorite or least favorite pepper?  What's your favorite or least favorite spicy dish?  Anyone have any lighthearted, funny stories about something being far hotter than they originally thought?  (Or dark and unhappy stories about it, I suppose, if that's what you'd prefer - it is an open thread!)  Any stories about food experiments with unexpected side effects?

~ Kristycat

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