Metapost: Tis The Season To Imitate Bella Swan

[Content Note: Falling]

So, here are two things:

1. Husband and I live in a lovely house which has a fairly steep driveway.

2. There was a mega-horrible ice storm in Texas this last weekend.

I probably don't need to put one and two together for you, but suffice to say I fell down a couple of times this weekend. Hard. Really hard. The first time on my knee in a jarring slam that went up and down my spine and then up once more for good measure. The second time in a full cheerleader-split that started every muscle in my groin screaming and they haven't stopped for breath yet.

Which leads me to a couple of thoughts:

A. Being Bella Swan would terrify me, because falling is a very frightening feeling for me.

B. I'm going to be confined to bed for more of the holidays than I had initially planned.

I've also found out since I last gloated about my annual free time around the holidays that instead of Husband going up to see his family for the holidays, they're coming down here. Twice. Once in December and then again in January. That'll teach me to gloat in the universe's face about all my cozy free time.

So: I can't promise that posts will be as thick on the ground as I was hoping for when I first started December, so many long days ago. We've got a Twilight scheduled for Tuesday, and I have a Let's Play video almost ready for Thursday, and I really really wanna get at least one more Hunger Games and Narnia post out for this month, but we'll see how things go and if my back and legs and knee stop yelling at me long enough for me to get a post pulled together. (Critical Writing! Very hard to do when doped up on pain meds!)

Thank you all, as always, for being so patient with my erratic schedule.


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