Open Thread: Honey

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Have I done a honey-themed open thread before?  Let's pretend I actually checked, and let's pretend the answer was no, because I'm doing one now.  I am currently the proud owner of 10 lbs of wildflower honey; if all goes according to plan, in a few months I will be the proud owner of quite a few bottles of delicious spiced mead.  Wish me luck!

I love honey, and not just because I like bees.  I can go on at length as to why the light flavor of clover honey and the dark richness of wildflower are both infinitely superior to the bland, cloying, ubiquitous flavor of Florida's orange blossom honey.  (Blech.)  As a kid I used to buy those honey sticks and compare and contrast different varieties, trying to become a connoisseur.  And even now, desserts made with honey are among my very favorites.

Open thread!  Are you a honey fan?  Do you have a favorite variety?  Do you have any recipes you love to make with honey, or crafts you love to do with beeswax?  Have you ever had mead, and did you like it?  Have you ever made mead, and can I have your recipe? :D
 ~ Kristycat

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