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A few years back, in an attempt to teach myself a new skill and also save some money on presents, I decided to make homemade jam for Christmas presents.  I bought strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, and made jar after jar, mixing berries and adding spices to make different flavors.  Then I slapped a label on them, put some pretty cloth over the top, gave them out as gifts and called it a day.

Little did I know I had set a task for myself for the rest of my life.

My mother and the mother of my goddaughter have made it very clear that they need AT LEAST one large jar of clove-blackberry jam to last them out the year.  Other people are not quite so demanding, but the idea that jam is something I am expected to provide come the holidays has definitely been communicated to me.  Happily, I like making jam, so it all works out!

This year I'm trying my hand at hot pepper jam for the spicy-food lovers in my family.  (I'm intending to take a standard pepper jam recipe, substitute scotch bonnet peppers, and add nutmeg - I thought about calling it jerk jam, but that just sounds wrong.)

Open thread!  Do you like making jam?  Do you like eating jam?  What's your favorite kind?  What other goodies do you like to make/eat/give away during the holidays?
~ Kristycat

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