Open Thread: Sushi

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Mmmm, tasty tasty raw fishies!

I remember when I was a little girl, hearing about sushi and thinking it was the weirdest thing in the world, and maybe one day I would be brave enough to try it.  Little did I know that by age 30, I would have every sushi restaurant in my area mapped out and price-compared :P

(And yes, I do know that the word "sushi" technically only refers to the vinegared rice, and that even what we colloquially refer to as sushi doesn't always have raw fish.  But the ones I like do, so shush.  Tasty raw fishies!)

I'm not high-brow in my appreciation, I freely admit this.  There's some bizarre Americanized combinations out there that I think are perfectly tasty, and that probably says things about my palate.  I do not care they are delicious.

Open thread!  Do you like sushi and sushi-related things?  If so, what kind do you like?  Are you a purist, or do you go for the one draped in avocado and then tempura-fried and then drizzled in three different sauces?  Do you like rolls, hand-rolled sushi, or nigiri (the little blocks of rice with a slice of fish or something else over it) best?  If you don't like sushi, do you have a favorite fall-back order when your friends go to a sushi restaurant?  Do you think you might like sushi but have never had the chance to try it?
~ Kristycat

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