Open Thread: Peace Lily

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It probably says something about me that instead of making me think of Spring or Easter or something, peace lilies always remind me of Nicholas Angel in Hot Fuzz.  (When he used it to fight off the big guy, instead of going "yay he's safe," I was gasping and shouting "OH NO YOUR LILY!!!")  (...And no I haven't seen the new movie yet, no spoilers!)

I'm reminded of it now, because there is a peace lily sitting on my desk next to my computer.  Part of me feels bad, because I'm really not doing very much to take care of it, and it's starting to look a little peaky.  Part of me is impressed, though, because my benign neglect has kept it alive this long, which means that's a hardy plant!  But yes - every time I glance over at it, I am reminded of that movie.


On a completely unrelated note, this made my day.


Open thread!  Have you ever fired two guns whilst jumping through the air?  Does anybody else own a peace lily?  Can you shine any light on why it appears to be immortal?  Did anyone else enjoy the Japanese peace lily scenes from that movie?  Are there any random objects in your house that remind you of a particular movie or book or song or whatever every time you see them?  Can you do an awesome backflip??

~ Kristycat

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